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Why "Marrying Unbelievers" Can Work

unequally yoked dating definition

No one is saved by going forward or filling out a decision card. But there are three significant issues using the Old Testament on intermarriage. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness ; and all these things shall be added unto you. Smith the Gospel Musician??? Do they read it from Genesis to Revelation?

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Sep 04, Help and Hope: Thanks again for your comments. Some are more conservative; others more liberal. Episode The latest from the Boundless bloggers, plus profiles of major league baseball's men of faith, and a question about Christian "nice guys. Lisa recaps her European vacation, talks to a sex therapist and gets insight on what it means to "build men.

When love shows up in the wake of tragedy, plus Matt Mitchell stops the gossip train, and a listener considers love after a broken engagement.

The slippery slope of substance abuse, plus Pete Wilson asks us to Let Hope In , and a listener struggles with impure thoughts at the chiropractor. Exploring the unique relationship between dads and daughters, plus Owen Strachan gets risky with God, and when is it OK to date after a divorce? The benefits of men taking on big things, plus Dennis Rainey sets expectations for male and female behavior, and a guy wants to take a friendship to the next level.

Inspiration for getting physical in the new year, plus no-nonsense retirement planning with Mary Hunt, and a question about living purposefully as a single. Boundless friends and influencers pray for us, plus a glimpse into the life of Lisa Anderson, and a listener expresses frustration about her lack of second dates.

Christmas as a grown-up, plus the raw materials that can make our dreams come true, and a question about pleasing pressuring parents. A discussion on how we give and receive love, plus Dr. Thriving in a military marriage, plus The Money Couple with Christmas budgeting and shopping tips, and advice for dealing with rejection. How guys process and show emotion, plus Patrick Morley on the making of men, and does sexual sin require a relational waiting period?

Creative ways to build friendships, plus Francis Chan on making disciples, and a question about sharing Jesus on a plane. The Boundless Show celebrates episodes, plus Pastor Max Lucado on suffering, and a question about telling white lies at work. Men who missionary date, plus Matt Chandler on mature Christianity, and a question about finding a qualified mother for your children.

Fortysomething singles look back on their 20s, plus Kevin DeYoung tells us to slow down, and a listener wants advice on dating a widower. Giving with faith, not fear; plus why the how of giving means as much or more than the what , and a question about the bottom-line costs of running a church. Ideas for doing effective small groups, plus Randy Pope on the value of church discipleship, and a college class wants curriculum suggestions. Getting into the life of a local church, plus Mark Dever outlines the hallmarks of a healthy church, and should you switch churches to find more singles?

Working moms weigh the pros and cons of punching a clock, plus Alex McFarland answers our toughest questions about God, and a rape victim wants help in healing. Balancing relationships with family and friends, plus a glimpse into the life of Lisa Anderson, and a question about persistent pursuit.

Tony Evans defines a kingdom man, and a guy asks if being opposite or similar is better for marriage. Exploring the slippery slope of dating unbelievers, plus a challenge to give out of our excess, and a question about marriage between two non-Christians. Questions and concerns from those who have never dated, plus a chat with singleton Joy Eggerichs, and a listener is frustrated that his life is in turmoil.

Celebrating time-tested marriages, plus Susan Mathis gives a countdown for couples, and can our listener withstand an awkward dating waiting period? Insight on getting a second date, plus Dr. John Townsend teaches us how to trust again, and a listener with an STD needs dating wisdom.

Boundless friends and influencers pray for us, plus Ryan and Josh Shook embrace their faith, and a listener needs help with her thought life. Doing good in your community, plus journalist Jonathan Last on the population crisis, and a question about sharing a bed.

How friendship between singles and marrieds is possible, plus a single guy takes on a big vision for saving babies, and a listener wants help choosing a church.

Marrieds reflect on their short dating timelines, plus Tim Challies laments a TMI culture, and a listener wants a godly framework for physical intimacy. Married couples share the critical qualities of a spouse, plus Dannah Gresh tells women to "get lost," and a young guy seeks balance as he prepares for marriage.

Navigating housing options as a single, plus Glenn Stanton argues against cohabitation, and a listener expresses frustration about her lack of second dates. Preparing to provide for a family, plus how to discover your calling and a question about a freeloading roommate. What it means to be Jesus' disciple, plus David Platt on his new book 'Follow Me' and a question about how to break up well.

Understanding our identity in different seasons, plus Mark Driscoll on how God sees us, and a question about vacationing in Las Vegas. Parents speak into their kids' dating choices, plus Paul and Virginia Friesen embrace the role of mate screeners, and a question about dating an 18 year old. Giving others authority in our lives, plus former Newsboys front man Peter Furler, and a question about revealing your sexual past.

Helping thinkers and feelers understand one another, plus Lysa TerKeurst on handling difficult emotions, and a question about responding to a girl's rejection.

An African-American couple beats the odds, plus Gary Thomas with strategies for finding a mate, and a question about entering marriage with a "roommate" mentality. Why some men don't like church, plus Wess Stafford on the power to make or break others, and a question about Christian "nice guys. Challenges men face in church today, plus Wess Stafford on our responsibility to add value to other human beings, and a question on "Christian nice guys.

Dealing with feelings of shame around singleness, plus Mark and Grace Driscoll on marriage, and a question about coping with loneliness. Reflecting on what God taught us this year, plus Gary Thomas on understanding your spiritual temperament, and feedback on sharing a hotel room with the opposite sex.

When your date meets your family, plus comedian Michael Jr. Reasons to give online dating a try, plus Chad Eastham on the truth about guys, and a question about age differences in dating. Untangling the debate around women and work, plus motivation for taking on life's responsibilities, and a question about doing a long-distance DTR. Men share solid advice for honeymoon sex, plus the inspirational story of Nick Vujicic, and a question about pleasing God with pure motives.

How to make your dating experience both fun and intentional, plus The Bachelor Pastor, and a question about standing for sexual purity on online dating sites. The hopes and fears of women heading into the honeymoon, plus Dr. Juli Slattery straight-talks on wedding-night sex, and a question about taking a porn-filled past into marriage.

Giving love a chance or four in your 30s, plus pastor Steve DeWitt on tying the knot at age 44, and a question about how to know when you truly love someone. Easy ways to fit mentoring into your life, plus Ted Kluck on discipling an ex-con, and a question about addressing issues in your parents' marriage.

Dealing with feelings of shame around singleness, plus Shaunti Feldhahn on communication barriers between the sexes, and a question about looking for a godly wife. How our bloggers are setting and reaching goals, plus life coach Valorie Burton, and a listener confesses hating her dad. How we spend, save and give our money, plus Randy Alcorn on a biblical view of money, and a question about tithing when your parents oppose it.

Part two of our behind the scenes look at The Boundless Show , plus an interview with Gary and Norma Smalley, and a question about ending the sexual aspect of a dating relationship.

Behind-the-scenes look at The Boundless Show , plus Ron Deal talks about dating and the single parent, and a question about relationship advice for the divorced. The results of The Boundless Show 's listener survey, plus Kevin DeYoung on holiness, and a question about desiring one's dating partner more than God. What makes a girl "hot," plus understanding God's design for femininity, and a listener asks if texting a guy can be done without leading him on.

What makes a guy "hot," plus discovering the root cause of sex addiction, and a question about our culture's portrayal of men.

Preparing young men to lead families, plus Dr. Understanding and embracing death as a Christian, plus Randy Alcorn on heaven, and a question about getting over a broken relationship. Conflict within marriage, plus Greg and Erin Smalley on preparation during engagement and a question on an engaged couple communicating better. Current views on dating, plus Justin Buzzard talks about dating after marriage, and a question on deep conversations before marriage.

Thriving in a cross-cultural marriage, plus Dr. Scott Todd on ending extreme poverty, and a question about the probability of marriage on the mission field.

Research findings on Millennials entering the workforce, plus Jon Acuff on finding an ideal job fit, and a question about dealing with a difficult boss.

A history of dating and courtship, plus Ian and Larissa Murphy's marriage triumph, and a question about expectations for marrying a virgin. Getting off the hamster wheel of life, plus Michael Ross on the importance of engaging Scripture, and a question about befriending a guy who has a girlfriend. What to do when your dad's dead or out of your life, plus the making of men, and a question about exhibiting manhood as a "nice guy.

A guy's responsibility in a girl's struggle with lust, plus hip-hop artist Flame, and a question about leading a guy on.

Letting God pick your future spouse, plus the Smalleys on reverse engineering your marriage, and a question about dating after being widowed. The latest from the Boundless bloggers, plus profiles of major league baseball's men of faith, and a question about Christian "nice guys. Life as a pastor's kid, plus Tim Willard on getting burned by the church, and a question about dating a pastor's daughter. Moms at home and at work, plus Darlene Brock on moms raising daughters, and a question about maintaining friendships over the miles.

Praying for marriage, plus Dr. David Jeremiah on prophecy and prayer, and a question about doing devotions as a dating couple. Abusive dating relationships, plus Wess Stafford on the power to make or break others, and a question on addressing an abusive past while dating. Loving those with special needs, plus getting inside the head of Mark Driscoll, and a question about coping with loneliness.

Letting God shape your career through ups and downs, plus professional drummer Zoro, and a question about Greek life in college.

Sharing Christ within your family, plus Jud Wilhite on living out the Gospel in Las Vegas, and a question about unequally-yoked dating. Using your gifts for creative ministry, plus Aaron Stern on church planting, and a question about spending time with non-Christians. Moving an online relationship into the real world, plus music artists Shane and Shane, and a question about opposite-sex friendships. Men and the art of competitive dating, plus Dr. Russell Moore answers a guy's fears about not being married yet.

The family you marry into, plus folk artist JJ Heller, and a question about the importance of proper grammar in online dating. Catching up with Steve and Candice Watters, plus an interview with David Platt and a question about teenagers in love. Single women adopting, plus part two of Tim Goeglein's story of life in the White House, and a question about career defining one's self-worth.

Speaking truth winsomely, plus an insider's look at the White House with Tim Goeglein, and a question about standing against same-sex marriage. Valentine's Day expectations, plus an interview with CCM artist Michael O'Brien, and a question about keeping dating both fun and intentional.

Stories of growing up as a missionary kid, plus an interview with singer-songwriter Sara Groves, and a question about race in church. Why some men don't like church, plus Jefferson Bethke on Jesus vs.

The latest pro-life news, plus one woman's abortion story, and a question about relationship doubts and second thoughts. A "Bachelor" fascination, plus Mark and Grace Driscoll on marriage, and a question about infatuation. Highlights from some of this year's best show segments, plus Joe Wheeler reads two Christmas stories from his Christmas in My Heart collection.

Navigating family time during the holidays, plus a discussion on life's interruptions with Priscilla Shirer, and a question about a prodigal brother.

Breaking bad relationship patterns, plus Rebecca St. James and a question about gaining confidence around guys. Pets and relationships, plus Michael Smalley on compatibility in marriage, and a question on dating someone who's divorced. Celebrating episodes of The Boundless Show , plus Andy Stanley on enemies of the heart, and a question about crossing from "liking" to dating. Weathering relational rejection, plus reggae artist Dominic Balli and a question about recovering from a breakup.

Hugging etiquette, plus an interview with psychologist Dr. Dan Allender and a question on fantasizing about married sex. How our life stories influence others, plus one woman's journey through abuse and deception, and a question about sexual boundaries. Young adults caring for orphans and widows, plus an adoptive family's story and a listener asks about the potential fallout of an unplanned pregnancy. Men and their love of superheroes, plus the power of confessional living and a question about being desensitized to pornography.

Our favorite pastors, plus living an intentional life and a question about the attention of older men at church. A panel of something brides share their stories, plus later-in-life pregnancy and a question about the benefits of marrying older. The transition from parent to friend, plus the Annie Moses Band and a question about a dad's influence on choosing a spouse. Entertainment's effect on our worldview, plus Ben Davies from the movie "Courageous" and a question about making a dating relationship an idol.

Thriving in the face of disease and disability, plus finding love after loss and a question about disclosing health concerns in a dating relationship. Standing strong in a storm of competing worldviews, plus a question on when to speak truth on a potentially divisive topic.

A newlywed couple shares stories from both sides of the wedding ring, plus an interview with marriage expert Paul Tripp and a question on dealing with Dad in a courtship.

Characteristics of leaders, plus an interview with Dan Dumas and Randy Stinson on biblical manhood and a question about spiritual leadership. A survey of our convictions and compromises, plus the Duggar family and a question about bachelor parties. Broken engagements, plus Lisa Velthouse on Craving Grace and a question about pushing male mentorship. Navigating social situations and friendships, plus an interview on relational intelligence and a question about moving things along online.

Expectations for marriage, plus Ted Cunningham on his new book Young and in Love and a question about envy. London and a question about marriage readiness. A panel of girls discusses almost all things female, plus an interview with Rachel Lee Carter and a question about the testimonies of Christian artists.

Men talk about what makes a man, plus an interview with Joe White and John Thomas answers a question about showing attraction appropriately. Thoughts on attracting the opposite sex, plus an interview with two-time Grammy nominee Mandisa and a question about low self-esteem.

Building a strong relationship with your mom, plus Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly on the flipside of feminism and a question about infatuation. The benefits of marriage, plus an interview with New York Times bestselling author Lori Gottlieb and a question about compatibility. Quarrels among Christians, plus an interview with The Museum and a question about dating new believers.

A discussion of stewarding our time, plus Bill and Pam Farrel on being sharpened as a single and a question on where to live after getting married. Part two of our singles panel answering your questions, plus an interview with pro surfer Bethany Hamilton and a question on the gender of God.

A discussion of young adults in the church today, plus concerns about Rob Bell's Love Wins and a question regarding defending your faith on campus. Make your wedding ceremony meaningful but not distracting, plus pre-wedding straight talk for guys and a question on opposite-sex roommates.

Learn how you can break the cycle of divorce in your family, plus stupid things people do for love and a question on when to call it quits. A panel answers your questions on singleness, plus Rebecca St. James on her engagement and a question on getting a guy's attention. Discover the benefits of taking risks, plus help for overcoming money myths that keep Christians broke and a question about making friends. John Trent reveals the power of blessing others, plus Craig Groeschel on honoring spiritual leaders and a question about dating someone's ex.

The ins and outs of celebrity crushes, plus tips for changing our culture and a question about helping men step into leadership. How to become more dateable, plus the one thing no one ever tells you about sex and a question from a guy who wonders if guys and girls can be "just friends. Rival fans talk about the big game, plus CCM favorite Brandon Heath and a question from a guy about wanting marriage while looking for work.

Job hunting tips in a bad economy, plus the latest on Focus' life and justice efforts, and a question about pursuing a guy online. The purpose of trials, plus an interview with Haiti quake survivor Dan Woolley and a question about waiting for a guy's faith. Ringing in the new year, plus Emerson Eggerichs on respecting men, and a listener has trouble respecting her pastor.

Dealing with family drama during the holidays, plus a heartwarming Christmas tale and a question about dating someone with a sexual past. Being a Christian in tough places, plus Matthew West and a question about dating a father figure. Prioritizing what's important at Christmas, plus "Going All The Way" with pastor Craig Groeschel, and Candice is back to answer a listener question about parenting styles.

Adoption journeys for several young adults, plus American Idol songwriter Regie Hamm and a question about interracial dating. A discussion of the "hot topics" on which Christians disagree, plus an interview with bestselling author Gabe Lyons and a question about codependency.

Advice we'd give our younger selves, plus a historic Veteran's Day speech, and dating interdenominationally. A discussion of Halloween, the Reformation and dealing with post-wedding blues make up this week's eclectic show.

The idea of finding "the one," how to go about building intimate mentorships in a new church, plus Chris Seay. The issue of insecurity and how to move forward into confidence, and Bob Waliszewski about current movies, plus a question about kissing. Pastors share their perspective on young adults in the church, plus Caedmon's Call and helping an online dater set boundaries. Our panel of women share thoughts on being asked out, plus country artist Guy Penrod and a question on education costs for future stay-at-home moms.

Lisa and a panel of guys knock out the "Is he gonna ask me out? Lisa shares her thoughts on Boundless moving forward, then interviews Catalyst organizers and listens in as a Focus counselor helps a girl navigate her fear of needles.

Do women want security? We discuss this plus Jimmy Needham's latest album and the Christian vs. David and Brodie Wheaton share the story of their year path to marriage, plus sociologist Christian Smith and the "classy vs.

How can a guy initiate without being overbearing? We discuss this, plus an interview with Thabiti Anyabwile and a question on getting over the girl on this week's show. Is marrying in a year even wise? Hear our discussion, plus an interview with CCM artist Andrew Peterson and some frank insight on depression. Lisa recaps her European vacation, talks to a sex therapist and gets insight on what it means to "build men. Introducing our summer interns, plus activist Zach Hunter, and a question about "pulling a Ruth" long-distance.

A young woman wants to know what she can do to help a date happen so she can help make marriage happen. A young woman asks for advice on how to respond honorably to her believing dad who is dating a unbeliever. When Kristen Jane Anderson was 17 years old she decided to take her own life and jumped in-front of a 33 car freight train.

So men, let's all just give up and relegate ourselves to computer programming, auto shops, construction sites and deep sea fishing. What if the guy you love didn't plan some elaborate, romantic marriage proposal? Do you have a list? You know, that wish list of characteristics you want in a spouse? In God's sovereignty, you are where you are. But what if you want to be married and the pool of good Christian men is just small? An insiders perspective on the future of Boundless, and an interview with a guy who married young, plus a question about dating a divorcee.

Every healthy dating relationship comes to a point of decision where you either move forward or break up. And it's not always easy to figure out which direction to go. Being too hard on guys, and Shaunti Feldhahn on her book The Male Factor , plus a question about attraction. Honoring your father and mother, an interview with Christian rapper Lecrae and a question about sibling rivalry. What to do with beauty, an interview with Ron Luce of Teen Mania Ministries, plus a question asking if it's wrong to be pretty.

How men can facilitate godly community, an interview with Switchfoot and a question about waiting for your boyfriend to propose. Dating a woman who makes more than you, an interview with Austin Carty of Survivor: Panama, plus a question about the "new guy" feeding frenzy.

Living at home, an interview with Keith and Kristen Getty, and a question about where are all the Christian women. Singles and babysitting, Jeff Buchanan discusses Day of Dialogue, and a question about college students and marriage.

Albert Mohler, and a question about dating an uneducated man. The Boundless survey results, plus an interview with a guy who overcame his addiction to porn, and a question about marrying someone with kids. Bromances, plus Chantel Hobbs' story of weight loss, and a question about having a DTR with your friend's boyfriend. Valentine's Day to-do list, plus Steve and Candice Watters discuss searching for a mate and a question about breaking up.

Facebook etiquette, plus Pastor Bob Thune on singles serving in the church, and a question about friendship between men and women.

Christmas vacation highlights, plus Dr. Russell Moore, and a question about a non-believer showing interest in you. Setting goals, plus Mark Batterson of National Community Church, and a question about being a bridesmaid. Happy Holiday, plus Michael and Julie Johnson from Future Marriage University, and a question about dating someone in a different spiritual weightclass.

The desire for marriage, plus Christian band The Sonflowerz, and a question about what you need to know about a guy before dating. Thanksgiving dinner, plus Ellie Kay author of Living Rich for Less, and a question about divorcee dating dilemmas. Do-it-yourself home projects, the art of manliness, and a question about letting a man lead in a relationship. Being intentional as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, plus The Screwtape Letters , and a question about purity rings and wedding rings.

Dobson leaving the daily broadcast, plus The Screwtape Letters , and a question about getting rejected all the time. The temptation of road rage, plus an interview with Phil Vischer, and a question about asking a girl out for dinner.

Appreciating our pastors, plus Kay Hymowitz on emerging adulthood, and a question on how far women should go to look good. Does Jesus need PR, plus biblical divorce and remarriage, and a question about being too self-sufficient. Church retreats, plus Dr. Dominic Aquila on biblical divorce and remarriage, and a question about becoming a nagging wife. TV, plus George W. Bush impersonator John Morgan, and a question about a long-distance relationship.

Car woes, plus American Idol contestant Phil Stacey, and a question about spiritual leadership in dating. Reel Discernment movie reviews, plus Kevin DeYoung explains why he loves the church, and a question about pursuing a woman.

The highlights of our summer, plus CCM artist John Waller, and a question about intentionality in relationships. The importance of community, plus Third Day's Mac Powell, and a question about liking a girl who already has a boyfriend.

James and Evie Tornquist Karlsson talk about music and mentorship, and Jeremy Camp shares his musical beginnings. Camp counselor, plus Mark Regnerus author of Forbidden Fruit , and a question about fantasizing about your wedding night.

Taking control of technology, plus Brett and Alex Harris on The Rebelution, and a question about parents saying wait to marry. Honeymooners drop by for a visit, plus Glenn Packiam discusses Secondhand Jesus , and a question about working the night shift. The joys and sorrows of hiking, plus Donna Freitas on her book Sex and the Soul , and a question about knowing if he's the one.

Being a good groomsman or bridesmaid, an interview with Dr. Boundless joins Twitter, plus Carolyn Leutwiler on Singleness Redefined, and a question about one's neighbors' thin walls. Sex and violence in movies, plus Gary Thomas on Holy Available , and a question about pick-up lines. Miss California Carrie Prejean, plus an interview with Kevin DeYoung about discerning God's will, and a question about going too deep too fast.

Life-changing testimonies, an interview with Michael W. Smith and a conversation with Lisa's mom. Your questions on dating answered, plus Jonny Diaz and entertainment standards for men vs. Dobson steps down as board chairman, Keith Mohr talks about independent music and the Inbox solves the engagement ring dilemma.

The second half of a discussion on women and singleness, plus Al Mohler on new media and a discussion on marrying in a bad economy. The Boundless Show celebrates one year of podcasting along with a discussion on stepfamilies and merging finances in marriage. The tension between old and new media, plus Todd and Angie Smith of Selah and Bring the Rain , and a question asking if it's too late for love. Defending the unborn, fighting against sex trafficking and a guy who doesn't think he's attractive enough.

Spiritual compatibility, plus John Thomas on trusting God when geography is involved, and a question about pursuing a girl. Christmas favorites, an interview with Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, and a question about a friend who is prettier, perkier and more outgoing. The importance of community in moving toward marriage, plus Carolyn McCulley on Radical Womanhood, and a question about Christmas gifts. Committed to purity, living and growing through tough stuff, and a question on opposite-sex office relationships.

Thanksgiving, Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, and a question about how long to date before marrying. Being intentional in dating, plus Gary Thomas on finding God's will, and a question on holding onto a buddy relationship. A Guy's Guide to Marrying Well , plus Gary Thomas on the critical decade for men as they think about tying the knot, and a question about taking on commitments. Halloween, plus Bob Waliszewski's movie roundup, and a question about how Christians can discuss the election and share differing opinions with others.

Defending the unborn, wise money management, and a question about making time for spouse-hunting. Facebook, plus an interview with Brandon Heath, and a question about sharing financial burdens as a dating couple. The history of Boundless, plus J. Budziszewski aka Professor Theophilus and celebrating Boundless' 10th anniversary.

Consumerism and transience in churches, plus an interview with CCM band Leeland, and a question about one's weight. Working in a secular environment, putting Scripture to music, and a question about marrying in college. How to land the job, Olympian Eli Bremer, living outside your own self-absorption, and a question asking if Boundless' advice is idealistic.

What makes a person successful, Glenn Packiam on living out your faith in everyday life, plus a question about best friends. Our culture's emasculation of men, Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," the roles of men and women, and a question about being emotionally married. Being a year-old single, plus David Wheaton author of University of Destruction , and a question if Christian men experience more pressure to marry than non-Christians.

Division of labor in marriage, Plugged In's Bob Waliszewski talks about the summer movies, being single, and a question about preparing for marriage. Sex and singles, Casting Crowns, a critical spirit, and a question about being attracted to a lot of women.

Finding your spiritual gifts, a review of Sex and the City, and a question about too little intimacy before marriage. Alex and Brett Harris do hard things, "The Theology of the Body," making decisions, and a question about being both a Christian and practicing homosexual.

Dilemmas in dating, Facing the Giants , and a question about seeking God rather than marriage. Transitioning into adulthood, recent movies, nice guys, and when to stick your nose into your friend's relationship. Young men speak about online dating, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly shares his testimony, and disclosing a past struggle with pornography.

No Intelligence Allowed, taming the tongue, and setting boundaries. Trends in mass culture, marriage expectations and myths, and taking on the responsibilities of marriage. Easter, the benefits of serving in ways that stretch your comfort zone, and a question about missions or marriage.

Being conformed to the image of Christ, having faith like a child, and a question about video games. The many paths people take in their careers, growing up a pastor's kid, and what to do when your parents don't approve of your significant other. Cliques within the church, Juno the movie, and a question about being addicted to explicit romance novels.

Celebrating or dreading Valentine's Day, women's power over men, and a question about finding your soul mate. Ambiguous pseudo-relationships, Candice Watters about her book Get Married: Do single men have an obligation to pursue the single women in their church? And do single women have an obligation to say yes? The Boundless Show is a fun and feisty weekly podcast and national radio program for single young adults that gives a Christian perspective on dating, culture, career and faith.

Helping young adults mature in Christ and prepare for marriage and family. Home Relationships Adulthood Faith. Mar 15, Embrace Your Weird: Episode Finding God's will for you, plus what to do when you don't fit in the Christian subculture, and a listener is worried that his crush has dad issues. Mar 08, Your Guide to His Brain: Episode How to dress for a date, plus a guy decodes male brains, and a missionary is having trouble dating.

Mar 01, Breaking the Bible "Blahs": Episode New ways to get into Scripture, and a listener's job is derailing his dating potential. Feb 22, Click and Swipe: Episode Texting and social media gaffes while dating, plus the keys to good communication, and a listener wants to respond to awkward comments about her singleness.

Feb 15, When in Blunderland: Episode Hope for the socially awkward, plus what vomit teaches about a good marriage, and a single listener needs help setting boundaries with a married man. Feb 08, Marriage and Masculinity: Episode Dating with a good marriage in mind, plus what healthy masculinity looks like, and a listener is involved with an ex-boyfriend. Feb 01, Friendships That Last: Episode Taking friendships to a deeper level, plus how to give your work meaning, and subtle ways to let a guy know you're interested.

Jan 25, Friend Finder: Episode How to find quality friends, plus lessons learned from disaster dates, and the best ways to travel as a single. Jan 18, Our Coffee Obsession: Episode Questioning the coffee-saturated Christian culture, plus Ben Stuart on singleness as more than just marriage prep, and a listener is feeling awkward at work.

Jan 11, Life's Mountains and Valleys: Episode Making the most of your church, plus a woman navigates cancer, calling and singleness, and a listener is struggling with his masculinity.

Episode Forgiving the everyday things, plus the powerful story of forgiveness after being framed for a crime, and a woman can't get over jealousy of her friend. Dec 28, Before You Get to Heaven: Episode Things Christians should do before they die, plus how to brave life's sorrows, and a listener is having trouble moving on after dating heartbreak.

Dec 21, A Solitary Christmas: Episode Your questions about being single at Christmas, plus the story of a man's life-changing walk on Christmas night, and staff members' favorite holiday memories. Dec 14, Loving Difficult People: Episode Serving all types of people this Christmas, plus loving that person who drives you crazy, and a listener is worried about the ramifications of job-hopping. Mike Bechtle and Lisa Ruman. Dec 07, Take a Break and a Bite: Episode Team results from our social media and texting break, plus the power of the table in your home, and a listener is afraid to tell a date about his past.

Episode Things Christians should stop saying or doing, plus when church gets challenging for singles, and a listener wants to ask out his small group co-leader. Nov 23, Loving Your Family: Episode Being thankful even when our parents frustrate us, plus Jessie Minassian on dealing with family around the holidays, and a listener can't land a job. Nov 16, Money Motivators: Episode Debating dating deal-breakers, plus figuring out your money type, and a listener wonders if masturbation is OK.

Episode TV and your Christian witness, plus a man who used to think hating Muslims was justified, and a counselor helps a listener tell if her date's being honest. Nov 02, Killing Sin: Episode Emergency strategies for when you face temptation, plus Pastor Levi Lusko on moving on after sexual regrets, and should a listener ask a girl out Oct 26, Fighting Anxiety: Episode What's behind our feelings of worry, plus how Max Lucado deals with anxiety, and a listener wonders how to tactfully ask a guy why he got divorced.

Oct 19, Reach Your Friends: Episode Discussions with friends who aren't into Jesus, plus Josh McDowell on why evidence didn't bring him to Christ, and are there any pure guys out there? Oct 12, I Doubt It: Episode Dating and marrying someone of a different race, plus why doubting your faith can strengthen it, and a listener is having problems living with an unbeliever. Oct 05, Cushions, Bread and Ghosts: Episode The ultimate in lame dating tactics, plus Dr.

Ernie Baker and Roberta Perno. Episode Strategies to make the most of your life, plus part two with the Mully family from Kenya, and what to do if your crush isn't single.

Sep 21, World's 1 Dad: Episode What God's been teaching us lately, plus the man who fathers the world's largest family, and is it smart to date through anxiety and depression? Sep 14, Grieving Suicide and Loss: Episode Our panel gets personal about loss, plus Albert Hsu on surviving his dad's suicide, and what to do if you can't connect with your parents on a deep level.

Sep 07, Leading From Behind: Episode Moving up on the job as a millennial, plus Clay Scroggins' journey from intern to megachurch pastor, and what to do with a friend who is annoyingly arrogant. Aug 31, Happy !: Episode The history of "The Boundless Show," plus listeners' favorite interview of all time, and staff members read listener impact letters. Aug 24, First Comes Love: Episode Prioritizing life's milestones, plus Biola University's president talks kindness and life in the real world, and a shy girl wants advice for getting noticed by men.

Aug 17, Singles' Health Check: Episode Common traits of healthy singles, plus Rachel Cruze shares savvy financial strategies, and is it futile to invest in a guy you like in another country? Aug 10, Sins of the Fathers: Episode Breaking cycles of generational dysfunction, plus Craig Groeschel on inspired decision-making, and what to do when your friend's in a toxic relationship.

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Jun 29, Party Like a Christian: These parallels are then evaluated for strength and frequency. Study results indicate that un-attributed borrowing of phraseology was rather common, and even considered to be more acceptable among the nineteenth-century authors of this genre than would be acceptable in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The minimal borrowing by Ellen G. White in this chapter was within the acceptable standards of that era. That is, salvation is dependent upon both one's beliefs and one's works. When Jesus returns to Earth in the near future at the time of his second coming, everyone's eternal fate will already have been determined. Seventh-day Adventist members note that the Bible states that God's pattern is to investigate before exercising judgment.

In Genesis 3, God visited Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to determine first hand that they had eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and thus caused the fall or rise of humanity. Interpretations of the impact of eating the fruit differ. In Genesis 19, God came down from heaven to learn first-hand what was happening in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The practice of Adventism varies greatly from congregation to congregation. Some are more conservative; others more liberal. This is seen in their degree of emphasis on the writings of Ellen White, their customary clothing styles, their order of service, choice of music, etc.

Abortions for reasons of birth control, gender selection, or convenience are not condoned by the Church. Women, at times however, may face exceptional circumstances that present serious moral or medical dilemmas, such as significant threats to the pregnant woman's life, serious jeopardy to her health, severe congenital defects carefully diagnosed in the fetus, and pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. The final decision whether to terminate the pregnancy or not should be made by the pregnant woman after appropriate consultation.

She should be aided in her decision by accurate information, biblical principles, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Moreover, these decisions are best made within the context of healthy family relationships. Members are expected to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and every other "soul-defiling habit". They were once also expected to abstain from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc.

The church has since removed this from the baptismal vows, although they still recommend that policy. They have interpreted the Old Testament dietary laws as prohibiting the eating of some foods. The church recommends avoiding red meat. Many members are vegetarians who supplement their diet with eggs and milk. Their diet seems to produce significant positive results! Dan Buettner of the Blue Zones Project has spent years searching for pockets of people around the world who live longer than average.

He attributes this to a combination of better diet and better stress management factors. This practice was changed by the Church Council of Laodicea circa CE, which ordered that future religious observances were to be conducted on Sunday.

The Seventh Day Baptist church in the 17th century reverted to the practice of the primitive Christian church and adopted Saturday for religious services. The Seventh-day Adventist church followed suit. Saturday worship has caused some employers to discriminate against those Seventh-day Adventist members who feel that they cannot work on Saturday.

On the other hand, other companies have found that an employee who is willing to work every Sunday can be an asset. An interesting development was experienced in Samoa and nearby countries after a shift was made in the International Date Line. As a result, the government and people in Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga observed a single week at that time that lasted only six days.

However SDA members in those countries -- -- and later Futun and Wallis -- kept meeting every seven days. The international dateline deviates from a strict degrees around Tonga and includes it with the other side of the date line on the next day. This is a man made deviation used for trade and economic reasons.

Tongan Seventh-day Adventists do not accept this anomaly in the dateline. They worship on Sabbath from sunset to sunset according to the Earth's rotation as they have always done. There are times when he's going to be thoroughly perplexed by the mysterious things that happen in life. Being confused about occurrences and situations in life, however, does not amount to being confused about the true meaning of life itself. King Solomon was the wisest mortal who lived until The Lord Jesus came to earth in the flesh.

Christ was the only one greater than the wisdom of Solomon. Jesus said, "The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it, for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here" KJV, Matthew It isn't unreasonable to think that even the wise King Solomon, at some point in his life, pondered on the true meaning of life.

Scripture of the Christian Bible reveals that he sought peace and happiness in numerous relationships with women, riches, entertainment, and philosophy. Nevertheless, in the end he admits that the true meaning of life, happiness and peace doesn't lie in any of those things. Not only does he state this truth that should be well known by people who have attained any maturity, he provides a specific and clear answer to the question, "What is the meaning of life?

Fear God , and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. This is not the definition of the true meaning of life that many people want to hear; nevertheless, their rejection of God's answer does not change what is truth.

The "whole duty of man" are words that are not difficult to understand. We have job duties, duties to carry out towards our friends, duties towards family members, and duties to perform for our nation.

Iamges: unequally yoked dating definition

unequally yoked dating definition

The latest pro-life news, plus one woman's abortion story, and a question about relationship doubts and second thoughts. You can achieve your dreams by been a member of the Illuminati. Oct 02, Is This for Real?:

unequally yoked dating definition

Making healthy habits attainable, plus why Lent is good for all believers, and a question about God's will and our choices. The truth comes from the Bible about God not to be author of confusion.

unequally yoked dating definition

Episode A discussion on how we give and receive love, plus Dr. I have recently gave my life back over to Christ. Prioritizing life's milestones, plus Biola University's president talks kindness and life in the real world, and a shy unequally yoked dating definition wants advice for getting noticed by men. I would read 1st John chapter 3 to see why I say that. Since all people stand condemned before God because unequally yoked dating definition our sin, God provided a solution. She is an Evangelist leading many people good dating websites nyc New Age and End time deception! Jan 19, Lovin' Life: