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there any legitimate russian dating sites

January 6, at 6: They never saw the money or heard from the women again. Money causes us enough emotional stress as is and once you put a relationship in the middle it can get pretty crazy. The long-term arrangement provides that Match.

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March 14, at To facilitate the process of finding your dream woman pay attention to the following steps:. June 15, at 1: This is clearly one or two operators that write messages.. If you are serious about using an online dating service then why not give them a test run and create a free profile:. Lets put an end to these online scams.

One woman represents many profiles that are models paid specifically to provide their photo's and personal info.

I believe there are a few women not paid to be on the site but it's difficult to determine and not worth the cost to filter through the profiles to figure out which ones aren't fake. There are some signs I learned to look for but will not share that since I wouldn't encourage anyone to join the site.

Yea, sure slow, like slowly empty your bank account on fees to chat! Even if you think there's a " TRUE " interest btwn. You are correct and they are scamming you….. Sixty minutes did do a story on it and they said it wasnt a scam!!! Sixty minutes are sell outs any way. It is the biggest scam going on the net. They might as well start doing it with bitcoin and go to the deep net to really start ripping pople off. The chat requests that annoyingly pop up all the time just repeat and cycle through the girls to lure you in.

They are based on what you select in you profile. Both come from the same girl who claims to have high moral values. Some times they screw it up and you get messages saying how handsome you look etc. Interesting as I never posted a picture. Go on, try changing your profile and see the effect.

As I said, all auto generated. Lots more but just a scam….. I'll give them that. Along with a bucks! It's not a scam.. I've been to Colombia twice. You people just don't have patience.

It's true you have to spend money but it's well worth it in the end when you actually get to meet them having actually done this myself. I had similar experiences with AmoLatina. Would you write an email to me stating bad experiences you had with AmoLatina. I am dealing with Capital One credit card trying to get rid of AmoLatina charges. Capital One wants me to obtain a second opinion that AmoLatina is a site that frauds guys. My email is below. But here it is now. I want a refund just like they advertise on youtube.

They can't pass on personal details…email addys ; mobile phone numbers…actual street addresses…. This was a follow up reply letter I have sent to AmoLatina customer service because I received 3 identical letters from 2 different women in two different cities in Colombia. This is a follow up to my last reply to your letter. I went back and looked these emails up. Two of the women sending the same email were from Villavicencio and one was from Bucaramanga.

Not what I would call close together. There are many of your girls that list their occupation as journalist and I think maybe they are letter writers for AmoLatina. Also many girls list model as their occupation. Although most are extremely beautiful, not many models are 5 feet two inches.

I think these girls are models in the sense they let AmoLatina put their pictures on a profile for men to respond to but are not actually the woman who you communicate with in chats or email. A few of same girls in video chat all the time are more than likely full time employees of AmoLatina. You run a very profitable business based on lies and deceit that takes advantage of certain men's loneliness and enduring hope of meeting someone. Chances are slim and none they will do that on this site.

I managed through a type of code to give my actual email address to a couple of the women who had been asking me to chat and to know me better. They sent a couple of emails and I even had a video chat with one that seemed really interested but then she stopped communicating with me on my personal email but continued to send me chat messages on AmoLatina.

This was the samething with the second girl to. Now I susppose you could say that after they communicated with me they changed their mind, but really there was no additional information exchanged than was what was on my profile on AmoLatina.

Not to say they time I wasted. I feel a little foolish but better now that I have come to my senses. I tested five women on my original profile I created a fake profile I ask the five girls on my original profile a couple of questions then a week later I logged onto my fake profile asked the same five girls the exact same questions and guess what?

Different answers on all five profiles which could mean two things. So its definitely a scam. Stay far away you could not even be talking to a female you could be talking to a fat dude. Looks like i've been scammed and no seriousness to a special woman. I don't believe any of it. Wish we could get that Annoymous hacker to on the site lol. Would you send what you wrote here to me as an email. I am trying to convenice Capital One that AmoLatina is not real. Capital One is asking for third party sources that AmoLatina operates fraudently.

I would appreciate you email so Capital One can verfiy your statement you made here. I been in amolatina and meet georgeous ladies. On my profile I specify that I'm interested on mature girls in their 30's. But I received emails from very young women that I ignore and deleted. I met to girls from Medellin separately with profiles in Amolatina but before travel they give their phone number and email when I call trought the agency.

My sugestion is that if the girl don't want to give you personal information jus keep comunicating by mail using the agency website be suspicius and stay away, the best option is goung to the parties organized im the latinamerican countries. Juan I totally agree with you because those women dont' give out information that easy unless they know you alittle bit better. Many american men think cute latin women will give their information fast, guess what?? Women don't think like men and they take longer to make up their minds.

Hey Mario, hows Luigi? Models do not appear on dating sites. I've posted profiles where I looked like a cross between a T-Rex, and Nick Nolte, and still received emails for hot dates and virtual sex. I'm laughing hard over here. Nice One, you have the guts to come out and support your teammate, Oh, come on guy.

You amolatina is taking advantage of the sense of men to be attractived by women. Cause they are mix of ethnicities between Europeans and Africans. That's how we other MEN get attracted by Lainas. There is nothing wrong with them and us. It is you amolatina taking all the advantage of LOVE between men and women. AmoLatina is a trickster site. The supposed lady that wrote is my friend in facebook lol.

This is what she told me. Some lady offered a free photoshoot in order to make a website famous. Dont waste your money people! Please send me your proof AmoLatina is a trickster site. I would appreciate as many details that you have. I am trying to get AmoLatina charges off my credit card. I never hear good things about this site.

I too have tried to meet women on this site with the same results. Sending and receiving letters is cheaper by far than the "chat" option, but guess what? EVERY single girl will insist that you use "chat" instead of the letter option. I even looked on their complete profiles where it asks where they would like to visit.

Then I would contact them and offer to fly them AND a friend so that they would not have to travel alone, all expenses paid round trip.

She quit that job because she was feeling bad for all the men that she was bullshiting ,she was 7 profiles ,7 fucking profiles and was working in a call center in cali colombia. She was working there with like 20 other girls doing the same thing pretending to be other profiles and that was her job from 9 am to 6 pm ,she said that she was making good money doing that scam ,but the way that she was fooling some of the men was getting to her ,i was one of them. Paola ,as she was called took a liking to me and told me how to send her my email because info like that was being blocked along with socila media sites and phone numbers So she got my email and explaind to me how the whole scam works and did not care about telling me the truth because she had found another job.

My jaw droped when i read the email i was a sucker for believing in that i was chating with the hot paola. She also said ,why do you think that mostly all the girls dont have a cam and that there is only like 2 or 3 girls that do ,its because they are not who they say they are.

She told me that sometimes whe would have 15 windows open of all the different men that she was chating with and that most of the men just wanted sex chat but there were a few men that were regulars that were looking for love but didnt know that they were being scamed. So bottom line is get off that site as soon as possible stop spending your money there. Could you send me this exact information and your contact email? I have the same story with Asaindate. I created a free, empty profile no photos, no description, nothing about me, etc.

Their photos are clearly stock photos. After one week, I had messages in my inbox — all of that with no photos and no information about me. Wow i tried the same procedure by creating an empty profile back in And recieved the same response on a profile which contained no information no photo…no nothing. Many not all …responded very quickly to an incomplete profile. Now having said that,i myself have been a curious member for the past two years.

I believe a small number of these women may be lagit fellas…a few mixed in there. I would advise all to be carefull if he chooses to do so….

When They Call You, They notice that the phrases are always repetitives!!! Observe the profile with ID: She is the same person as Laura Melisa is!!! I have no doubt that Laura Melisa and Laura Paladines is the same person!!!

No girl will pose on this way on a dating site only if they got paid for it. So man of the world just enjouy the beautifull pictures of very sexy and hot ladies and just dream of them but dont try to get them. I can take it a step further to prove that this site is a scam. I had been conversating with 3 females for about 3 months before I moved here and they knew exactly the date I was going to be in the city.

Every time I ask them to meet me in a public location for lunch or dinner, they're suddenly out of town. One is a school teacher and she told me that she's in Cartagena during the school season here! I asked another when we can meet and she told me September when this is March! Here's the real proof. I actually dated a female who uses this site in Costa Rica because I was going to move to that country at first before I heard of the 90 day border run.

I've been receiving messages from her and I sent her an email to her personal email address asking if she was sending me messages, and she told me no. The next day I receive another message from her account apologizing. Guys don't give another penny to this site. Also, I went out on dates with many different women until I finally found the woman for me.

Stop using all of the Amolatina affiliate sites because they're true scams. I have been ripped off before on a so called dateing site of quite a few thousand dolloars so I am giving this one the big heave ho and save my money.

However could be a trick, could be a pre-recorded video. I spent a lot of money in this site and I wont spent a single dime. She is not shy, if you know what I mean.

Later one I tried to get another contact from here not paied I mean and she told me that it was the only place online that I could reach her — wff? I discovered that she real exists, she is a model and even placed her amolatina movies in her Facebook page. Well at least I had learned my lesson, thanks guys. Interesting reading for me since I have been surfing the Amolatina site for about 8 months. Well, I am not sending money to someone I haven't actually met so that ended quickly.

Back to Amolatina, I get a lot of messages daily, from women in SA as well as Spain, but since I have never coughed up any money I can't answer them any more.

Some of them look like models and are very young. The ones from Columbia get very sexually agressive. At first I had a free period, and I could answer, but that has expired.

However, I think I am going to abandon using Amolatina to try and make contact. I will look for other sites that have a flat monthly rate. Dear Readers, I also was scammed by the "Anastasia Date" circles. I recently graduated with a Pre-Med degree, and ive been applying to medical schools around America.

Sometimes when youve been studying so hard you dont have time to go on dates. So I ran into this website by accident and decided to give it a try…. Well, I didnt fare to well with AmoLatina just due to the fact that im not into latin american girls. Well, same exact thing. Chat, email ect was just so empy. I kept thinking girls in the states are never like this unless their desperate, and those are the last type of girls that I want. I found a girl named Daleba from Ivory Coast.

I sent her an email her profile was full and she said she has a son and ect. Her profile looked legit. Well, not but about 3 days later she sent me an email, and we agreed to meet on chat. After about three letters I found my self falling in love with this girl. She asked me "do you think we could end up married one day"? I was blown away! What do I say? She said she was going to law school and worked in a small village shop. So while in chat I told her "Daleba, please lets not play any more games, I dont care who you are, where your from, or whats in your past, I love you and I want to reach out to you".

I asked her "are you on facebook". She told me she forgot her account information, but she told me I could call her. I called her with an international package I have through Skype. Can you believe it….. I could almost cry. It was a man. Oh my god how I just fell through the floor! I spent so much money and time! I just wanted to get drunk and fall off a cliff. Im the kind of guy whose never even had a speeding ticket and then this happens to me.

I know, it is the single most stupid thing i have ever done in my life, and now i pay for it. Please do not laugh, just know that the MF's gangs in Canada, making me pay for so long for stupid mistakes, i wanted to get out of the country and start a new life.

The goddam bank would not provide me with a passbook as i knew the spending was going to far and i assumed i would be able to live in Latin America off my pension anyway. Throw the book at these assholes, and if their is ever a classaction lawsuit, please remember me, extremely bullied Canadian loser. I was stupid enough to try the Asian, Russian and Amolatina. At the time i was in a daze, extremely bullied and the site seemed my only friends.

Hello, is there any chance that, if the site is found guilty, for restitution of the funds men like myself have spent? I just had a phone call from one of their agents, at I just want to add. I am still talking to one of the girl I was lucky enough to meet on the AmoLatina site, the only reason we are chating is that she was very keen on chatting with me, She got the Translator to make contact with me and he did help her out, and me for that matter.

She still lives in Medellin , Maybe we can rope her in to help with the investigation. I would help if you require my assistance. I am about to write an article on dating scams, and have been paticularly interested in Amolatina, and Anastacia. I wonder if you could have some information to share about your investigation. Hello i have a resonce from a women not on the site. In fact she is a friend on Instagram.

I asked her if she was the same girl, she told me that she has never used the site and that they paid her to use her pictures for the site. On the site it is the same pictures and use the same first name. Thats how i was able to find her on instagram. Her name is yury gil. What I don't understand is how is this scamming website able to stay in business and continue with their website. They are scammers and should not be allowed to continue thier business. They should be punished.

Well to tell you the truth I enjoy the pics, but sending and receiving emails was getting to breditse quite expensive. Fortunately I was able to discipline myself to a few bucks a month. So in total I spent say dollars. I got on google and typed in Amolatina and accidentally hit the amolatina reviews and man I had my doubts about them. After reading the terrible stuff happening to other guys I just gotta say I am cancelling my subscription with Amolatina.

My dad and grandpa had a saying "If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck more than likely it is a duck! Run like hell and keep your money. I am not saying the sites are a total scam, there are some legitimate woman who are very nice. However, i have seen first hand the using of women's profiles who were not them, as well as the old talk talk talk then sorry i have to say goodbye sickness in the family.

I have better friends on Amolatina than i do in the country i live, i know that a few women are real and very nice. I was told by several REAL women that men came to meet them and wanted only sex, asked to go their hotel room right away, or made advances requiring police intervention, who are the assholes here?

This is frustrating for us men because many of us seek a loving, caring wife, a loyal and devoted bride, a sexy woman in the bedroom, all to ourselves. It might be that you are too busy or simply too shy, but the woman of your dreams is out there. We are here to tell you there are plenty of fish in a very big sea — perhaps as far away as China, Colombia, Brazil, Russia or the Ukraine—and we are going to explain to you the resources available to find a suitable bride for you.

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Iamges: there any legitimate russian dating sites

there any legitimate russian dating sites

This is such a joke!

there any legitimate russian dating sites

Dariya Chekanowa Natalya Suvorova. On the other hand, practicalities of life often interfere.

there any legitimate russian dating sites

But it would be our opinion, nothing more. I emailed you about someone I suspected as a scammer and you were correct. They can't pass on personal details…email addys ; mobile phone there any legitimate russian dating sites street addresses…. If you have not suffered any financial loss, you are not technically a victim. Realistically you have no legittimate who you are really interacting with. December 1, at 9: