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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating for Seniors

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Will toothpaste remove scuffs from your car's paint? | Car Hacks

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Two Disney executives received major promotions. The toy retailer, which filed for bankruptcy in the United States last year, had set a Wednesday deadline for lining up a bidder for what remains of its British arm. The latest financing round comes as the company has hit profitability and raises questions about an eventual initial public offering. A look at some of the things the S. The Singapore-based chip maker had sought to complete the biggest technology deal in history, but the White House blocked it, citing threats to U.

The move ends an year tie-up once seen as an example of Beijing investment in the United States — an increasingly untenable prospect as relations worsen. As a massive manufacturing exporter, the aerospace giant is particularly vulnerable to retaliation from China, a major customer.

The United States government essentially declared Qualcomm a national champion, but a rise in anti-foreign sentiment may hurt the chip maker, too.

While rival Broadcom no longer appears to be a threat, the American chip maker faces other troubles, including lawsuits and dissatisfied shareholders. Rather than let market forces decide what should happen in the chip industry, the Trump administration intervened in Broadcom-Qualcomm.

President Trump issued an order prohibiting Broadcom, a Singapore-based chip maker, from purchasing Qualcomm, citing a threat to the national security of the United States. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. Unilever to Make the Netherlands Its Sole Headquarters, in Blow to Britain The consumer products giant has had a base in both London and Rotterdam for decades, but it is moving to simplify its corporate structure.

Sign up for the must-read DealBook newsletter. Clear this text input. Disney Reorganization Anticipates 21st Century Fox Assets Disney unveiled a sweeping reorganization that prepares the company to integrate 21st Century Fox. While the second generation still has a cc engine, it's now a four-cylinder plucked from a current CBRRR Fireblade. That engine almost doubles the Mean Mower's power output, as it now has horsepower.

Orange and green also did well, but stay away from gold. So you're buying a boring-old silver or black car because you figure those muted "colors" will help its resale price, eh? Well, as it turns out, going fun and bright might be a better call.

Used-car search engine site ISeeCars. Yellow cars held their values the best and depreciated 27 percent during the first three years of. The company also teased the much-anticipated Shelby GT and Bronco in renderings released Thursday. From the Focus and EcoSport on up to the F Nearly every mainstream automaker is introducing a base active safety suite across its lineup.

At an event in Dearborn, Ford announced it's rolling out Co-Pilot, its name for driver-assist technologies that will be standard on all new passenger cars, SUVs and trucks up to the F, including the upcoming Ford Bronco and Ranger. It also plans to add even more technologies over the next few years. Once again, the new Ford Focus small sedan has appeared with a thin vinyl wrap. It's a newer design than the last one, and one with more puns.

It has a pop-art look with some cartoon, no pun intended, speech bubbles, one of which has the oh-so-clever phrase, "We've got to keep this under wraps! Playsam makes the Alfieri and Levante from solid wood. In some ways, Maserati had it easier in the s. We don't necessarily mean in a financial sense, or that the cars were especially reliable, but it has to be said both the Biturbo and the third generation Quattroporte are both simple, three-box shapes that are easy to re-create from blocks of solid wood.

Both concepts are based on the Wrangler. Easter is coming up, which is a big deal for both Christians and Jeep fans. The latter of which are excited because the annual Easter Jeep Safari off-road event in Moab is coming, along with Jeep's wild concepts it builds for the event each year.

We're getting an sneak peek at two of those Jeeps early, thanks to illustrations the company revealed.

Supercar may be around a few more years, then Audi will move on. Another Volkswagen Group icon looks headed for the River Styx. A few days after Autocar reported that the VW Beetle won't live past the current generation, Car and Driver reports "there are no current plans for a direct replacement" of the Audi R8.

Responding to a suggestion that the carmaker didn't have a next generation planned for the striking supercar, Mertens replied, "I would say so.

The updates help, but Envision lacks identity in the crossover crowd. Since it looks like Mazda may very well revive the Wankel rotary engine as a range extender for electric cars, there's no better time to become reacquainted with the quirky internal-combustion engine.

And there's hardly a better way to become reacquainted than by peering into a running rotary engine, which you can do with the video above. The Polestar 1, the first vehicle from Volvo's new electrified performance brand, is finally available for pre-order. After debuting late last year, we got our first real glimpse of the sleek coupe at last week's Geneva Motor Show. Though production has been limited to just 1, units, more than 7, people expressed a real interest in the car.

It's getting a limited-slip differential and launch control. Refined appearance, five trim levels and new standard three rows. Slow-selling sedan launched just as crossovers began to rule the Earth. After only 18 months on sale, the vultures of rumor have begun circling above the Lincoln Continental. Ford Authority says "sources intricately familiar with Ford Motor Company's future product plans" for the domestic luxury brand say the Continental won't get another chance at life after this generation.

Those sources didn't detail Ford's reasons for dispatching the executioner on another sad task, but if this is true, even the reasons we can only guess make enough sense to justify the move.

Flurry of launches including E-Tron could hurt deliveries in short term. Audi expects a difficult year as the launch of over 20 redesigned and new models could hurt deliveries, after declining sales of high-end models and further costs from an emissions scandal kept profitability below that of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Tesla slammed into a fire truck while in semi-autonomous mode. They cited a California crash of a Tesla in Autopilot mode into the back of a fire truck. Audi has announced it will introduce a full-electric four-door GT model in As Audi outlined its electrified future in a press conference, the German manufacturer mentioned its electric lineup will include special "Audi Sport" performance models.

One of the 20 electrified models introduced by will be an E-Tron GT version that will be produced alongside the E-Tron crossover we've seen up to now.

There's a virtual gauge cluster and a lot of wood and leather. A little while ago, we posted teaser sketches of the new Kia K flagship. So far, we've learned how it looks from front to side to rear, but the interior has remained a mystery.

Today, Kia released this sketch of the dashboard, which seems to be as restrainedly designed as the exterior. Production was temporarily halted in February. Days after it was announced that Tesla Model 3 production was halted in February, CNBC reports that the automaker is churning out a significant number of flawed parts leading to reworking and remanufacturing.

It's a more aggressive truck than a Sierra Z As past spy shots show, the Chevy Silverado's corporate sibling has more on the way. Does this hack leave your car minty fresh? Life hacks are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, most of the tricks found across the web aren't actually very helpful. That's why on our "Car Hacks" video series we test every automotive life hack we can find and let you know if it's a stud or a dud.

Hopefully we'll be able to give you some useful advice, or at the very least save you some wasted time. On this episode of "Car Hacks," Amr tries using toothpaste to remove scuffs from his car's paint. Will this hack be a cheap alternative to. Be it a hybrid or a volt system, Trailhawk implies it'll be widely available. We've known that Jeep is working on an updated Renegade.

We've seen prototypes with updated front and rear fascias and with updated interiors. But it seems that the next Renegade will have more than just cosmetic updates. One of our spy photographers caught Jeep testing a Renegade Trailhawk that looks like a normal current one, but it has an electric shock warning sign in the window.

Will the Beetle still be VW's rallycross car in America? Volkswagen's Motorsport division has announced that it's going to focus more on production car-based racing. This means its long-standing Formula 3 commitment will be ending after the season, resulting in more attention given to circuit racing and rallying. Volvo's smallest crossover is just as charming as its siblings. The Volvo XC40 is the entry-level crossover for the Swedish automaker. It takes the same basic formula that's worked well for the XC90 and XC60 and distills it into a smaller, cuter and less expensive package.

It's an automotive fact: Every driver, sooner or later, gets stuck in snow, even the Boston Police. But who better to rescue them than Elsa, the star of Disney's "Frozen. South Boston got 16 inches of snow in the latest dump. An update on Model 3 production progress is expected next month. Two of Tesla's most senior financial executives have left the company in successive weeks as the electric car maker approaches the end of its first quarter and prepares to update investors and industry analysts on its progress ramping up production of the closely watched Model 3 sedan.

One of the last of the good old mail Jeeps. Just about the simplest street-legal motor vehicle available during its year production run, the two-wheel-drive Jeep DJ is best known as a U. Postal Service delivery vehicle.

Here's one in a Denver self-service wrecking yard. Compact crossover gets stylish taillights and a bigger cargo opening. Following Toyota's romantic RAV4 silhouette teaser shot yesterday, Subaru is officially joining in the titillating game with a glimpse of the Forester.

Subaru has toyed with pincer-shaped taillights for a few years on its Viziv concepts. The Ascent concept wore another version of the design, but the production Ascent got fitted with a set of highly unoffensive lamps. Looks like the Forester earns the retail nod for the conceptual units, and with it, a wider cargo opening.

Iamges: legal age limit for dating in ny

legal age limit for dating in ny

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legal age limit for dating in ny

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legal age limit for dating in ny

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