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What Hollywood actress is now dating a former NFL star who ended up broke several years ago and is now working on charitable causes in Africa? Joseph Farrell Part 2: Professor Peter Dale Scott:

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Since her life was turned upside down by her encounter with a spiritual being named 'Ramtha' in , she learned to channel and had many encounters with an off-world UFO intelligence. And the rest of the menu is equally satisfying. This location is amazing because you can eat outside on the terrace and enjoy NYC people watching until your heart is content. Part 1 In this fascinating episode packed with exciting information, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews the influential author of 'Forbidden Archaeology' Michael Cremo on his controversial research into the dating of human origin, ancient civilizations and the potential widespread impact of Extraterrestrial cultures on human development. Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Oxford scholar and prolific author Dr. It turns out that everything is the opposite of what I remember.

A must stop for anyone seeking an affordable and amazing dining experience. Brad Dating Again — but with who? Angie Begs Tom Ford — Radar. For an authentic taste of Italy, this fine eatery is a must. Once again, she went above expectations in recommending this dining jewel.

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You will love this topic!!! Too many great artists left us. I was quoted in this story about Geroge — CNN. You cannot get a better steak, fish or dining experience better than Quality Meats anywhere. The air at Quality Meats is laced with the intoxicating aroma of mouth watering food. Everything on the menu is sizzling and succulent. Amazing ambiance, incredible service mixed with a wine list that is next to none.

Deserts are out of this world! For star gazers, on any given night you will find some top Hollywood actors, musicians and media personalities dining there. Fred middle runs the best steakhouse South Florida has seen in years. IUC Blind Item of What Hollywood actress is now dating a former NFL star who ended up broke several years ago and is now working on charitable causes in Africa? Journalists' interaction with sources sometimes involves confidentiality , an extension of freedom of the press giving journalists a legal protection to keep the identity of a confidential informant private even when demanded by police or prosecutors; withholding their sources can land journalists in contempt of court, or in jail.

In the United States, there is no right to protect sources in a federal court. However, federal courts will refuse to force journalists to reveal their sources, unless the information the court seeks is highly relevant to the case and there's no other way to get it. State courts provide varying degrees of such protection. Journalists who refuse to testify even when ordered to can be found in contempt of court and fined or jailed.

On the journalistic side of keeping sources confidential, there is also a risk to the journalist's credibility because there can be no actual confirmation of whether the information is valid.

As such it is highly discouraged for journalists to have confidential sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require copy editing for wordiness; needs clarity, shorter sentences.

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Some of Farrell's most fascinating research concerns the forces behind the rise of Donald Trump that he surmises may be an aspect of the Deep State connected to the Mafia that has a long held tradition of self-styled patriotism and resents their casino related business being cut out of the process and profits of Corporate Globalism as domestic policies like ObamaCare have deprived average Americans of disposable income. Remote Viewing The Future! Daniel Liszt goes deep into the mysterious psychic processes behind this amazing phenomenon and the startling results of seeing into the future, during his innovative and controversial experiments.

The interview covers a range of interesting concepts, from ESP, mind control, the Akashic Records, psychic prediction, deep military projects, stargates, dreams and telepathic experiments.

They run the new trailer from Targ's upcoming documentary, 'Third Eye Spies', coming out later this year. David Jacobs - Part 2: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity', based on three decades of research, studying over 1, abduction events experienced by people.

As the title suggests, Jacobs is not a proponent of the idea of "friendly ETs". His lifework has led him to the conclusion that an alien-controlled program to create alien-human hybrids is now reaching a new stage of completion: David Jacobs - Part 1: David Jacobs to the show for Part 1 of a deep interview on his controversial new book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.

Jacobs details over three decades of research into the alien abduction phenomena and how it led him to the shocking conclusion that an Advanced Offworld Civilization was engaged in "Planetary Acquisition" here on Planet Earth using a complex method of creating Alien Human Hybrids or "Hubrids" that can live and act as normal human beings while carrying out an alien agenda.

She describes her personal journey of making sense of her early UFO encounters in Brazil and seeking out renowned Harvard Professor John Mack to try and regress her memory blocks around Alien Abduction. She also describes her deep investigation into Exotic Invisibility Technology used in the Montauk Project.

Media Mind Control And Forbidden Knowledge TV In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews author and publisher Alexandra Bruce on pervasive Media Mind Control and the various entrainment processes they use to shape public opinion and manipulate the public narrative for social engineering in In this fascinating episode they explore the Transhumanist agenda that covert forces are pursuing to install a global control grid.

Is the elite endgame a dismantling of the constitution and a major play for complete dominance by the use of suborbital platforms using invasive satellite surveillance technology? Catherine's deep analysis of the socio-political forces working under the radar in shows that unnerving trends like the engineered rise of autism, GMO proliferation, the expansion of Entrainment Technology, the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and the dumbing down of American students with Common Core are all in place to drive a massive Transhumanist Depopulation Agenda!

Farrell outlines the effects of this world-changing event and the exponential growth of a centralized power system that has established an infrastructure for endless war under the pretext of defending the word for "Freedom", while building a police state. Farrell for an Exclusive Interview on his latest book: In this exciting part 2 episode, Farrell Demonstrates the utilization of a Tesla Directed Energy Weapons in this deep event by a wildcard third level group and refers to the suspicous links of cleanup and cosntruction crews to the shadowy corporation known as SAIC.

In part 1 of this groundbreaking episode, Farrell Demonstrates the three layers that were active in the attacks of September 11th and the infiltration of the Deep State Conspiracy by a Fascist Rogue Network in posession of Exotic Technology! Carmen Boulter In this special part 2 interview on emerging breakthroughs in her research on an antediluvian civilization in Ancient Egypt. This lost culture was said by the Greek Philosopher Plato and the Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce to have possessed advanced technology, air and space travel and powerful mental and spiritual abilities.

After their continent was destroyed in a massive cataclysm, they transferred their wisdom and building knowledge to Ancient Egypt and hid their history in the construction of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and a yet to be discovered Hall of Records.

Carmen Boulter - Nefertiti Breakthrough Discovery: Carmen Boulter explore her shocking new discoveries that suggest the Atlantean Hall of Records may have been found! The evidence for the lost culture and their advanced technology was said by the famous Sleeping Prophet psychic Edgar Cayce to be buried in a pyramid in Egypt and could be entered through a hidden passageway underneath the right paw of the Spinx.

It is also revealed in this groundbreaking interview that Dr. Boulter's new discoveries show Queen Nefertiti escaped to conceal ancient knowledge of Egypt's Star origins and Atlantean past in a sacred tomb. Don't miss this exciting new episode! In this episode, they go even deeper to outline the bizarre series of events that led two top political figures, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Harry Truman to collaborate and coverup their discovery that alien beings that were discovered at a crash site in in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The beings were eventually taken to Capitol Hill in Washington D. Are we Starseeds that advanced extraterrestrial beings placed here to evolve a higher spiritual vision of the universe? In the almost 70 years since that initial wave of sightings, The National Security State has utilized Exotic Offworld Technology recovered in highly secretive crash retrieval programs to develop their own fleets of manmade UFOS, incorporating Anti-Gravity, Stealth and Drone technology.

Fitts For President in ? Her answer may surprise you. In Part 1 of this fascinating episode, Linda, in a rare and controversial prediction, reveals that she has received inside information from trusted sources that will be the year that at long last the reality of life beyond the Earth will be acknowledged officially by the political leadership and the UFO question and alien presence will be announced! The Black Budget Blasts Off! Drawing on her rich career in top positions in Washington and on Wall Street, Catherine carefully unravels the layers of deceit and misdirection inherent in the covert Deep State system of using public resources for developing new economic opportunities in space for the benefit of private elite corporate interests.

She sees the real danger on planet Earth today of advanced technology in the hands of a small, unaccountable group. Rise of The New Reich! Farrell for a part two look at his latest book, The Third Way: Farrell explores the deep political roots and dangers of the rise of a new kind of corporate fascism in combination with underground post-war nazi forces that helped set up the European Union. They also look at the deep state political forces since World War II, including McCarthyism, the JFK Assassination, the reunification of Germany and the strange role of the first Bush administraion in Germany's rise as a new world economic power.

His latest book, The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism, explores the deep political roots and global dangers of the controversial particle physics experiment by CERN called The Hadron Collider, which was set up in Geneva, Switzerland with a massive military style budget of over six billion dollars!

Farrell traces a shadowy network of underground postwar Nazis that integrated themselves into every aspect of European and American power structures in the last seventy years. Elana's 20 year journey into the realm of covert geoengineering programs, whose goal is to create a dominant Worldwide Smart Grid to ionize the atmosphere, centralize control and institute an all-powerful surveillance state, culminated in what Dark Journalist calls "The best book ever written on these controversial subjects!

Together they delve deeply into a stunning analysis of Mainstream Media Manipulation of Financial and Geopolitical news. JZ has been a leading voice for blending science and spirituality since the s with thousands of students worldwide studying her unique methods of self-actualization through Quantum Consciousness. Since her life was turned upside down by her encounter with a spiritual being named 'Ramtha' in , she learned to channel and had many encounters with an off-world UFO intelligence.

Farrell, Writer Olav Phillips and more. Professor Scott coined the term 'Deep State' to describe a secret system of power that has controlled historical events, staged false flag operations, orchestrated the JFK Assassination and sought to control the Presidency ever since.

From intelligence agencies, Wall Street, Corporate Control and the Mainstream Media, the Deep State has been functioning side by side with the public state, but it has no sense of the rule of law. Graham has just released, 'Magicians of the Gods' the heavily anticipated and long-awaited followup sequel to his classic book on Advanced Lost Civilizations and Ancient Mysteries, 'Fingerprints of the Gods.

This pre-publication, US Exclusive preview of the book goes deeply into the startling revelations that Graham has discovered correlating his previous work with amazing new archaeological findings! In what will be remembered as the most amazing, insightful, gripping, stunning and controversial Dark Journalist episode on record, Catherine reveals that her deep research has shown that America is now at a major crossroads and has two choices for the country that we will become by the year Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny, there is no third way.

He describes the looming dangers of excessive official secrecy and the deep politics of the Breakaway Civilization along with the role of the media cover-up of the missing trillions of dollars. Jim lays out the case in this deep interview that corporate overlords are employing methods of depopulation like GMOs, Fracking, Geo-engineering, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Police Militarization and Media Control, to fulfill their plan for dominating the world and creating a permanent slave class out of the citizens!.

Caddy is well-known for being the Attorney of the Watergate burglars who mysteriously broke into the Democratic National Committee. Caddy was close personal friends with ultra CIA insider and agent E.

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journalist dating site

She also points out that the false alien threat story will be used as a smokescreen to coverup the real story on UFOs and distract from hardcore research into The Missing Money. Hence, objectivity consists both in truthful, accurate reporting and well-reasoned and thoughtful commentary, based upon a firm commitment to a free society's principles of equality, liberty and government by consent.

journalist dating site

The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism, explores the deep political roots and global dangers of the controversial particle physics experiment by CERN called The Hadron Collider, which was set up in Geneva, Switzerland with a massive military style budget of over six billion dollars!

journalist dating site

Joseph Farrell Part 2: Both comments and pings are currently closed. I asked her to explain the pros and cons of this journalist dating site culture. Tell us what you think. His most recent groundbreaking book, The American Deep State, exposes the truth about covert forces that constitute an unelected, unaccountable, shadow system of political power.