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Ask a Guy: When a Guy Doesn’t Text Back…

is he dating me for convenience

What am I gaining from this? What a wonderful and honest look at your relationship. Well that's just dandy.

An Update About This Post:

What I got from that was a friend introduced you to a guy, but you had a boyfriend. Everything was fantastic until the holidays. However, the fact that at the exact same moment Yorick is proposing to his girlfriend, is carrying an ancient artifact that's prophesied to kill an exorbitant amount of men when it leaves the country it's in, and Dr. I dont want to look needy but im so worried he might start being cold to me. Could he actually NOT be on match but show online? If you click that X is will delete them as a favorite. Okay, just not answering is one thing.

For me it was that I overestimated the extent to which I had made peace with the relationship being over. A lot of the time as men we need to make firm decisions and hide our mixed emotions. I would say objectively that the guy needs to work stuff out himself.

If hearing about you moving on is making him upset, it would probably serve you best to cut each other off. At least, for a while. Same with comments about a new boyfriend. It bums me out when I think about it, actually. Whether or not she was intentionally trying to push my buttons on some level, she was successful in getting me rattled after a while.

So in terms of how it relates to your situation: I knew being in a relationship was the wrong move for me at that time. I just wanted a friendship with her and I thought that I could fully accept her, no matter what she was doing.

Bottom line here is: I would avoid getting back together, even if that option was back on the table. Things might be great at first, but the underlying reason why things ended will still be there.

People need to work out their personal issues before they can have a true relationship with another person, myself included again. My ex is a husband. We have been divorced for six months and Our marriage was rocky and very short. I find myself missing my ex. Me and my ex have a son together and they are just so prominent in my life. I tried to figure out if I can get him back, i was nervous and vulnerable to get my Man back.

I really care about my ex husband, he was like a forest fire. I went through something like this as well. I was relieved that we broke up, to be honest, because it was give, give, give money and food-wise on my side, and take, take, take on his, as well as other issues. A couple of days ago, my dad told me that he saw him, and that my ex told him to ask me to call him.

Long story short, I moved on quickly because I was already emotionally detached from the relationship, and found someone else. I said that I did, but what did he expect me to do?

Whine and cry about it? But he obviously thought I should have waited. HE broke up with me, after all. My ex boyfriend and I been broke up for only 3 months since he went back to his baby momma. Every since we have broke up maybe ones a month he message me just to say Hi and tell me about his daughter on Facebook but he still have my number on his phone because I text him back ask if he call me and he told me that his 2years old daughter accidentally dealing my number one day.

Some guy came set at my table and here comes my ex coming over to talk to me. All He talk about was his daughter. Why is he bring friendly to me. My ex boyfriend and I been broke for only 3 months since he went back to his baby momma.

Every since we have broke up maybe ones a month he message me on Fa or text. I needed to hear that. Even though we try to hide it. I am so glad I read this post. The third time he broke up, I was devastated and begged him to re-think.

When I heared that I broke down crying. And I keep having nightmares about John the friend. He knew all my fears. To lose the things I made and crafted. To lose my friends and to be ignored and to not be believed about my sexual abuse. And that the therapy was something I needed because I was nuts and delusional. They joke around about the abuse in my face when they know no-one hears it. The only witness that has ever seen the abuse is my ex. I have an ex husband and an ex boyfriend. I divorced my ex husband 10 years ago, I have 2 kids from him.

Both my ex husband and ex boyfriend refuse to let me move on with my life. They threaten to take the children away from me because I chose to have a boyfriend. Yesterday I took my boyfriend with me to fetch my son from my ex boyfriend. My boyfriend sat in the car and never speak to anyone.

My ex boyfriend comes out, opens the door and starts hitting my boyfriend so my boyfriend hit back. I even changed my cellphone number. I just cant handle anymore as its breaking me down emotionally and I feel, the reason why they doing this to me is to ruin my life because I refuse to take either 1 back and they trying hard to stop me from moving on with my life.

They think because I have kids from them, I have to tolerate all their crap. Honestly, I have to thank you so much for writing this article. She told me that she was gonna find it super hard to get over me but here she was, new man in tow and me instantly feeling defeated for some reason. The feeling was ruining my entire days to come including the night I saw her again, which sucked cos it was at a concert I was really looking forward to but ended up sucking because she was there having fun, and me feeling miserable.

It had been eating away at me for days since, until I read this article. Hi Charles, what you said in your response about your own personal story was like looking in a mirror. I dates my boyfriend for a year and two months, a lot of which was long distance. I was in my last year of Uni and he was back home in college. We had a great, healthy and happy relationship. I graduated and came back home, and in September he went to a different college to be a paramedic.

He broke up with me a few days ago because he felt rotten I was putting so much into the relationship and as much as he wanted to, he could not give methe time I deserved. Is there any hopes we can get back together?! What is your advice? My ex and I had a very unhealthy relationship. It only lasted 7 months luckily. He is an alcoholic. Extremely verbally and emotionally abusive in private.

I kept trying to end things. Then he started distancing and I could tell he needed to be the one to end it.. For the control I guess.. If you open the email and the image s load and some may be hidden it sends this info back to match. Yep — you are on your pc…but not there! If I am not on the site it should not say so. Their images will not load and they can not do this to you. If you really want to see a link they sent you…. Just opening an email with instantly loading images will tell the sender you did…and what they do with that info is obviously up to them.

This will protect you from being tracked and falsely portrayed as being online or active when you are not. You will notice when you choose this option how the links all have tracking devices attached to you and your personal email. I recently searched to see if my ex had a match. He did no biggie , but when I selected the link on google, it brought me right to his page and my Match.

If yes, then there is no point to hiding my profile if the damage is done. If there is no way to hide it, then my only option is to delete my acct, and start a new one…. Will that actually prevent him from seeing I viewed him? Or will blocking him maybe prevent him from seeing I ever viewed him though? Please respond at your convenience…. What advice would you offer for those of us who are trying to maximize our opportunities for meeting the right one while not getting discouraged in the process?

Hi Bekah — the best advice I can give or what helped me the most was to not treat a first date as anything more than a first date. Eventually, I changed my outlook and just treated first dates and a mini-adventure where I got to meet someone new. Bad dates just became funny stories to tell my friends and when the date went well, that was a nice outcome too!

I know, easier said than done, but it worked for me. Mostly because I think some people would find it embarrassing to have others be aware of how long they have been trying or to know how long their account was open for. What if you later unblock them but hide your profile and then view them again? Would you show up as viewing them? If you send me an email with your profile name, we could experiment, though. I think you probably could.

I know I could provide my personal email in my messages. But if not, you could probably spell it out. I know this means that is the last time that the person logged on, however what if it shows nothing at all? Does it means this person is not a subscriber? I just joined eHarmony. Maybe 2, but mostly all over the U. I just wanted to browse match. I have a profile set up, but no subscription. He has a subscription, but it says it has been 3 weeks since he has checked it.

From the other questions above, that looks like, it could be anywhere from 3 weeks to a year. I tagged him as favorite, but will he be able to respond to that if I am not a full member…. Can he see my email address if I have favorited him? And yes, people do have profiles without a subscripton. Hey Marlene — they do move these items around from time to time as the interface changed. Brad, when I view an old e mail from an ex that I met on Match, where the profile picture Used to appear now only says to check back later for a picture.

Other people who never had a Profile pic just show a blank outline of a person. Is there any way that I can tell if they Are still active? First off, thanks for being the resident expert here. My question is this: Does this imply that her account was canceled or is it something else blocked, profile hidden etc. Thanks again for your help. Do people drop off over time so only your most recent connections show? That would be my first thought since you can still see them in other areas.

She may have canceled her account as she could still look at your profile with a canceled account but she could also do that if her subscription was active too. That makes perfect sense now. Seems like she still has the account but canceled the subscription. It would seem weird that I would get blocked or profile hidden considering how well we were getting on but not seeing in the connections any more threw me for a loop since I had old, old connections still there.

But I can tell you a few more details that might help you answer other people. And they show up near the top too. Just wondering if people are still able to see the emails you have sent to them although my profile is no longer active? How long does Match keep a profile logged in after they log off? What is the truth? Are they online or not? When looking at the list of those who I have favorited, there are a few that say hidden profile, which I understand.

So is this giving me an idea as to when those hidden profile folks have been active, based upon when the non hidden folks were active? Some people will hide their profile but still be very active in viewing other profiles. For example, if I was searching for profiles in Taiwan, only the ones written in English will appear.

I would like to reach ones written in Chinese too. I suspect it may be the same for these other countries you are interested in. I read some of these comments.

I have been showing on line or within one hour. A friend is using free site and entered my user name. I have not opened emails or the matches for the day email. This is causing a problem and I have notified match. I would like to get off of it and get a refund, this is absolutely wrong to show someone is online when they are sitting right there with you.

I was dating a girl on match months ago and had her saved to my favorites. When I click on it now, without logging in, it takes me to a log in page and it shows her profile pictures and how many pics she has and the basic info along the right side but it also has been changing on activity from recently 24 hours to 3 days.

Her profile was hidden over 3 weeks ago. When I click on the link and log in from there it say profile unavailable because she is hidden. I notice that some other profiles that I saved the same way are hidden and when I click on the link for them without logging in, they have over 3 weeks for activity. I would think that if someone cancelled their subscription the profile would continue to show hidden, but if they called in to delete their membership that everything would be removed including all pictures.

Do you have any insight on this? Hmm…this sounds like it could be a problem with the match website to me. I found out recently that my boyfriend of almost a year was getting Daily 24 matches from Match in his email … Anyway that can be a glitch or is it clear that he has re subscribed? His profile might be hidden, he just may not have unsubscribed from the emails. My girlfriend has a Connect account which means she can use unavailable mode. So for example if she logs in once a day for three weeks in unavailable mode will it show her last logged in as three weeks ago or within last 24 hours?

If the green box is still around a profile does that mean the profile is still active meaning the subscriber is still paying? I see someone who has not had activity in over 3 weeks, but the green outline box is still showing — wondering what this means. Will this also apply to a profile of someone who has favorited and had email conversations with me?

Hope this makes sense. I think it could mean a few things: I keep getting notices of Winks and then when I log on, they are not anywhere to be found. Cindy — is it possible that these are spam messages? Do they include a link to login to your account? Hello Brad- I have a question about the X feature where you can filter out profiles you are not interested in.

If someone has filtered you out is that permanent. If you change your profile username does that make you reappear on their search lists? Sorry, not sure if I am phrasing this question right. However, with search filters, I believe that it really only affects the searching. So if you sent someone an email, they should get it even if they had you filtered out on search. I have recently discovered his profile is still visible and active. He said he had let his paid subscription run out, but had responded to messages from 2 people he knows personally that had seen his profile and asked about his success on the site.

He unsubscribed and sent me a screen shot of the confirmation page. However, his profile remains visible and highlighted in green. His active status also continues to change. Is it possible that Match failed to remove the profile?

When you unsubscribe, your profile will still be active for any time left on your account. Regardless, I think if you can have him hide or delete his profile, that should have it removed. Unsubscribing might not be enough to get the profile to go away. I started dating my ex again that I met on match.

We both have profiles up, but we did not have paid subscriptions any more. We both had favorited each other. We agreed we would not be active on there and see how things go, but did not hide our profiles at the time and said we might check our own account once and a while and let each other know.

I also had bookmarked her profile page. She has started getting a little cold and we talked and she seemed ok. When we first started dating again we were both still showing up in searches because we matched so high in what we were looking for.

If someone is in your favorites, you can still see them even if they hide their profile. I was emailing a guy and we were getting along well quite well and had lots in common. I sent him a return email and never heard back. I checked a week after I sent that email and it said last time he logged on was over a week.

Another week passed and his profile was no longer on match. Emails he sent and emails I sent are no longer visible on my account. The fact that his profile is gone would mean that either he deleted his account or that he made it invisible. I had a lovely conversation early hours this morning and I disappeared off my mobile app.

I found it via my PC but now its gone from there to. IM shows as unavailable, presume because sh is not on line. When I try to open IM for a new message an error screen pops up but too fast for me to select anything. Sounds like an IT glitch to me. I see their username on a Google search and when I click on the match link in Google it states that message.

What does this mean? And I remember his profile name, by the way. However, this morning I received an email, which said that he viewed my profile and another one that he just sent me an email. Probably he is not subscribed anymore and the membership expired.

Maybe he wanted to tell me this in his email and provided me some private contact possibility…what a pity, I really think he probably could have been my perfect match…. Maria — that sounds very odd to me. Are you still able to see his profile? I could do a quick view on your profile and you could let me know if I show up.

Hi Brad, I emailed you with my username and a message. Did you receive this? I am a paid member on match. I winked at him, and he immediately winked back, and then about an hour later he disappeared from my views list, was removed from my received winks list, and removed from the list of those who have favorited me.

When I enter his username to search for him, it does not come up. Did he block me? I am disappointed because after all, he was the one who favorited me first… Thanks. My only guess is that Match. I double checked, still in private mode. I have a question you may not have heard, If someone tries to be sneaky and hides their Match profile for part of the time every day, say night time in their area, will the fact that it is unhidden part of the time cause them to show um on the emails with matches and mutual matches etc??

Is it possible still for the guy I am seeing to be logged into or active on Match when he swears he is not and has not been on that site in a year?

Quite disappointed with this service. In most cases I am on their page for 1 or 2 seconds. There are people out there who I definitely would not want to reintroduce myself to and if scanning pages alerts them to me that is a major deterrent. I think my husband is cheating on me again. I saw his profile is hidden after he said he had cancelled his subscription. So what does this mean is he still a member with a hidden profile. I need to know as I am at the point of divorce and I want to be sure he has been lying to me before I pull the plug.

My boyfriend of one year says he is inactive on Match. I went back on just to check his status and i believe he lies. His profile now says its hidden and has been for several months but he still appears in my favorites with a hidden profile.

A guy messaged me a week and a half ago and from there we were messaging back and forth for a week. I think he may have taken it in a wrong way and chose not to reply. The next morning yesterday I sent him a good morning text and wished him good luck at work. I decided not reply and give him some space.

This morning I reread our messages and it appears that he has hidden his profile. Does this mean he has blocked me too? I really miss him and I wish I could go back and fix whatever went wrong. Your story sounds familiar. A person I like was online last night, and now the web sight says 3 days ago. Also, I was not online several months back, and it appeared i was online.

I miscommunicated with someone and now they have hidden their profile. Can they see the messages even though they are hidden or do they just not see them anymore? If they hid their profile, then they should still get your messages.

I have a member in Match that shows up in my view list in first position, noting I received his view today. This has happened for the past couple of weeks one or two times a day where he moves to the first position in my view list. He is a preferred member since he has a green light around his photo. We have emailed each other a few times, but I get from his emails he is overly cautious or trying to figure out if he is interested in me.

Would looking through our emails cause him to show up in my views? Would his status of preferred somehow keep him showing up in my views? If he is, it still leaves me confused based on him being so cautious in emails i. If i add photos or make changes to my profile or preferences, who gets an alert that I have done so? Would someone who has messaged me in the past get alerted? And what if their profile was hidden, would they still be alerted?

What is the yellow line underneath some profile pictures in the search function? It only shows up on the main search page, not the individual profile page, and it has nothing to do with their activity level or match percentage. It has nothing to do with them choosing or skipping you, since it showed up the very first time I used the site. It also shows up on people who do not have any profile photos at all. I have absolutely no idea what it indicates.

When you use the see more like choice it takes you back to the old website and ti has much more useful information. Get rid of the various green dot for activity and tell us the days again. Also, the yellow bar is driving me crazy. I would be nice to know what it means or if it is just a screw up in programming.

Brad initially struggled with online dating but over time became quite successful using it. He met his wife using online dating and has been giving advice and helping people improve their results since He has written a Free Online Dating Guide to help others find success with online dating. You can learn more about his personal experience using online dating and running this website here.

Thank you for your great feed back! Thanks for posting about this Brad, Karen, and CB. You should then be able to browse and upload photos Also, if you have trouble with that Match. Either of those should work although the first is the preferred way. I can look into it but if any other readers know the answer to this that would be a big help!

Check out this article for my thoughts on these situations: Has anyone else run into this that could give Tom some help? All subscribers have an email account associated with their match. I wonder what the numbers of failure within match are because of this veiled practice. Unless you have given out your password. He claimed it was because his ipad automatically logged him in… When you put yourself in unavailable mode can you surf profiles and they dont see?

I really dont want him to — he scared me quite a bit, but curiosity got the better of me reply. Like would he know if I viewed like 10 times in a night?

Thank you for the help! Any direction would be greatly appreciated Thanks reply. Block from contact Block from search Report a concern The top two links are the two block features.

What does that mean? Has he deleted his account? Maybe he wanted to tell me this in his email and provided me some private contact possibility…what a pity, I really think he probably could have been my perfect match… reply. Please let me know. Some superheroes, like Batman , don't stumble upon things as often as set out to find them and have all sorts of explained ways of knowing how to do that. This exact point made in Zot! The closest he gets to finding one is finding a homeless person stabbed, and he didn't witness it.

If you are a superhero, then someone you know will be murdered horribly , or develop superpowers , or at least have some slightly odd seemingly innocuous problem that will be intimately connected with a supervillain's latest Evil Plan.

If you're lucky, this will be because your enemies know who you are and are targeting them because of the connection. If you're a supervillain, no matter what crime you commit or where you go to do it, some superhero will be around to stop you, and odds are good it will be your Arch-Enemy. Lampshaded in a Moon Knight series, where some supervillains who've decamped to the West Coast note that anyone operating in New York is a moron.

This trope practically breaks the Shocker in Ultimate Spider-Man. He's just a bank robber with fancy safe-cracking equipment, but for some reason Spidey turns up at every job to kick his ass. The fates of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent crossed paths a ridiculous number of times before they ever became Batman and Superman , and even before they knew each others secret identities.

The human he selected went on to use the advanced technology of the probe as the basis of a great company called Wayne Enterprises.

Why Wayne can't afford a single occupancy cabin or, for that matter, his own cruise liner , is unexplained.

They are both in the cabin at the same time, changing into costume, when a bright ray of light beams through a port hole, lighting up the room and revealing the two superheroes' identities to each other.

And Lois Lane wound up on the same cruise, because a female passenger chickened out at the beginning. Apparently only one person disappeared from the cruise, so Clark couldn't be given his own room. A later comic retcons this story, saying that due to an overbooking error, there are only two rooms to share between Clark, Bruce, and Lois, and obviously Lois isn't going to share a bed with either of them.

In the Silver Age continuity, as well as in the current one, both Superman and his archenemy Lex Luthor spent most of their life in Smallville before moving to Metropolis. In other words, the two biggest public figures in one of the world's largest cities happen to come from the same small and obscure Kansas town.

In the wake of House of M , Deadpool was searching for the real Cable trapped somewhere in an alternative timeline. But just as he teleported to the real world with the real Cable, Scarlet Witch had changed the real world into her image , thus the middle aged Cable was transported into a baby It Makes Sense in Context.

And despite everything changing to normal, baby Cable stayed as a baby but not for long. It was all to being sold as a tie-in to House of M , and apart from some breather issues forward it didn't do much for the plot. The most successful human cloning scientist in the United States happens to be a woman who is the daughter of another scientist who may or may not have wiped out all the men in the world except him and Yorick and he tested on Yorick's monkey, Ampersand, who was probably the reason Yorick survived the gendercide and Yorick happened to get Ampersand through a shipping error because it was next to the monkey Yorick was supposed to get but didn't because they both escaped and the shipping guys didn't know which was which.

There are plenty more. The latter one isn't as much a coincidence when you realize that, once you grant the existence of the shipping error, someone would have gotten the vaccinated monkey , and they would probably be the last man instead of Yorick.

Very few names start with Y, so it's a pretty big coincidence that the only person in fact, the only mammal with a Y chromosome after the Gendercide would just happen to have a name that starts with the letter Y. But on the other hand, that's the selective reporting fallacy.

M is a much more common initial letter Mark, Matt, etc. Likewise, L for "last" , V for " vir ", Latin for "man" in the masculine sense, " Homo " means Man in the human sense and T for "testosterone", which he has more of than anyone are also common initial letters.

It doesn't take too much imagination to come up with an epithet that goes with almost any initial letter, so the name thing isn't actually much of a coincidence even though it looks that way.

It's also not a huge coincidence that a successful biologist has a father who's also a successful biologist, given that parents often encourage their children to choose the same profession they have, and help them on their way. Which seems to be exactly the case in Y: Since cloning is implied to be both the cause and the solution to the gendercide, it doesn't take a huge leap of faith to accept that the expert they seek to help with the problem is also the daughter of the man who might've caused the problem.

On the topic of coincidental parentage, let's not forget that the last man alive just coincidentally happens to be the son of the woman who ends up as US president once all the men are taken out of the equation. However, the fact that at the exact same moment Yorick is proposing to his girlfriend, is carrying an ancient artifact that's prophesied to kill an exorbitant amount of men when it leaves the country it's in, and Dr.

Mann and the woman her father impregnated give birth to their clone babies fits this trope rather well. Cry for Justice opens with heroes all across the world, all completely independently of each other, deciding to Rage Against the Heavens with "I want justice! Not only do the heroes stumble upon a crime , it's one that involves one villain from each of their Rogues Galleries!

Plus JLA villain Polaris. An issue of Grant Morrison 's run on JLA begins with the team discovering that seven different supervillains, by pure coincidence, picked the exact same day to try kidnapping the president.

The more and more contrived coincidences occur, including retroactively in time , eventually leading to the reveal that someone's been messing with probability. Ultimate Origins tried to link together most prominent Ultimate characters in rather contrived ways. In Convergence , it's amazing how many heroes who aren't normally based in Gotham or Metropolis just happened to be in the city taken by Brainiac at exactly the right time.

New York City is unusually small in The Sculptor. Early in the book, David Smith is unwittingly involved in a large flash mob prank. That same night, the party his friend takes him to happens to include the participants of that same flash mob. That same night, he makes friends with a woman from the group, Meg. Six weeks later, David nearly throws himself at a train , and Meg is there to rescue him, and to nurse him back to health since she apparently has a habit of treating people from off the streets.

David loses contact with his friend Olly when his phone service is canceled, but a week later randomly runs into him on a street. Most of Revival is restricted to a small radius around a Michigan town so coincidences can be handwaved with one exception: The Art of Blood and Fire shows Sonja tracking down the great chef Gribaldi, currently enslaved by swamp-dwelling cannibals.

Gribaldi has secretly been freeing their human captives and cooking small lizards and eggs in their place for several weeks. Sonja just happens to arrive a couple of hours before lizardmen, enraged by the theft of their offspring, assault the swampdwellers. Sonja and Gribaldi escape in the confusion. How short-lived 70s supergroup the Champions was formed: Iceman and the Angel have enrolled at UCLA, the Black Widow is applying for a professorship, Hercules is about to give a guest lecture and the Ghost Rider happens to be riding by just when Pluto's army is attempting to capture both Hercules and a professor who happens to be another goddess.

Creator Tony Isabella, in his foreword to the Masterworks collection, acknowledged that he had "used up a year's allotment of coincidence" with that. A common trope in the comics and adaptations is the cartridges of both of his hands running out of web fluid at exactly the same time. The pith and essence of the tale type known as "Doctor Know-All", the main character of which knows very little but is always saved by amazing coincidences that make him look good.

The girl with a ridiculously tragic backstory who Hermione takes pity on just happens to have exceptional magical potential that gets revealed later on and a twenty million Galleon inheritance. Big Damn Hero , there was a need for a Dimensional Anchor. The item found in Tsuruya's backyard during the events of the seventh light novel? Guess what it is. Averted and then subverted in With Strings Attached.

The woman that kidnaps John turns out to be the person who has the Kansael, which the Fans were going to maneuver to Paul. Which turns out to be the C'hovite gods.

And the subversion is that it's not them, it's actually Jeft, who altered his own script and created his own coincidence. Near the end of Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure , Pinkie Pie finds a hidden elevator to Celesia 's throne room. A minor one happens earlier on in Ponyville Goes to the When Twilight is trying to make the three dragons feel more at ease, she hears one of their stomachs growl and starts to talk about Sugar Cube Corner, and all the treats it has there.

This causes them to realize how hungry they are and start to drool with hungry looks on their face over Twilight's dicriptions of the treats there. Well, guess who everyone's favorite Moe Blob draconiphobic happens to walk in at that exact moment Athena just had to turn on the TV to see Sunset Shimmer's conviction. I mean, Detective Fulbright even specifically mentions Phoenix's name.

A common event in Sonic X: The characters especially Knuckles frequently lampshade it. Justified and weaponized in Fist of the Moon. If you try to go back in time and change things, you become massively unlucky as the universe literally is out to get you. Falla's battle with Jovian, Jacqueline, and Evil!

Falla has left the city in ruins; the HDA promptly uses this to blame the group for the destruction and place them under arrest. Animatronic Boogaloo treats the reader to the ridiculous coincidence that Not only did Dante's twin brother Vergil once work the security post at a Freddy Fazbear restaurant in , but also killed the animatronics within in almost identical ways that Dante would over thirty years later. To the point that, when Dante was sent back in time to , he didn't even realize he was in a prequel.

Of course, given every absurd moment leading up to it, it's Played for Laughs. In Flam Gush when Lina is cut by a poisoned knife in a town she and Gourry are visiting for the first time, the nearest citizen Gourry finds to ask for help recognizes Lina, having known her when they were children.

Then, the doctor Ryan takes them too once healed Gourry's mother as well when he was a child. It is implied that Erik may have arranged at least part of this for his plan for Lina. In The Fifth Act Zack is extremely fortunate that he went outside and went below Plate when he was musing over his failure to find out what happened to Cloud and Kunsel.

In Son of the Desert Edward happens to wandering Central to find and talk to other Ishvalans and Roy is literally tossed to him when he is thrown out of a bar. This is referenced in the first chapter's title: Chance Encounter, which was when Riley wandered into the beginning of Big Hero 6.

Dash takes Luke and Black Three's friends in his ship to watch a fireworks display and Mara Jade happens to see it, who goes to inform Vader. Vader is on the look out for a YT series Corellian freighter and happens to find the Millenium Falcon that was trying to infiltrate Coruscant despite being the most recognizable ship the Alliance has that day.

Luke gets picked up by a different Star Destroyer, which happens to be the one the Alliance attacks while trying to rescue Han and Leia. Though given that it allowed Vader to learn Leia is his daughter and has become a Jedi, one could argue it was the Force at work. In Robb Returns , this is a common occurrence.

For example, when the Call happened, Brienne of Tarth was on the Vale, and she was pulled towards the Isle of Faces, which leads to her meeting Brynden Tully. Big one in chapter 74, where Bronn's keep is exactly in the right place to catch Lysa Arryn as the injury she got from attacking Jon Arryn is festering.

How was Vivi to know that they'd show up at Water 7 right when the Aqua Laguna would be coming in on the next day? Well, knowing the Straw Hats' luck A Gem in the Rough: After leaving Alabasta, quite a few things happen in a convenient manner for the Crystal Gems and the Straw Hats: Vidalia manages to cause Amethyst to reform after taking quite a long period of time to do so.

Capturing Peridot the night after they come back. Greg eating the Rhythm-Rhythm Fruit, which was found by Onion stuck to the hull.

All of this turns out to have a logical explanation: This eventually stops after Holly gets demoted to cleaning duty with Rhodonite taking her place after she proposed having him shattered for not following orders that could have resulted in human deaths.

Due to his Parseltongue ability and their belief that his father was an alien, they decide to take him off-world. By sheer coincidence, the total time that took one Albus Dumbledore to be informed that something was wrong at the Dursley residence, find the time to check it out, just about have a heart attack at realizing Harry Potter was no longer there and the Dursleys had been arrested, quietly panic, call for a search of the missing boy-hero, run into walls not even magic could get through, get mightily frustrated, finally accept that he wasn't going to be told where the child was and resort to a Locating Ritual to find him, amounted exactly to the time needed for SG-1's uncharacteristic mission to be approved, prepared, and launched.

Fievel gets washed overboard in a raging storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of drowning, he somehow ends up inside a floating glass bottle, which somehow ends up washing ashore right onto Liberty Island, which coincidentally is near New York, where Fievel's family was headed.

Luck and the ocean currents were definitely on little Fievel's side, apparently. More coincidences occurred where Fievel and his family kept missing each other when they were in the same place.

The Road to El Dorado: The guy the duo gambles against happens to have a map to El Dorado just as the Spanish Fleet is leaving for South America, the duo happen to wash up right on its shores after days adrift at sea, and a volcanic eruption happens and cancels itself just as the duo are asked for proof of their divinity.

It's clear that the four main characters ending up in Granny's house has to be this. In order, Granny Puckett arrives first, parachuting in through the chimney, coincidentally just as the Wolf and Twitchy are arriving at the house.

Her parachute gets caught in the ceiling fan which ties her up and throws her in the closet. The Wolf and Twitchy search the place, presumably for maybe no more than five to ten minutes before Red Puckett, the person they are trying to get information from about the Goody Bandit, arrives. By even more coincidence, Kirk, the lumberjack, is trying to cut down a giant redwood tree up a hill from Granny's.

By freak coincidence , just as Kirk is hearing a scream from the cottage, the tree topples and takes him down the hill, and throws him through the side window. About half the plot is Legs working this out, since the cops originally didn't believe a word of it. Red Puckett is like Contrived Coincidence to a T: The bandit strikes her granny's store while she happens to be in a treehouse nearby he's gone by the time she reaches the store, so it's clear she jogs a short distance.

Later, the Wolf just happens to show up when she falls from the cable car though this is revealed by the Wolf's story to be because he was doing surveillance on her based on information from his informant Woolworth. Red and the Wolf happen to end up traveling through the same coal mine at the exact same time.

Their carts come within a few feet at least twice, and neither character notices the other. Further more, it just happens to be a coincidence in both of their cases that they stumble upon the coal mine: Red finds it through Japeth, who lives in a mine shack that turns out to be the first building she's seen in a few hours, while the Wolf happens to find a ladder out of the cavern he and Twitchy have been traveling through having trusted Boingo with directions.

Red happens to encounter Granny while her mine cart is airborne. Granny has just escaped an avalanche and is flying home in a parachute. All four characters' encounters with Boingo have to count: In the Wolf's story, he conveniently shows up at the right time to suggest a not shortcut to Granny's place. In Kirk's story, Boingo conveniently happens to be the first passerby to show up after Kirk finds his truck raided.

He also appears right before Granny's ski race to get her autograph. This is because he's actually the Big Bad and behind much of the plot. He's by the roadside because he just finished robbing the store when he first meets Red and when he meets Kirk, he and Wolf run into each other because both are following Red, and he's actually there arranging a hit on Granny when she meets him. The first time, when stranded in the ocean, Batman claims there's no chance of a rescue ship approaching just as Metalbeard's ship arrives.

The second time, they need to build an Octan jet, to which Batman says there's no way they'll get access to a working hyperdrive. Cue the Millennium Falcon coming in. Are you kidding me, the same bit?! In Back to the Future , the day Doc invents time travel just happens to be the same day that Marty's parents meet. It could mean that that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance, almost as if it were the temporal junction point of the entire space-time continuum.

On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence. What are the chances of that happening? Remember, we're talking about the Force here. At this point, Malak himself could drop out of the sky, and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I'm not the first guy who fell in love with a woman that he met at a restaurant who turned out to be the daughter of a kidnapped scientist only to lose her to her childhood lover whom she last saw on a deserted island who then turned out fifteen years later to be the leader of the French underground.

It all sounds like some bad movie. Aren't we lucky we were there to get all that information? It seemed extraneous at the time. Watch Brad Pitt survive an un-survivable apocalypse thanks to a constant stream of lifesaving coincidences like: Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three? If only we had a helicopter. But since they were in the middle of the desert, there was obviously no chance whatsoever of finding a helicopter.

Played for drama in The Pledge , when the police attempt to set up a trap to catch a child murderer. But, unbeknownst to them, said murderer has died in a car crash on his way there, so they never actually catch him, or even find out who he was.

It drives the protagonist so far up the insanity tree that he insists to keep waiting for him for the rest of his life. The Captain had these in a few books. For revenge, they rig the teacher's lounge to spray the teachers with glue and Styrofoam pellets, turning them into "snowmen". This leads to the science teacher retiring after seeing them, thinking he's gone nuts.

Thus, Professor Poopypants takes up the now-open job of science teacher, leading to the main plot. The aliens attacking the school in the third book use "Zombie Nerd Juice" to turn all the students into zombie nerds. All it takes to change them back is a dose of the conveniently available, lampshaded generously , "Anti-Evil Zombie Nerd Juice". A dandelion happens to grow right outside the window where George pours the "Ultra-Evil Growth Juice" out of.

It goes horribly wrong. Subverted for laughs in the 7th book, where the Captain jumps out a window to take flight, unaware that he has lost his superpowers. He falls several stories to the ground, and crashes onto the only patch of ground not covered by extra fluffy pillows, a trampoline, or a haystack.

When Jane, penniless and homeless, passes out in the middle of a field, it just so happens to be on the property of her long lost cousins.

Also, right before she's planning on leaving for India with St. John, she just happens to hallucinate someone calling her name, making her go back to Mr. Rochester and his burnt down house. And the mysterious rich uncle who bequeathed her the money necessary for her to marry Rochester "as an equal". Even The Eyre Affair offers no explanation for the fact that Jane ended up getting taken in by the Rivers family.

Jane is not "hallucinating" someone calling her name. In the novel's universe, Rochester is calling Jane mentally. It sounds like a hallucination to modern readers, but in the s many people, even scientists, believed that such a thing could happen. Villette is an even worse offender. British heroine Lucy Snowe goes to work at a school for girls in some French-type country most likely Belgium , and it so happens to be the school where her god-brother serves as a doctor. Also, her potential romance with Dr.

John is stopped abruptly when the woman in France he mysteriously rescues from a burning theatre happens to be the former ward of Dr. Shirley, in which Shirley Keeldar's governess also turns out to be Caroline Helstone's mother. Charles Dickens was the Grand Champion of coincidentally plunking long lost relatives together in convoluted plots.

In fact, it would probably be easier to list the books of his that don't employ this type of plot twist. At one point the entire denouement hinges on Mr Micawber a just happening to be in Canterbury, and b just happening to walk past the Heeps' door which is c wide open due to nice weather on d the one day - and hour - that David has been invited to tea within.

This in a book that already depends pretty heavily on characters just happening to run into one another, frequently on the streets of London, then as now one of the biggest and busiest urban metropolises in the world.

In Martin Chuzzlewit, to wrap things up during the happy ending, Mark Tapley happens to randomly bump into the couple that they left behind as their nextdoor neighbours in the "town" of Eden. This even though the couple were last seen in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in central USA, and the ending happens in London. The fact that the woman in the couple is the same woman that Mark befriended on the boat to America was already a coincidence in itself.

With Dickens it's easier just to think of it as a form of Narrative Causality by which his universe ensures that anybody necessary for the plot happens to be exactly where they need to be, even if they're on the wrong continent.

Oliver is an orphan in a town 75 miles from London who runs away to the big city and falls in with a gang of thieves. Obviously , the mark in the first pickpocketing caper he's involved with turns out to be an old friend of his father's. After getting kidnapped by the crooks, he's forced to get involved in a burglary.

This time the victim turns out to be his mother's sister. In Great Expectations , a coincidence that is central to the plot is the fact that Miss Havisham has the same lawyer as Pip's real benefactor, Magwitch the convict.

However, for no good reason other than to tie up loose ends, it also turns out that Magwitch's nemesis is the same man who left Miss Havisham at the altar, and that Magwitch is Estella's father.

A Tale of Two Cities: Manet is sent to the Bastille by a French noble. Years later, in Englan, he and his daughter Lucy are witnesses at a trial for man who's lawyer's partner happens to look enough like the defendant to create reasonable doubt. Manet's daughter falls in love with and marries Darnet, the defendant. It then turns out that Darnet is the son of the nobleman who sent Dr.

Manet to the Bastille in the first place.

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