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The ultrasound, standing up and lying down. When Wilson's surprised to hear that House watches that show, House adds: Chase after his divorce from Cameron and again after his legs are crippled Taub regularly cheated on his wife Rachael until he divorced her - later he cheated on his girlfriend with Rachael and impregnated them both House himself, though mainly with prostitutes. That being said, he has been physically assaulted by patients, their relatives, and even his own fellows, and once he was even shot in his office. Find sex by contacting fellow Fling members and get laid tonight. You like that she can humiliate someone if it serves Works for Jack Bauer.

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The worst has to be Season 7 episode "Selfish," where parents have to decide whether or not they want to sacrifice half the life of their chronically ill son to save their normally healthy daughter. Real estate that's been conquered times by different regimes with different cultures. You guys ever think about what you might do to House? No, the one at the local high school. Private profile options and secure transactions. House pauses; then, as Thirteen starts to leave with the patient, he smiles and winks at her. House isn't taking it so well.

Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The show has two foreign themes: European and Singaporean, although all three can be heard can be heard at various times on TV syndication and on Netflix within the United States, seemingly at random. Even individual episodes will not consistently use the same theme. This is likely due to licensing issues with the original song: Massive Attack 's Teardrop from Mezzanine. You can listen to all three songs here. He has trouble with relationships, drawn to help anyone with a problem yet highly manipulative and seems to impose himself on his patient's lives even though they don't seem to care but don't want to be rude to their doctor.

The majority of "Three Stories" is told in flashbacks, which aren't in anything remotely resembling the right order.

It's even lampshaded in one part as House mentions a patient in one scenario and the team has no clue what he is talking about. He then corrects himself, saying that the farmer isn't bitten by the snake until three months after they treat the current patient. In Broken , House compares himself and one of the mental ward employees to Bonnie and Clyde.

The employee then points out that those two were chopped to bits. One episode featured a young boy who believed he'd been abducted by aliens, and he had the bleeding anus to prove it. This obviously led the team to believe he'd been sexually abused, which predictably for House turned out not to be true.

In a case of research failure meets Rule of Cool , while that patient's visit to the hospital and delusions led to an interesting and legit medical mystery, the final diagnostic never explains the anal bleeding in the first place, nor is it a symptom of that particular disease at all.

Since the primary symptom in this episode were the abduction hallucinations, the bleeding is Hand Waved away about halfway through the episode as a bleeding disorder that can be treated with medication. It's an audio Freeze-Frame Bonus. And I Must Scream: One of his patients had Locked in syndrome. House puts it best when he criticizes the patient's original doctor for giving up on the spot in favor of teaching the guy to spell "KILL ME" with his eyes.

And the Adventure Continues: The series finale, House and Wilson ride off into the sunset, Cameron and Taub are shown in the bosoms of their loving families, Chase is appointed the new head of diagnostics House himself, of course.

See also Noble Bigot. House tries to invoke this trope with Cuddy. Thinking Cuddy is coming, he says "I did it all by myself, Mommy" after he'd resolved a case without help contrary to her instructions.

It backfires, however, as the person who comes in is actually just the janitor. In fact, one of the working names of the show was "Chasing Zebras. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going home. Chase and Cameron are together?

If by "together" you mean "having sex in the janitor's closet" then yeah! The janitor's closet here? No, the one at the local high school. There's a bullet in his head. Okay, either you suck at math or you're going to die in two seconds. You suck at math. I didn't want to kill anybody. I just wanted to torture them slowly in my basement, preferably with acid.

You guys ever think about what you might do to House? Of course the husband's secret was money. If it's not sex, it's always money. Unless it's sex for money. How did he lose it anyway? How can you treat someone without meeting them? It's easy if you don't give a crap about them. Peripheral plot line in the episode "Help Me"—the medical mystery of the week—stems from the crane operator apparently having fallen asleep while working, despite being literally overloaded with caffeine due to ingestion of lots of coffee and caffeine pills.

House believes this irregularity to be symptom of a hard-to-diagnose disease, and diagnosing patients with these is his favorite part of the job. In "Holding On", Adams remarks that Wilson just wants to die with a little dignity. House responds that there's no such thing, in a reference to the pilot episode. In Season 2, episode 22, House asks if Chase wants to expand his makeout pool to the newborn-to-nine-year-old graphic, referring to a previous episode where Chase kissed a young cancer patient at her request.

In Season 3, House's cane collapses. Wilson says "Not me this time," referring to his previous cane-sawing prank. House doesn't quite fight with his trusty walking cane, but it is not rare for him to use it to block, push away or trip someone as part of his usual antisocial antics.

And then there's episode "Bombshells" and the Dream Sequence of House fighting his teammembers-turned-zombies with his cane, including turning it into an axe and then into a shotgun.

Can't Get Away with Nuthin': In Season 2, Foreman uses one of Cameron's cases to use for an article before she could publish her own, says she ain't his friend and is a jerk in general to her. Some episodes later, he catches naegleria while searching a patient's house and almost dies. Happens several times as a prominent plot point. In season 2's "The Mistake": After Chase kills a patient by neglecting to ask some routine questions and gets massively sued by her brother, House decides not to fire him, not because he figured that Chase would learn from his mistake, but because he'd figured that since the news of the death of Chase's father had led to his screw-up, it wouldn't happen again because now both his parents were dead.

When Foreman kills a patient in Season 3's "House-Training" by misdiagnosing a simple staph infection , House doesn't even consider firing him because he knows that Foreman will "do it again. In Season 4, Thirteen fatally confounded a diagnosis by accident. House reasoned that Thirteen would be incredibly attentive to detail after that case. Thirteen helps an astronaut further her career in spite of medical considerations that could have made NASA wary.

House announced that he'd dropped a dime to NASA, but it turned out he just said that so no one else would make the call. He concluded that his patient would be the safest astronaut NASA could possibly hire, given how informed she was about her condition and how desperate she was to do her job well.

Plus, it meant she had to get breast implants in order to secretly save her lungs. In the finale of Season 7, House deliberately crashes his car into Cuddy's house. A literal interpretation of the trope , and Incredibly Lame Pun. Chase eventually becomes this.

In one episode involving an agoraphobic patient, House for the most part doesn't mock or even argue much with Cuddy. When House's team asks why, he replies "I kinda hit that last night so now she's all up in my jock. House simply repeats himself in a loud clear voice, and they don't press the issue. The only thing they don't know is that he wasn't lying. The Cast Show Off: House is the latest in a long line of Hugh Laurie characters who plays piano.

He also plays, like Hugh, the harmonica and the guitar. He gets a full-blown musical song when Cuddy is knocked out for an operation. It's "Get Happy" done vaudeville-meets- Across the Universe , and it is glorious. The video also gives Lisa Edelstein a chance to show off her pipes. Jesse Spencer, as well, shows off his impressive singing talent during a karaoke night in one episode.

It's the Moriarty of autoimmune diseases. Except in one episode where Kutner took on the case of the magician from the nightclub. Right after House figures it out, he quips, "I finally have a case of lupus. Caught in a Snare: Wilson gets caught in a net in the middle of House's living room while searching the place for a gun. Yes, House did set up a hunting snare in the middle of his home, why do you ask? Then Wilson tries to avenge himself with the same trick, but House sees it coming.

And the season 8 episode "Love is Blind" has the patient mention Friends , a show that Hugh Laurie made a cameo on. I guess giving Wilson a hard time about the porno was more amusing House is utterly convinced that there is nothing after death.

At one point, he is told that there is no way he can know for sure that that's true. He then induces clinical death on himself and does not have a near-death experience. That's all the proof he needs that he was right all along. The show ended with the impending death of Wilson, sick with cancer with five months left to live.

Season 6's "Broken", in which House is rehabilitated, switches from Vicodin to less extreme medication, meets a new lover, and becomes almost kind of nice. Played for laughs in "Two Stories". House relays the events of the past days with all his colleagues at one point being portrayed as gross exaggerations of their primary traits.

While they all ignore the patient who is coughing up his lungs in front of them, Foreman is a dick who refuses to consider anyone's opinion but his own, Masters is a morally self-righteous shrill, Taub immediately proposes an extramarital affair to a pretty nurse he sees while Chase suggests a threesome to her. The episode "No Reason" featured a character whose sole purpose was to be slowly tortured. Beginning with having an incredibly swollen tongue, during a procedure the poor bastard's eye pools with blood and pops out of its socket.

Next, while trying to urinate, his testicle swells with blood and explodes. Finally , House murders him, with robotic surgery equipment. Fortunately, it was All Just a Dream. Bombshells gets darker and darker throughout the episode.

At the end it goes back to normal, but until then it is so incredibly dark, you'd think you're in a David Fincher movie. They appear in Season Four, asking House to treat one of their sick agents. Naturally, House eventually saves him. House does this in season 7 with an eastern European woman as part of his downward spiral caused by Cuddy breaking up with him.

The woman seems to actually like him, however he lost interest in her and she left after the wedding. She came back when immigration came looking for her, and because of his newly-acquired criminal record, House had to play along instead of throwing her under the bus and admit his original complicity.

The "couple" seek help from serial monogamist Wilson, who disapproves but hates the idea of House going to jail even more. It almost works, but Wilson goes overboard, tries to impersonate a neighbor to give a sterling reference, and is caught. The two are forced to cohabit for real under the threat of deportation for her and prison for him. House kinda sorta falls in love with her, or at least appreciates the domestic services she provides enough that when the notice comes that her permanent residency has been approved he throws it away before she can see it.

She discovers this eventually. She's not pleased, and while the show had been teasing that she might be having some feelings for him too, this pretty much ends the relationship. The Cloud Cuckoolander Was Right: At least, not until the season finale, and even then only temporarily. The pilot episode has highly stylized cinematography with all the non-skin tones being completely desaturated, and a more energetic orchestral score instead of the sparse, minimalist soundtracks used in the full series.

Cuddy is also depicted as an Obstructive Bureaucrat who flat-out dislikes House and only tolerates him because of his skill, as opposed to the later episodes where she's far more sympathetic towards him, likely because the writers didn't decide until later in the first season that Cuddy was the person who operated on House's leg. Earlier seasons have several plot arcs with villain characters like Vogler and Tritter, which was abandoned in favor of character studies and relationship drama.

Completely subverted with House who has a string of seemingly embarrassing ringtones that he uses completely shamelessly. In fact he appears to have chosen them deliberately to embarrass and mock his team and others Empty Promise Erotic Asphyxiation: The patient in "Love Hurts" gets off on this.

Lampshaded at times, including once when House wasn't the one that had the revelation. In the sixth season episode "Wilson" this was explicitly referred to as a "House moment", when Wilson experienced the same phenomenon himself. Taub has one of these himself in "Teamwork". So does Chase in Season 3, when House is undergoing withdrawal and blows a diagnosis. In the episode "Joy", Wilson is talking to House, and stops in mid-conversation to say " I just gave you the answer, didn't I? And now you're going to leave without saying a word.

The episode "Bombshells" has, arguably, two: Add implausible to the mix: This could be the show's subtle way of showing us how House thinks; even when he's engaged in something different, his mind is always mulling over his current puzzle. His Eureka Moment is simply the part where his brain finally figures it out. Ergo, any clue could have triggered it, rather than requiring as contrived a coincidence as it seems.

Even Evil Has Standards: President Dibala, a genocidal African dictator and patient of the week from Season 6, was probably the most evil character on the show, but still regretted some of his troops' human rights abuses and accepted personal responsibility for them.

This was the case at first, and is occasionally mentioned by a patient, although as the show has progressed this has come and gone. House and Stacy broke up about five years before the series began. Their Masochism Tango relationship in Season 2 doesn't last either. Taub has been married for over ten years, although their relationship is showing strain thanks to his serial adultery. They divorce in Season 7.

Cameron and Chase got married at the end of Season 5, only to divorce partway through Season 6. Foreman and Thirteen got together, broke up, got back together, then broke up again for good. Wilson was dating Dr. Amber Volakis "Cutthroat Bitch" in late Season 4 before she died in the season finale. He got back with one of his ex-wives in Season 6, but they broke up a season later. Cuddy was dating Lucas starting in early Season 6, but breaks things off with him at the end of the season for House.

And now that's over. It would appear Cuddy's got a new man now. House isn't taking it so well. House enters into a citizenship marriage with Dominika Petrova, a mail-order hooker. He ends up falling in love with her, but she leaves him. House asking to be taken off the case of a patient who'd asked for him specifically, because she'd been raped. It's also subverted when Cameron insists that House is not, as he says, "useless at this sort of thing," and she is ultimately proven right.

When the girl who was going to give her baby up for adoption to Cuddy changes her mind, House goes to Cuddy, kisses her Parodied in " Sex Kills ": You want us to do a differential diagnosis on a dead person? We're going to cure her. We're going to cure death? Our bodies break down, sometimes when we're 90, sometimes before we're even born, but it always happens and there's never any dignity in it! I don't care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass You can live with dignity; you can't die with it!

George Jetson Job Security: Every main character, including House. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Season 4, Episode 7, "Ugly": Where did you get those keys? His name is Lou! I owe him an apology. Why not date you? We've known each other for years, we've put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back!

Are we still speaking hypothetically? I Can't Feel My Legs: Plenty of the patients of the week. Also Chase, after he gets stabbed. The reason that patients not hiding a Big Secret fail to provide critical information. A major attack of stupidity prevents them from realizing that a particular fact is relevant to their condition, despite the obvious connection, and being repeatedly asked about it by House or his team.

House would argue that any patient willing to die to keep the Big Secret is holding onto the Idiot Ball. The Eureka Moment in "Last Resort". It sticks out more due to the circumstances.

House himself gets a rare case of the Idiot Ball in "Frozen", resulting in a case being much tougher than it needed to be. Special note to the clinic patient who got an infection Let's not forget the one who was using her inhaler by spraying it on her neck.

Or the one with the broken finger who complained of joint pain because it hurt when he poked any of his joints. Even the nurses called him a moron. Almost all clinic patients we see are examples of this, mirroring House's low opinion of clinic duty. I Got You a Drawer: Denied with Chase and Cameron.

If Jesus, Then Aliens: Averted with House himself. Like most non-Hollywood atheists, he simply doesn't believe in God because he hasn't seen any proof. Played straight with Chase, a former seminarian and the most credulous when it comes to supernatural causes of illnesses. Cuddy's mom to House. In season one, Wilson gives one to Cameron in regards to House. Given the pilot episode is titled "Everybody Lies," it requires a separate page for a comprehensive list.

The story arc where House lies to Cuddy about a malaria test finishes with House telling Wilson that to repair their relationship he lied. The homeless patient in the episode "Fall from Grace" turns out to be a cannibalistic serial killer when his presence in the hospital got through to the FBI, but he remains on the loose.

Those weren't animal bones he confessed to have eaten A stage magician manages to pull off some amazing tricks, that impressed and stumped even House himself. One such trick was a simple "pick a card" trick. Then he threw the deck at a window, where a card stuck to the glass. When House took the card and told him it wasn't his card If the guy wanted to make a convincing case for "magic is real" then he has certainly done so.

Coupled with his implausible diagnostic skills, House is able to recognize things that entire teams of forensic pathologists couldn't, using either minute samples or none at all; the inevitable explanation is either convoluted and implausible, or else "they were looking in the wrong place. How House confirms that a mystery illness is really mass hysteria. House himself, as well as Amber.

Also the patient of the week in Season 5's "The Greater Good" self-diagnoses her spontaneously collapsed lung. See Once a Season. Eight young adults come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast to party it up.

Nick Cannon and a celebrity guest will lead two teams of improv regulars in an all-out comedy battle before a live audience.

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Iamges: house speed dating clip

house speed dating clip

The white Patient of the Week had a seemingly racist father who didn't like him dating a black woman, to the point of beating him over it. The mystery of who was House's real father.

house speed dating clip

But not to worry, because for most of you this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin.

house speed dating clip

House is Sherlock Holmes House invites Wilson over to watch a The L Word marathon. In the sixth season episode "Wilson" this was explicitly referred to as a "House moment", when Wilson experienced the same phenomenon himself. The man who shot House was never caught, house speed dating clip were the real reasons behind it ever revealed. My fans tend to be overly-annoying teenage girls.