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hotel bar hookup stories

I was into it. I knew she was inexperienced, so I opted to take things slow. Felt like Jason Bourne. I didn't feel ready, and I definitely harbored fairy-tale fantasies about my first time being with someone who felt like a soul mate. It's been over five years, but I still see her every now and then at queer parties. It's a good thing I wasn't a poor college student or something. Wake up the next morning he rolls over and says 'I love you so much.

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He got a little to drunk so I took him home to take care of him, I wasn't expecting anything to happen until he got on top and started making out with my face. We start talking and I find out he is visiting from Miami And I realized they were brothers. Never met with him again and removed his phone number from my cellphone. I was mortified but he was a great sport about it Ran around the building to the front door and came up behind my friends who were still banging on the door.

I quickly moved back up and gave her a deep kiss, entangling my tongue in hers as I declared my love for her and told her how much I enjoyed sharing her taste with her that way. I moved back down and began to make love to her with my lips, tongue and mouth. I could feel her pussy lips and clit begin to swell with deep arousal and I used my fingers and hands to supplement what my tongue had achieved.

I quickly retrieved them from our toy travel bag and put them to good work, moving the bullet around her clit and inserting the lubricated cock into her eager pussy. She quickly worked into a frenzy and I could see her entire body quivering with sexual tension.

She began to grind her hips upwards with each thrust of the fake cock. Her hands gripped my legs and clenched tightly as the waves of an intense orgasm shook over her body. She begged for me to take the toys out because they were so intense, but I put my hand on her swollen mound and rested it there as I could feel the quivering contractions continue for another 30 to 40 seconds.

After recovering from the experience, she told me that she wanted me in her, but that she had a special treat for me on this night. She reached down and stroked my cock for a few seconds until it was rock hard again and I then began to thrust and pound my cock into her tightness.

She was so warm and wet that it took very little time for me to feel the surging within me. I told her that I was getting close and she told me that she wanted my cock in her mouth. I slipped out and then she asked me to straddle her as she lay on her back. I moved up and positioned myself on my knees in front of her as she took my throbbing dick into her mouth.

She sucked her juices off of my member and began to lick and suck around my cock head while fondling my balls with her free hand. Ye but it still feels weird that I was sleeping with married man, I know that it's not my problem and he should be the one not lying to his family and cheating on his wife but still I was the one he was doing with it. Sure, it's still an awkward situation, without a doubt, but that's a different thing than feeling guilty about it. My shameful story is that I went to this bar in the East Village that has a notorious backroom one night when I was quite drunk at 3 a.

I was very very drunk. My good friend was there with me, we were celebrating the end of the bar exam. Eventually I start talking to this guy and we start making out.

While I am making out with said guy, I feel someone unzipping my pants. The guy looked cute, but I was drunk so I couldn't tell and when he starts going down on me I'm like "wow this guy is pretty good. Finally my vision clears and I realize it's my good friend down there. I was like "oh. So I wasn't expecting that. I didn't exactly stop him either. But the next day we pretended it never happened. Back in my "I should have gotten murdered" Grindr days, I chatted with a guy named Tobie for a couple weeks.

He was unique and I dug his personality, so I agreed to meet up after I was done working on Friday afternoon. The plan was that we'd travel into the city for dinner and maybe a summer stroll. Did I mention that I was carless, so it was on him to play taxi? Did I also mention that he was 8 years older than me?

So he shows up an hour and a half late at the store we agreed for him to pick me up at and he looks noooothing like his photo. Well, I could kinda see it, but I figured I couldn't walk away at that point, so I get in and we head towards the city. His personality was pretty different from how we acted via Grindr and he was a bit of a creep made me a ring out of a dollar bill and said "I want you to wear this," also brought clothes for me to wear for our date and at that point I was thinking "okay, pay for your half of dinner, he'll be a friend at most, this is weird but manageable.

He was also a massive fucking liar. He went from owning the bar we were going to to just being a guest with no explanation. Every time he caught me even glancing at a guy in the room, there was an elaborate story of how they had dated and he had been used and how they were such a tool. We finish, he pays despite my insistence, and we head out for a stroll. We end up at a park overlooking a lake and about 10 mins in, fireworks start rocketing up a couple hundred feet to our right.

I was genuinely shocked, and as bad as everything else was, it's probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. He made a move, pulled me close, and when he asked if I liked him, I said I'm sorry, but no. He tried to kiss me anyway, I turned away, he begged until I finally gave in. At this point I was committed to the idea of just getting through the night and cutting all ties when I was back home.

It got pretty heavy and he ended up blowing me right there in the park. This was downtown, the park was closed, and there was heavy traffic about 50 ft behind us. The scenario was hot, but I wish it had been someone else. We finish up, he tells me he'll get a room for us and take me back in the morning. That eventually changed to "We'll sleep on my family's boat and I'll make you eggs in the morning. The next hour is spent following him around as he tries to bluff his way into the docks through security, calling his brother who was "on the boat, back from fishing any moment now.

I wake in the morning to his mom yelling that he needs to get up because he's late for his doctor's appt. They share a car, so The whole time she's just staring back at me in the rear view mirror. I wanted to die The next day I told him I didn't see things working out. I met his mom the next morning when we all rode in a car together. I was an idiotic teenager. Went out with a friend from a couple of my classes to celebrate his 21st birthday.

He got a little to drunk so I took him home to take care of him, I wasn't expecting anything to happen until he got on top and started making out with my face. Yadda yadda yadda, I woke up with two giant hickies on my neck, my wallet covered in throw up his , and I couldn't find my briefs. Didn't know I was that repulsive. Well there was that time I got left at a bath house at 4 in the morning without a car; and had to walk the ten miles back to the hotel in cowboy boots.

I used to be a super closet gay. No way, I was way out of Narnia by this point. So, I was involved in the church community and while I was there, volunteering, I had gotten to know these two kids and their mom pretty well.

I had been hooking up with this older guy who would only let me over late at night and certain days of the week so I figured something was up. He told me he was single. A few months into it, I'm at church at see the mom and two kids I had come to know and, for the first time, the father. Little old 21 year old me hooked up with this really cute dude I met at college.

I invite him over to my place and before he comes over I douche Lo and behold I though I had expelled everything but apparently if you overdouche water is retained in the upper colon and it eventually comes down. Well that water decided to come out when the cute boy was piston fucking me I think pistonfucking and douchewater should legally be classified as compound words, but nevertheless thanks for advice!

Almost every hookup I've had has been shameful because I'm kind of a hoochie who thinks that an actual relationship might come from a situation like that. I've heard it can so I guess it's a situation of hope springing eternal. Just no luck for me thus far. Well talk to the bro before you hook up. Chat for a while.

Or agree to meet for dinner first, and get to know them there. Nothing wrong with having sex as a bonus to the date: But nothing ever happens after.

Also, I don't go all the way with them. Waiting for at least SOME kind of commitment before giving away all the goods. Yeah I mean I never understood why you'd want to "save yourself" for someone. It's a very christian ideology and makes no logical sense to me. I began having sex when I was 16 and never regretted any decisions I've made It started as me wanting to wait for marriage. Ah, that explains it. I've never understood religion or their followers, it's not really my thing.

I brought a guy home from a party once, and when were engaged in a sexual act he If somebody bit my Periwinkle really hard I would tell him to leave immediately. Accidentally grazing a dick with teeth is not that bad, but chomps are not o. There have been a few times where I've hooked up with virgins without knowing it.

Walking someone through his first time is no fun when you weren't expecting it. Then there's all sorts of emotional baggage and they vanish into the ether.

That is why I am not going all the way until I am in a solid relationship. I don't want to spring that on anybody and I don't want to pick up a bunch of baggage for somebody who I do not wholly trust.

I don't understand all the dislike about virgins. If the guy is an adult about it, there doesn't have to be baggage. Back in the day a guy I was seeing used the virgin panic excuse to stop things.

If you asked me how I feel about it now, I'd say that he was the child in that situation. I don't dislike virgins; I've had great experiences with them. It's just that such first-time encounters are easy to screw up, and if they never talk to me again I feel bad, wondering whether I gave them a bad first experience.

Met a navy dude over grindr, thought he was really cute, we got drunk, it did not get hard all the, partially alcohol, mostly his attitude, he said something about it not being 7. Note to self i learned, a dudes attitude can really affect my erection size, piss poor attitudes equal a bad night for sex.

I was out with friends one night in NYC. It had been raining off and on all night and most of my friends around this time had decided to call it a night. I decided to stay at this one bar in HK for one last drink.

I don't know why but I did. As I am getting ready to go I bump into this beautiful latin guy. This guy was hot. I'm drunk so I say hi. I have absolutely no shame what so ever once I have a few drinks in me. It's not that I am ugly, I get my fair share, there are guys out there that are just uberhot. We start talking and I find out he is visiting from Miami Sorry to all you Floridians out there We start dancing on the dance floor and start sloppily making out and since I live near-by I tell him that I'm going home and that he's coming with me.

We get to my apartment, drenched from the downpour that had just happened and strip naked in my hallway. We start hooking up and move to my bedroom just in-case my roommate decides to wake up.

After about 5 minutes we're both just exhausted, drunk and borderline passing out. We cuddle up next to each other and drift off to sleep. A few hours later I wake up and he has a raging boner he moves my hand to feel. I wake up and start to go to town on his dick. It wasn't one of my best blow jobs but he's moaning and ends up cumming a few minutes later.

I get up, lay back and motion to him to finish me off and he rolls over and says no. I tell him he has to blow me. He refuses and doesn't move. I get out of bed and tell him he has to leave. He gets out of my bed and puts his still damp clothes back on. I walk him to the door and the rain starts to come down hard. I kick him to the curb and go to bed. Showing up after grossly misrepresenting yourself totally warrants a "changed my mind".

What do you do though when the guy advertises him as "athletic" but in reality is just a step away from being overweight? That's what happened to me once. I felt terrible when I pretended I wasn't home as he stood outside and rang the doorbell like a maniac. Ironically, his poor body image that led to him listing himself as "athletic" led to your rejecting him, which is only going to further his body image issues. Poor guy is in a vicious cycle.

In the straight world, they tongue-in-cheek no pun stereotype fat chicks as being brilliant at giving head. Maybe it's universal amongst the genders. Yes you can say "I changed my mind. You're getting together for sex, the situation itself is already superficial.

I'm not trying to be combative but if you're unsure that you liked it then you probably didn't. Also the entire point of the thread is about shameful hookups. Hey Sigmund Freud, this thread is about shameful hookups, not psychoanalyzing strangers on the internet. He said he was confused about the ordeal. Don't ask me how this is possible, but I read this quickly as "Walmart. Seriously though, I just can't say it: Guys stop calling me mean I literally spent like two minutes looking for the anus through the rolls of fat.

You don't have to have sex with someone because you want to be polite. He was lying but you can be honest. You don't owe them any reason, if you don't want to give it.

Tell them you're sorry and no longer interested, and then move along. I was more or less with you until the end, where you revealed yourself to be a pretty giant douche. But I've had a guy with a massive beer belly that he manipulated to look like a six pack in picture. You're right that the guy was wrong to misrepresent himself, but you don't have to be so rude in your comments about it. Though, I am on Reddit. Day 5 I hook up with some new friends.

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hotel bar hookup stories

He seemed like my type. I'd like to think its because I can. Nothing wrong with having sex as a bonus to the date:

hotel bar hookup stories

But the next morning, I wake up in his bed; he's facedown on the pillow so I can't see him.

hotel bar hookup stories

Not terribly surprised by 1 since there are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide. You don't owe them any reason, if you don't want to give it. Sarah Hotel bar hookup stories Sarah pleases Brad and herself. But what if she were your daughter? I don't want to spring that on anybody dating moving too fast I don't want to pick up a bunch of baggage for somebody who I do not wholly trust. When I arrived, Hotel bar hookup stories realized half of her family was there — including her cousin's mom!