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May RNGesus drop the journal and gift many legendaries. I came across this interesting site offering downloadable survival manuals. However that's exactly what I've been doing for the past 30 years. Ive seen that said before and for me it spawned like the day after I reached exalted. Bluffs Point - Gerretts Memorial - orbs of light, green glows, feeling of being grabbed Each has varying degrees of complexity, benefits and expense.


Almost every guard talks about the coolness up there and also the "creepy" feeling and odd noises on those floors. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Then I look up the Arrow on the internet and see a guy announcing the cancellation. Reportedly a few kids entered the arena, and a hockey puck flew at them from the stands and hit the glass. The place is rumored to still be inhabited by the spirits of the dead. Best of luck to each and every one of you.

Why have I been brought back to fight for you? Comment by Medulum So in Azsuna there is a soul forge called Apocalypse. Inside is a npc called Legion Felsmith and he casts a spell called "Unholy Frenzy" on himself.

Comment by admiralsweaters I'm just gonna throw this at a wall and see if it sticks for anyone. The problem im having currently is that there isn't any significant event that has happened in these areas that would come from apocalypse diseases, distrust, and the like ,. The other theory the story presents is that the blade was cloaked and buried in the area where Laith Sha'ol fought Aegwynn, but it's hard to determine where they fought exactly, since the places that Laith wandered to with the blade are unknown, such as Corwell, which he more or less destroyed.

Comment by mintok Right now i'm working on "maxing out" Rottgut in the hopes that he will give me the hook, he is an abomination so it makes since for him to have a hook and if i get him to a high enough level maybe he will just give it to me? Comment by Zanryu Just so you know: There is also an achievement calld Hidden Tracking - Apocalypse Ghouls Summoned , which actually does nothing.

Nonetheless it is highly probable that the ghouls summoning is a prerequisite to make the item appear. Addons like Overachiever let you track hidden achievements.

Comment by Errorabove Spit-balling a bit here: Hook He's an abomination and his name is Hook. Maybe a rare drop or something around him? Comment by Nasac Here's some news for you guys, you can get the skin even though you haven't find The Bonereaper's Hook item.

All you need is Blood DK's hidden appearance, unlocking the second, third or fourth color of Touch of Undeath can also unlock other hidden appearance's secondary color. It also unlock Frost DK's too. Maybe she begins a quest. Comment by Nojoda I'm 'gonna throw another idea at a wall.

But I've been fishing lately to get the fishing artifact then it hits me. What if you can get this from fishing at the bottom of icecrown citadel where you find the heart of the lich king. Comment by Psychoreaper Hello guys i would like to state that i found someone with the Weapon his name is Kinkywinky http: Comment by malingerer01 As with most of the Unholy DK crew, I have been searching around for clues or anything really on how to get The Bonereaper's Hook and in my search I realized most likely we will not see it till Nighthold unlocks.

The reason I think this is because of Apocalypse's history and it being made by the Dread Lords, and Nighthold just happens to have one big bad Dread Lord in it, Tichondrius. But this just my thoughts on things because it seems like we are spinning our wheels here. Comment by Christarp http: Comment by traumahah A guy in my server that have it said to me that you can find it in hellheim but didn't tell me how.

Comment by ezsanti What if we accept, that "crude and brutal weapon" is apocalypse, so we need to feed it with energy of ICC. MB like we fed shadowmourne, or something like this I dk how we can feed it.

So i hope u can speculate a little with "steady settling energy of ICC". Comment by Poppleop So, an observant guildy pointed out to me a small jinyu house and fish statue in the water south east of acherus in the broken isles.

It's just before the drop off into the fatigue zone - but given that there is a set of random fish-themed structures put out of the way, and yet so close to Acherus specifically I can't help but think they may be significant. I searched around for a while in Unholy, loot on Unholy, Apocalypse equipped, even with the Underlight Angler equipped and didn't find anything: Credit for the find goes to Postcard - my adventurous guildy unless this is not a new development Edit: There are several pots scattered around the immediate area didn't see anything in them, but perhaps there's one I missed?

Honestly, grasping at straws here haha. Comment by acibbenze Maybe i found one who got it! Comment by jeek he has it http: Comment by ZIGMER Doesn't seem anyone has found this hidden artifact appearance yet, but when somebody does or if they decide to share, Here's how to track your hidden artifact appearance color variants through achievement progress: Comment by drunkenhugo I have seen 2 people with the Bonereaper's Hook. What they both had in common was the achievement Mythic: This boss has abilities of pure death and decay!

My biggest bet is that it drops from this boss. Comment by Voye Found someone with this today. As someone pointed out he has done Nythendra on Mythic so it is possible it's a drop from her. Link to his armory http: Comment by LordKrenzo Its probably has nothing to do with getting the hidden appearance but , why can we duel random Dks on the top floor of Acherus? Comment by Revathify propably nothing as usual but today i got a special quote from npc in val sharah http: Comment by Windcrawler It looks like someone has finally found it these are not my screenshots: This is Putricide's Journal; but it has been confirmed on the mmo-champ thread.

Still trying to figure out specific requirements such as AK , and other details If you look at this screenshot: Comment by jin A new guess here: Putricide's Journal could be in library of Dalaran. I talked to Robert Newhearth, Head of the Curators, and he said there were some books not arrived yet and will arrive in weeks.

He mentioned those books flew to Khaz Modan when Dalaran city did second teleportation. Bonereaper's Hook is dropped and the finder was using the Reanimation perk. In the hidden chamber is the Stitchwork that drops The Bonereaper's Hook. Unholy Death Knight Artifact Skin. Hidden Door is under the green side slime sprayer. You do NOT actually need to read the journal. Comment by VegetaEU 1. Create abomination into class hall 2. I am going with my friends Glory of Legion Hero, we made at this time.

We pull second boss, she spawn imps. After that I saw that book, she drop book before die. Going into ICC at Putricide. Into right side that room is portal to secret lab - "trap door". The book allows you to see a trap door in Professor Putricide's room in Icecrown Citadel. Comment by kme does it need to be apocalypse or army of the dead counts too? Comment by littleferret Does anyone know how many it takes to get the hidden achievement? Been doing this for about hours.

I am not a fan of Overachieve since it doesn't appear the full name unless you track the achieve. My trait level is 23 when the orc spawned. Got the Ghouls Summon Hidden Achievement. After getting the book i went to icc using a save from a friend to get to the lab. Teleport is on the right side of the boss room: Good Luck farming the Apearance!: Comment by Chrisdetnawnuiea It just recently dropped for me.

Again, I'm another with Artifact Knowledge: Also, just to clarify, you do not need to pick up anything like the book to gain access to the appearance. Best of luck to each and every one of you.

Now go and get your hands on this weapon, and disembowel the living that stand in your path afterwards. Comment by Faradize got it as well. AK7, completed the hidden summon achi long ago Right click the Panda, spam the macro. Go back to the Panda, right click him, spam the macro again. First day I spent like 5 hours in the dummy, and decided to use this method, got in about 10min.

Comment by baconegg I am up to roughly 12 hours using the PG method averaging 4 apoc hits per 1. Comment by couchpotato After looking at the few macros on here and the Discord, I decided to make my own. Forgive me if these macros are a bit crude I hardly use macros to perform rotations or talk to npcs. Stand here to interact with Rotun and be able to death grip: If someone knows how to cut that out then I'm all ears to expand what little I know. Yes even with the Sludge Belcher abomination talent chosen your total summoned will increase by 1.

Be sure to pick All Will Serve for instant cast. So in summary my rotation would be before targeting Rotun: You may not get 8 stacks of Festering Wounds, in which case you can add another FS to the cast sequence.

I noticed that 3 Festering Strikes were enough if you worked fast enough spam. Again this is probably a few days too late to help but I thought it would be nice to compact down everything I saw and knew into a simple 3 button rotation. May RNGesus drop the journal and gift many legendaries. In typing all of this out I noticed that the cast sequence macro I had been using all night long has for some reason stopped working at around It gives a not close enough error ignoring the death grip and dark command abilities.

I really suspect Blizzard is behind this. Comment by gosuvoss Just got it, confirming that it is AK6 and I had a rank 13 artifact. I don't think artifact rank has anything to do with it. Comment by Singeslayer They could have added a challenging questline or elite npc to fight for the hidden artifact skins, like they did for the green and purple wolfs for the hunter or the green fire for the warlocks.

Instead we now may pray to RNGesus once more and spam our artifact ability, but thank the gods we are not alone in this situation. Look at them ret paladins camping the slime lel I'd prefer paying 8k gold like the BM hunters do over doing this. Hope the next hidden skin will actually be hidden or locked behind a challenge.

Comment by xapemanx Just confirmed today that once the book has been spawned you can go to the next step without clicking on or reading the book.

Comment by MaikCiano Got this just a few minutes ago. Didn't have the hidden achievement to summon ghouls from Apocalypse.

I'm at 7 Artifact Knowledge and got 17 trait in the Unholy artifact. Spammed the Proving Ground for 2hours with the following macro: Need to wait 4 seconds since it counts as a failed attempt and repeat. Doesn't seem to be related to the Army of the Dead spell since it only counts the summoned ghouls from the Apocalypse spell. Didn't use the Raid Dead spell nor the Dark Arbiter.

Hope this works, Good Luck! Orc spawned from an Apocalypse cast. AK7 with only 6 traits in my artifact. It looks like AK6 is the only requirement, and insane luck. Comment by lamasu93 found it on drakkari after 21 hours of farming,no orderhall perk required and find it at AK6 and artifact level Comment by Arkhei0s I've got the appearance today. AK 7, 24 perks. No 2k ghouls achievement. I was farming at the proving grounds.

Comment by Elfato I've been doing this PG tactic for more than 5 hours like talk to the panda kill first add with apoc ofc and 8 stacks of FS then yield and do it all over again. Am I doing it wrong or does it take that long? Comment by Kank Farmed PG for an hour this morning and about 3 hrs last night. Good luck to everyone else farming. Its a pretty low drop chance. AK 7 Traits 24 Approx Apocalypse casts through 4 hrs of grinding.

AK7 and 18 traits. Got overachiever installed but the achievement hasnt ticked off yet? Don't know if i'm doing something wrong or this is just the way it is lol. Comment by musicdude YES! Took me 21 hours, don't get discouraged if you don't see it after grinding a bit. Comment by jrm TL;DR: Just Apocalypse summons or all Undead types? And are people seriously grinding this or actually just botting?

Or is this all just "Estimated Grind Times"? Read on for Flavor, or agitation, whichever comes first I guess So, I've been running the "math" on this I just wanna be clear on something There's been talks that it has to do with the ghouls summoned from Apocalypse. One thing that's consistent? I've seen some say it's taken 2. So I've taken a moment to compile a few things.

If you max out your Apocalypse count via Festering Wounds, that's 8 Ghouls. Again, rough estimate, 8 kinds of "ghouls". You pop a full 8 from Apocalypse. This is -not- including the mob that pops up. Adding that would end up being 72 in the roulette, if I'm not mistaken. Math isn't my strongest subject, mostly applied when something of interest comes about, THUS this count scheme So now, there's a chance of 1, to pop up from 8 different estimated variants, 8 times.

The only consistency I see, is grind times. I mean, it's not even the actual -item- in question, just a book that allows access to a door in a raid that even hardcore raiders have been through?

I'm not saying people are botting, but seriously? At least give a percentage chance? Positive answers of whether or not it's officially based on Apocalypse itself, or if AotD will help "improve" chances. My trait is level 22, and my AK level is 7 http: I have the Glyph of Foul Menagerie.

I was entering starting, then teleporting out of the Proving Grounds, back to the Order Hall, to be able to spam Apocolypse every seconds depending on load screen times. I was using this macro to make it easier for me to keep track: Comment by Dregor Has it been confirmed that the orc can spawn from casting Army of the Dead or is it just from Apocalypse? I was linked this picture as proof that it does indeed spawn from AotD.

As you can see AotD is still on cooldown while Apoc isn't. Good enough for me! Comment by Milesofmachines Edit: The guide version of my original comment is approved!

It has all the information in the original comment, and more, indexed and prettied up. If you have any questions, please consult that first, I've done my best to compile all verifiable information regarding this appearance. Comment by DaRkChAiNz72 someone told me that you can get the book from just spawning ghouls, is this correct? Comment by Robl09 Finally got this thing to drop. I spent about hours farming it, I lost track. Mostly just Netflixed binged while spamming target dummies for the first several hours.

The late Bob Reguly told me a story about an old lady in Canada who called the police to come get her husbands shotgun. She was afraid of guns and her husband had died. The SWAT team misinterpreted the dispatcher, broke down her door, knocked her down, and beat up she and her friends who were having tea.

There was a full attack in the Catholic seminaries by the Jews, who only let candidates for the priesthood into the seminaries if they no longer adhered to years of Christian doctrine. This is also why the Catholic church leaders never have the guts to publicly excommunicate any politicians that persists in promoting and doing grave sin, like promoting the sin of legalized abortion.

The church leaders are not worth a damn anymore, as they are part of the game to bring about the Jew World Order. The obelisk at the Vatican is the same one found in the City of London and Washington DC, their landmark on the earth of the central institutions of power over humanity through the spiritual, financial, and military centers of the world. It shows him smiling and it looks like maybe paling around with the news team and then after being cued huffing and puffing to get some emotional momentum:.

I remember reading when I first found your blog that you fast all day and then eat one meal? Not sure what that one meal might be, but hopefully its packed full of fresh veggies. They contain all the vitamins you will ever need.

I mostly eat what is commonly referred to as the paleo diet. William Davis describes it best in his book - Wheat Belly. I feel better than I ever have in my life. Follow the money and see who profited during the Prohibition era, just as one example. Look up illegal arms trading and a lot of times you will find Israelis at the bottom of the pile.

Brother Nathanael pulled off a great job of research by patiently wading through much reading material before putting this fantastic video presentation together. There were NO wounded survivors. Think about that one for awhile kameraden. Brother Nathanael pointed out the absence of family members demanding answers. Perhaps it is because there are no family members to ask such questions.

Despite the fact that virtually all schools now are equipped with wall-to-wall cameras inside and outside, we have seen nothing of this either. Maybe the DHS kosher film team can come up with some a new acting crew over the next few weeks. This is true, but you can be regulated, tested, data based, and licensed to to the point of being effectively neutered. All you hunters out there who must buy State issued hunting licenses might just need to get used to peeing in a cup in order to see if you are mentally stable enough to venture out into the woods with a firearm.

Maybe your IP addresses will need to be checked as well to make sure you are not reading sites like Real Jew News. Given Jewish hostility to the traditional people and culture of White America, this is a very foreboding combination as we head into the era of a non-White majority America. At the faculty meeting, right after the principal and psychologist went out to confront Adam and were shot, Natalie Hammond pressed against the door to keep it shut and was shot through the door in her leg and arm.

There were still an unknown number of faculty and staff inside the meeting room who were saved because of Natalie Hammond who were not wounded. An unknown number of staff and faculty survived, and about children. The surviving children, all age 6 or less, are still witnesses and usually need to be interviewed in a special time-consuming interview process by investigators.

And, when I was in public safety 30 years ago, children were being interviewed by police in a way developed from child development and psychology studies so as not to contaminate any testimony. My bet is that most of the children in the school will say they heard shots or very strange noises being in different parts of the school, but each child has to be interviewed and the statement recorded, particularly those children and teachers in the classrooms in the immediate area of the shootings.

In short, of the group who were shot, only one survived, Ms. We also know that the school nurse survived by hiding under her desk. More than a week after the shooting, investigators were still finding bullets under doors and in carpets and walls in the school as they tried to match the casings to the magazines.

Investigators are aware that frequent reloading is common in violent video games because an experienced player knows never to enter a new building or room without a full magazine so as not to risk running out of bullets. This has led them to speculate privately that this might be a reason that he replaced magazines frequently. BUT one of the schoolchildren, a young boy I think the clip has been taken down stated that he heard a door shutting hard and some noise in the gymnasium. As a defender you are innocent and the aggressor is guilty and intent on doing an armed robbery and or killing you or your loved ones.

Fighting such aggressors is a matter of judicial and military necessity to protect yourself and country from criminal and enemy combatants. The ability and willingness to deter or punish criminal or political aggression is the determining factor regarding who lives and who dies.

Predators generally attack weakness and will back off if their prey is strong and fights back and makes life nasty brutish and short for predators.

That was a huge lie, why should this be any different? Despite the fact that it was anounced beforehand that this was merely a radio drama presentation, thousands of people on the East coast went off into loon land and actually believed the Martians had invaded New Jersey.

Some of the town residents of Grover Mills, NJ turned out with their hunting rifles and shot up the town water tower, believing it to be one of the Martian fighting machines, despite the fact that they knew perfectly well the tower had been there for years and had seen it that evening before sundown.

They have been at it ever since and have been caught in duplicity many times, but such are human minds that they just keep on doing it and getting away with. The bigger the lie, the better. But as promised, one more for the road, You most likely have heard this story before, well….

Once upon a time there was a small farm in the middle of darken forest in America. The life went on, and one day Abe-son went fishing to the river close to the farm. There he met Abe-son laughing at him, I was only kidding, playing with the lamb. But at the third day, Father had that bad feeling, that Abe-son seems to be only fooling us and lighted his peace pipe, as the screaming from the river began. But this time it was a wolf, not the lamb. The lesson might be, that could this World be any worse for all of us, if Abe Foxman just kept his mouth shut.

Robbie Parker , we also have a photo of a supposedly dead child, who is, in fact, very much alive:. Do NOT let Feinstein and her ilk do it! If all this was real, and not a massive psyop hoax; then just how could this have been linked 3 days BEFORE the event? Die Juden got by with and are laughing about it. The KEY in these psy-ops ….. A calling card if you will. If this appears, you can bet your last penny it was a staged event.

BN does not bat an eye to inform us flat out with no equivocation whatsoever who precisely are these vile troublemakers. Gentiles should be flocking to this site, but instead far, far too many continue to trust the kike-controlled press. I tell contacts constantly: They lose control in their lust for blood And take too far their need to tread men down By destroying any sense of a secure life And taking away each and every freedom Stealing the last piece of wealth they possess So they cannot even care for their own Stifling their voice with laws and corruption Beating them down with rule by force Where no justice exists for those being played And there is no direction left for men to turn.

This is the time when a man becomes invincible, He becomes free to do whatever he must do Without fear for his life or for his future. He will take control of the destiny of the world Away from the bloodied hands of the soulless. Any action he takes he will take with a surety That he must do something for he has no future. So the act he chooses will be all the greater For when faced with oblivion and with no way out There is one thing this now fearless man will do. The perverse minds of evil always self destruct As their addiction to our suffering can never be sated, Exerting control for their paranoia and fear of men.

For every good man will take down these brutes. Every free man will give up himself for his brothers. For a man with nothing left becomes fully empowered And he is the most unassailable weapon.

C Colin Ryan. When Men Become Truly Free. A poem by Colin Ryan. When Men Become Truly Free, music video http: I would remind you of the closing lines: A man with nothing left becomes fully empowered and he is the most unassailable weapon. There is a massive storm coming.

Millions - even tens of millions - will likely die. Good folks like Altruist will say that this is just more extreme right radicalism. Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! Either way, tptb are getting ready for another attempt at another flase flag, had a premonition about one. It will involve a mall, possibly a shooting or bombing.

Remember when that boy, Yvan Schneider was his name, 19 years old, was murdered in a fit of jealousy by 2 bollistic eastern European boys down by Stuttgart? How about the murder of the late and former judge Kerstin Heisig, hung from a tree in the woods, her dog slaughered besides? Again, a heinous butchering of an upstanding citizen, seeking justice, staged and the truth swept under the rug. The television news and radio are biased as all get-out. That they lack real inquisitive perception and understanding does not interest anybody.

This will be their downfall one day. In fact, all they really do is news. Of course, this is the method used in the States also — a complete ruse, started by the US minions there presumably to get us all up in arms, literally, and support the invasion of troops into Syria. Sick stuff, especially in light of the fact that they want to dis-arm America. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites. Also, German press is very much against Putin.

They have a huge propaganda machine and they use it toward the initiation of the NWO. But many are fooled and believe everything they hear from the Germans, since they are so incredibly intelligent and well-informed, and of course, superior. This world is full of satanists, who are very blood thirsty. The USA is riddled with underground tunnels, only God knows where they took them and what really happened to them.

Very sick saddening stuff. A hard-hitting history of special-forces operations over the past fifty years in the United States, United Kingdom, and Israel. After eight challenging years in Afghanistan, the new U. Tony Geraghty, an expert author in this field for almost thirty years, unveils the extraordinary evolution of this refined style of war-making from its roots in anti-guerrilla warfare in Ireland and Palestine, by way of the creation of the C.

This history is more than a tale of derring-do, although James Bond-like characters stalk every page. In short, I am interested to know what really stands ideologically behind this racially exclusive Jewish collective. Moreover, James Tracy asserts in radio interviews and on his memoryholeblog. Its for another blog. Alex Jones Piers Morgan Part 1. Alex Jones Piers Morgan Part 2. I will give him the answer. Hand guns are only good for very close combat. Close combat in confined spaces.

Most hand guns are very inaccurate in amateur hands. It takes years of practice to be very good with hand guns. The barrel is long enough to be very accurate at short distances and never gets a stoppage. You need High Powered Rifles to take out all the surveillance cameras. Freedom Fighters must have High Powered Rifles when you go to rescue your family. I was a sharpshooter for 15 years.

They are definitely going to take down the Internet also telephone and cell phones. How are you going to warn your friends the Enemy is at the gate? Do you have a pre arranged meeting place? They are going to jam radios. They already have Video with face recognition at every ATM. Do you have cash? Extra AMMO greased, sealed in plastic bags and buried in a secret spot.

Extra Magazines and even extra guns. They are definitely going to find you at your home. There are going to be many spies so be very careful who you trust. All Freedom Fighters are going to need the very same list. I know a guy who was in the British army and was asked to join a group called Recon He declined because they are so savage. They are all done by Recon He told me about one such guy who met his Irish girlfriend when he was 16 and lived with her until they were about 22 and then killed her when she found out who he was.

As an army runs on its stomach. I believe the Iranians hacked into the encrypted radio frequency of the US drone and hijacked it. There has to be someone out there with this technology. The big hope though, is that if a conflict starts, that a big part of the US armed forces will break from the president and help defend the Constitution, which they swore to uphold. Every military officer, in each branch of service takes this oath, we can only hope, that in the hour of need, they will keep their oath to support and defend the Constitution, and break from the ZOG and stand with us, against any tyrannical DOMESTIC enemies that seeks to destroy our great republic and rob us of our freedom.

Answer You do NOT want your stash of ammo to get damaged by dampness. Then you will have many duds, the last thing you need in a war situation. Each bullet smear with a thin coat of motor car bearing grease. If your magazine takes 10 then seal in plastic packets 10 each and put is a sealed water proof plastic container. In a place where there is a very recognizable spot, a very large tree or large rock, in the back of a cave etc. Matt Wayne Drones fly very slowly they are an eye in the sky looking for you.

They cannot fly fast and look for you. Take them out very quickly with high powered rifle. Their explosive rockets are very fast. If it spots you and fires a rocked at you run at 45 to 90 degrees to the incoming rocket. Jumping over a cliff might also save you. If there is a group of you all run in different directions.

As it is about to hit then dive on the floor. I had a hand grenade land next to me 1 metre away; I dived to the ground and rolled as fast as I could. Three of our men were hit one very badly but all I got was covered in sand and stones. All Freedom Fighters must get specifications on these things. Drones have a limited range.

All the controllers will be working on computer in a command building or command vehicle. You can build your own drones. In that one, the gunman, Patrick Purdy, who had a long criminal history, shot and killed five schoolchildren, and wounded 29 other schoolchildren and one teacher, before committing suicide. His victims were predominantly Southeast Asian refugees. The only reason the fatalities were so few, is that he was shooting into the playground, and the kids had more room to scatter and they were refugees from…combat zones.

He did his damage in 3 minutes. The difference between Cleveland and Sandy Hook is that at the latter, there was no place for children to run in the classrooms, so the instinct is to duck behind an adult, hide and huddle up. We ran drills at just about every school in the city, just so every officer and every dispatcher variously went on-site knew those schools from the inside as well as outside.

Even volunteered once as a padded up live training dummy for police dogs. Now the Crisis Actors company, which is a fairly recent development, are professional performing members. And having a totally separate private group of well-trained actors in this instance makes sense, because if police, fire and EMS personnel are injured on a paid drill, that would make them unavailable for their regular duties and creates an overtime problem to fill it.

Helping schools and first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films. Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places. The actors regularly rehearse scenarios involving the Incident Command System and crisis communications, and appear in interactive training films produced in both 2D and stereoscopic 3D.

So, I guess the place to start is to ask Senator Steve King and the State of Colorado to verify whether Crisis Actors were live performing in Connecticut on December 14 since it is his project. Or else just ask the company themselves. A heavily shared photo from wellaware1. But not having millions of dollars at my fingertips to investigate beyond the Internet, like hire private investigators to follow people around, or travel to a scene as and investigate by look at all the public records and such, there is only so far I, or anyone in our armchair position, can go.

Upon my not so extensive research which pretty much involved going to snopes. Snopes sources the origins of this info to wellaware1. None of his stuff would be forensically admissible in court, except for perhaps a libel suit brought against him. And this guy claims to be such an expert doing it by eye? We can all go home when it comes to, as far as I am concerned, some historical justice for Germany, and let them mourn their dead properly.

And the revision historians, spending their time in German prisons for trying to set the WWI-WWII-Cold War Era record straight, have been enormously fooled all this time, because it was really all actors according to this idiot. Kermit Roosevelt was the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. Kermit died in This guy is constantly spinning yarns, and he spreads his stuff by facebook and other social media.

There is some overall general features in common — bald, with beards, glasses, but voices, very little in common. I can only see a close resemblance if I take off my glasses. I used it in a blog on the Globe and Mail Newspaper in Toronto and have managed to wind up the Jewish lobby there and get them frothing at the mouth.

That really touched a nerve. Drones have to have ground support supplied: The crews need food and water and other support. A few bags of sugar dumped into the JP-5 jet fuel does wonderous things to the turbines just as one example. Cut off their food, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene supplies for a few days- see how long they fight you.

Predator is recon drone, flies around and looks for the target. They have to close in to a targeting distance where they can get a missile lock on a specific co-ordinate and fire. This is usually well within effective rifle range of a 7. I find it very interesting that Amerikans love to use snopes. They never stop to think about who is behind this website. Whoever created this realizes who the architects and supporters are, no matter what did or did not happen at the school.

They also publicly state that their business is independently owned and operated by themselves with no other affiliations on their About Page:. The burden of proving that they are lying rests with you. They are a business in California. Wherever they are located, they have bank accounts, tax filings, business licenses, and what ever legal paperwork defines their legal entity.

Happy me, they had done some legwork and had the link to wellaware1. The difference however, for those in public safety is that they are trained to set emotions aside in order to be able to carry out an objective and thorough investigation and to keep moving with the various operations. I find it a little peculiar, as a matter of fact, that journalists ask public safety types that kind of inane question to begin with?

Not a toilet seat, the perp pulled the entire toilet out of the floor. And by the way, did you read about how 7-year-old Daniel Barden wanted to grow up and be a firefighter? I believe his uncle is a New York firefighter. Of course, the prevailing logic is, that because the paper is notoriously neo-con, then of course, they all could be actors, too.

Snowy Smith made a few good points above regarding how to counter the looming gun grab. Here are my two cents in the highly hypothetical case of a revolution. This is NOT to incite anybody, just for informational purposes:. This has happened many times, most recently in Libya and Syria. Either taken by force and surprise by the rebels or handed over to them by defectors.

This is priority 1. We will need to convince soldiers that they are fighting for the wrong cause. Finally, and regarding drones: Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Hirshson - and several others on campus, are haunted by former students. Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - Smith Hall - The office of the women's college has a male ghost who walks along the roof of the hall around 3 in the morning. Geneva - Hobart and William Smith Colleges - The quad area - used to be a cemetery, which was moved when the school was built.

From 1 until 3 in the morning, a transparent man can be seen walking his dog across the quad. Glen Haven - Skaneateles - The Screamer - A sanitarium was burned down in to clear a spot for a watershed for the city of Syracuse. The site is located on Skaneateles Lake.

The Sanitarium's caretaker was said to have perished in the fire. His screams could be heard across the lake. Even in life, he was a nasty jealous man and now takes out his revenge on those at the summer camp across the lake. He can be seen and heard at night pacing the wooded cliffs above the camp brandishing his sharpened scythe and wailing. Glens Falls - Glens Falls Hospital - there are many ghosts in the old patient wing built over years ago my mother witnessed a man in a black suit walking down the hall towards her with all the lights on and no body in the halls but the ghosts said to be over ghosts in the hospital.

Glenmont - Henry Hudson park - Haunted slave house - in the Henry Hudson park, there's a road that will take you to the park rite off of RT9w. The trail is marked with 2 large lion statues.

If you walk this trail there is said to be a slave house where the white settlers had dropped off the slaves when they came in from the river. The rumor behind this is that in the 's 4 kids went in to look 4 ghosts and they never came back, so 2 cops were sent in to look 4 them and only one came back out, the other was never seen again. Also sometimes you will see the lion statues eyes reflect light like if they were glass, but there cement. This whole area is said to be haunted.

Goshen - old historic track - It was often reported by several local hobos who lived and drank around the lake in the old historic track, that the specter of a jockey and horse who drown in the lake in the early 's would rise to ride across the lake on some nights.

Of course no one ever listened to the belligerents until others had reported being chased through the brush along side of one of the dirt trails and also the trotting of a horse could be heard on several occasions.

Gloversville - Prospect Hill Cemetery - A lot of people have seen ghosts. Grand Island - Holiday Inn - in the holiday inn there is a room that is all locked up.

This is because whenever someone rented that room, they got a call in the middle of the night at the same time and when they picked up all they heard was a little girl laughing. Grand Island - Whitehaven Cemetery - A young girl who haunts the holiday inn next door her grave stone glows.

There is also a young woman who died of AIDS in the early 's there and she can be seen on her grave marker holding her infant son. There is also a man who died in the Gulf War walking around. Her apparition is said to haunt her old room 28 and the hallway. Some have even felt her in the dining room and basement. Greenport - Townsend Manor Inn - Tapping on the window, scratching at the door, the lights flickered and turned off without us turning them off.

Be careful not to confuse this haunted house with the Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. The Townsend family still holds ownership of Raynham Hall in Norfolk.

Geneseo - State University of New York - Geneseo - Monroe Hall - A 6 year old boy who was believed to have been killed in an accident during the construction of the dorm, fondly named "Eric", has been sighted roaming the halls. Half Hollow - Sweet Hollow Road - At the main field by the middle of the road there has been sightings of a dog like creature digging then standing on two legs and walking into the woods and disappearing.

Others have said that there is a man with a checkered shirt who walks the woods with a ax at night and watches cars drive by. Hannibal - Hannibal graveyard - Reports of strange balls of lights. It all started in when Mr. Begjaine was killed at fort Ticonderoga. Begjaine moved her three kids to a mansion in Hauppauge. Shortly after the move a man with an English accent came to the front door saying he wanted to sell some hats. Begjaine let him in he pulled out a gun and killed the whole family.

To this day the cops are still investigating the crime. Neighbors complain of strange noises and gunshots coming from the old abandoned house at night. Most of the cops go in but few have lived to come out. There is said to be a ghost for revenge in room A Havestraw - Lechworth - Various amount of paranormal activity including cold spots, ghost orbs, little girl screaming from sealed off room on top level. Herkimer - apartment bldg - across from the high school at the bottom of the old hospital hill is a apartment house that was built long ago by a high rank soldier in the civil war.

Unfortunately he was killed and you can still see her at times still waiting for him to return. Highland - North Chodikee Lake Road - Washington Cemetery - there is a old cemetery near a farm the cemetery is hard to find because it is very old it is from the 's there are many people who have seen a family walk around in front of the road they will do a stop signal and they will go through your car it usually happens around am. All you have to do is ask a Military Police officer or a cadet and you should get a good idea of where to look.

I'll tell you what, this isn't for the faint of heart, you spend enough time here and you will see something. Himrod - Old Salt Plant - The salt plant was closed in the 70's because it continuously was caving in crushing and killing workers. People say they can see workers walking through the plant at night or can hear the mining cars going through the plant.

Hudson - Dietz House - Mabel Parker haunts her former home and is heard on the 2nd floor. The place is now a state park, but in the 's there was a hospital there that burnt down.

Five months later another fire burnt the place down. Today burning specters can be seen. Huntington - Sweet Hollow Road - Years ago two boys were hit by a car on this road and killed and were not aware of the car coming because the driver did not beep the horn.

Now when driving down this road, if you do not beep your horn before passing under the overpass, the boys jumps in front of your car. As well as, a police officer who stops at cars parked on Sweet Hollow Rd. The officer seems normal until he turns around and has blood on his shoulders and the back of his head missing. Supposedly he is an officer who was killed on duty in the area.

Mary was dating a jealous boyfriend. The boyfriend believed she was cheating on him. While driving down Sweet Hollow Rd. Her injured body laid in the street and was hit by another car. She continues to walk the road looking for her killer and often jumps out in front of passing cars. Another story claims she was a witch who was hung here during the late 's. There are many twists on the story of who she was. The Witch story seems to be the most common, yet it is also the most unlikely.

Another common story is that she was killed when she was hit by a car back in the 's while walking home. Her grave is supposedly in the cemetery on Sweet Hollow Rd. Hyde Park - Hoyts Mansion - A mansion that is haunted by the family members whom all killed themselves. The family was very strange, all under ground entrances to their house.

Their home is in the middle of the woods in between two of the popular mansions, The Mills Mansion, and the Vanderbilt Mansion. Roosevelt's bedroom there is a very cold feeling and a feeling of sadness by those who are sensitive. Ilion - a bed and breakfast - at the bottom of Barringer road on main st. She haunts the place and people often stay just to try and see her.

The back few rooms of the year-old place have always been active ever since we bought the place. From washers running on their own with no electricity running through them to knocking on walls to footsteps going up and down the stairs with no one else in the cabin is a normal for up there.

Ever since the back few rooms were redone and redecorated things have become a little more active this year which makes it a fun summer trip every year. There have been reports of a headless horseman chasing young girls. Animal bones lying around. Weird noises like someone knocking on a coffin. And a kick ball rolling around. Many of the people that died here were children of large families. The cemetery is very small only containing about 15 gravestones. There has also been spotted of what appears to be a fire further off in the woods.

Jamestown - Jefferson Middle School - in 's a girl died in this building! She was looking for her little brother and someone had killed her.

Know one knows who. Many kids who attend this school around and up say they have seen the little girl in a white dress wandering around the halls saying, "bobby, where are you!! In the shoe room, where they keep all the shoes for performances, the door will slam shut and lock when a person goes in there.

The temperature will also drop significantly. Other stories have been told about a male ghost in the boiler room and practice room. People have even reported seeing a man on stage late at night, often playing pranks on people by moving things to where they should not be. He has supposedly spoken to children, luring them across the stage when unattended by their parents.

Johnstown - Sir William Johnson Hotel - Young female spirit breaking dishes, standing in the kitchen of the abandoned hotel in her nightgown. Items being moved by the same female. Ball, in who's name the building stands in honor of. Doors slam, objects move, "eerie" feelings at night. King's Park - Kings Park Psychiatric center - Voices of patients who were tortured and died here years ago still today roam the hallways, screaming and crying.

Many people who have visited the haunting hospital have seen many unexplained images. Kingston - Blaber Mansion - An old women is seen in the front of the estate late at night holding a book. Kingston - Montrepose Cemetery - Activity and energy surrounding that graveyard.

Kingston - Wiltwick Cemetery - Ghostly activity and energy inside that cemetery. LaFayette - LaFayette Jr. High school - "the auditorium ghost" - someone or something always tends to play "tricks" on people working on any upcoming events in the auditorium.

Lafayette - Near the One-Way Bridge - Reports of an apparition of a woman in a white gown that sits on the corner, once seen she disappears. Lake George - Fort William Henery Museum - when visiting the basement part where the prisoners use to be in the jail a visitor heard crying and screaming of the men and there was no one there.

During their stay at the island the couple was said to have been brutally murdered in their sleep. It is said that their ghost's still inhabit the island. There have been numerous sightings of a woman in a white wedding dress wandering campsite's searching for her groom. Lancaster - Lancaster Opera House - A number of ghosts have been reported to be seen there by patrons, actors and owners. Ghosts turn off lights and follow the people that lock up the opera house. They have been seen in ss clothing.

S Old High School - It is said that in the early 's a teacher went crazy and killed many students with an ax in room People have reported that at night you can see him walking around and waving an ax, and that if you listen closely, you can hear the kids running and screaming.

The occurrences seem to take place mainly around a house off Pollock Road. It is located in the middle of the woods on your right. Witnesses have reported seeing light orbs and strange eyes without a face in the darkness. Some people have even claimed to hear someone singing.

Latham - Revelatory Hero's Cemetery - In back of the Woodlands apartment complex lies a preserved revolutionary war graveyard. With almost a dozen laid to rest hear, it is said that on hot summer night with strong gusts of wind, voices of men can be heard and on full moons the sound of drums are heard when the wind blows. When you eat down stairs you can feel the chill and hear the man crying out for help. Lily Dale - Inspiration Stump - Witnesses have seen and felt many presences, both male and female.

Lily Dale - Maplewood Hotel - On the 3 floor of the Maple wood many people have reported seeing someone, perhaps a maid, in the corridors. Many people have heard footsteps in the hall, felt a presence, or heard soft voices in conversation.

Little Falls - Beardslee Castle - Believed to be haunted by the original owners - the Beardsley family. Reports of seeing them there, been made many times there. For more information go to: Activity have been seen and photographed throughout the house, especially in upstairs bedrooms. Woman was believed to have hanged herself in the second bedroom to the right going up the stairs. Reports of activity dating back to Farm house is partially torn down and condemned.

Liverpool - Pier 57 - A few years a back and women was shot and murdered in this restaurant by her husband. To this day, workers at the Pier claim to see a woman in empty rooms sometimes and even get eerie feelings when they are alone. Liverpool - Rocky Road - In one particular house on the road, you can hear noises of a person walking upstairs, when no one else is home. Doors will open and close by themselves.

Lights will turn on and off, as well as the TV. The ghost responds to people's voices and will turn on or off the TV when told to.

One of the people in this house, while curling their hair one day felt some one touch them on their shoulder, turned around and saw a man sitting on their bed, turned back around looked into the mirror and saw nothing, turned around again and the ghost had vanished.

Lockport - Cold Springs Cemetery - A young hitchhiker still comes to the place she was picked up and murdered. Lockport - Kenan Center - Strange white lights, and apparitions seen. Lockport - Kenan House - A little boy ghost has been seen running and playing throughout the house.

Lockport - Old House - There is an old house across from a bar in Lockport. It was a house that was involved in keeping slaves during the Civil War and was part of the underground railroad. There was a massacre there, where everyone was killed. A few years ago someone bought it to restore and make into a museum but the men rebuilding it kept getting very scared by ghostly presences on the site and in the house.

They left their scaffolding there and never came back. If you go near the house at night you can see black figures guarding it. Lodi - Butchers Hill - Sound of Children playing. The story is that these children died by and outbreak of TB in the 's. Long Beach - McKinley Elementary School - in the playground the "rings" they move while no one is on them and they're too heavy to be moved by the wind.

It is said that a kid in 3rd grade died because he fell off and broke his head. Also in the cafeteria the trays move without anyone touching them. The benches move with a full load of kids. They say that a girl fell from the stairs and a boy was killed there by getting into a fight and the other kid had a weapon. These were from the years Long Island - Bohemia - Haunted by a young female named Maria who was strangled to death in the back bedroom when the inn was a speakeasy over 60 years ago.

Bare footprints appear on the carpeting even in wintertime, shadowy figures in the kitchen, and unidentified bones appear in the basement. The inn has been investigated many times by mediums and psychics and is currently under investigation by Candice Isralow of Mt. Current owner has been there for over 20 years. Long Island - Central Islip - Central Islip Psychiatric Center - This place is very creepy and the main building is not only haunted but you can feel a taint of evil from the main building when walking the grounds near the main building that will put the hairs up on the back of your neck.

There were some kids who had a gun and they wanted to see what it felt like to shoot someone, so they waited in the woods until the fireman came around the northeast corner of the track, then they shot him. Both boys were arrested and convicted for killing the firefighter.

Not long after, people reported seeing a glowing figure running along the track. Others have seen the body of a man laying on the track then dissappearing, all in the same spot he was shot, the northeast corner of lane 5. Most people won't go over to the northeast bleachers because they have the feeling of being watched. When visiting football teams come to visit, they and their fans refuse to sit in the visitors bleachers, as those lie on the northeastern part of the field.

That part has now become mostly abandoned. One legend is about a Setauket Sachem Indian who was not permitted to marry his love from another tribe. He paddled his canoe out to the middle of the lake and committed suicide via a knife to his heart. His body was recovered in another lake in Connecticut. Another is of a young beautiful Indian Princess who was not permitted to marry her pale face lover and she canoed out on the lake and was found dead by him.

He in turn got into the canoe and was swept away, never to be seen again. Apparently, there has been a reported drowning each and every year due to a curse placed upon the lake. The myth is that the lake is bottomless. It rises and lowers mysteriously and is rumored to have a secret underwater Connection that stems for miles. Some of the drowning victims as well as the princess are said to still haunt the lake and It's surrounding area.

Her gravesite is a center for strange happenings. Her marker has her birth date but no death date. There is a different variation on that story that seems to be the most heard of around there.

Supposedly Mary was the daughter of a rich land owner that owned that area and formed the town there. He was a loner and built his house way out from the town. He also had a son. She had no friends and her father built her a stone club house on the property for her to play. She liked animals and wuld play with them in her stone clubhouse. Supposedly she was possessed by a spirit and started mutilating the animals on a stone table in her clubhouse.

Later on she killed her father and her brother with an axe. After the some time the townspeople went to see what had happened the the land owner and found her sleeping in her fathers bed with him covered in blood. They hung her on a tree on the property.

The tree is there on the side of the road. It always looks dead all year long. The burn marks from her rope are on the tree branch.

Up the hill is the house. You can see a figure sitting in the window looking down on the road. Now that part of the house is supposed to be blocked off. Her stone clubhouse is on the road just a bit further up. The way it went was back in the 60's and 70's you were the big tough guy if you went up to Mary's grave and urinated on it.

They say whoever did would get into a car accident on the way back swerving to avoid hitting a girl in a white dress. The gravesite has been lost or nobody really remembers where it is, but all the other things are there.

Loundonville - Loudon Cottage - The ghost of Abraham Lincoln has been seen in this house, which was owned by the woman who was sitting next to Lincoln when he was shot. There one of the rooms has a strange feel to it, and it is hard to breath when you walk in.

There have also been reports of voices, and people being pushed down. Lyndonville - Cody Scharlau's House - many of the towns children hear strange noises coming from Cody's bedroom.

And after they hear the sounds they look in the fridge and there is no food. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a caretaker morning the loss of his family who starved to death in this mansion on top of a mountain in the country because they got snowed in.

Malone - Flanders Elementary - Was built on a cemetery. The cemetery was also built on Indian Sacred ground. There have been sightings of Indians on the playground, and a man who actually uses the boy's bathroom.

My Aunt lives behind the school and found out that not only is the school on Indian Sacred ground, but also their house is on the actual burial ground. My three cousins woke up at exactly the same time one night and saw an Indian girl standing on the deck. Also, they have heard moans from the basement.

A few years after these occurrences, they put in a pool. They found human bones and Indian artifacts. Since that point, nothing has occurred at the house. Manhattan - Chelsea Hotel - The hallways are haunted and it feels like someone is either watching or behind you. You can feel the pain and sadness. Manhattan - New York University - Brittany Residence Hall - Corner of East 10th and Broadway, Phantom music and lights, people hearing unknown footsteps in the rooms and feeling presences "watching" them.

Reports of the basement being rather labyrinth like. Marcellus - 13 curves - On their wedding night, a bride and her groom got in a car accident. On a very dark night, it is said that you can see the bride walking along the road. You can also hear eerie music coming from the field, but if you get closer it will stop, and if you go back it will start again.

Marcy - Old Insane Asylum - Fear engulfs you as you approach the building. Noises have been heard coming from inside the building even though it has been boarded up and shut down. Pictures taken of the building have revealed faces in the window; one was definitely a man with a mustache. Mechanicville - Main Street Church - A ghost of a dead soldier walks through the church, and turns lights off and on, and often breaks the heating system in the winter.

He was killed in a fire in and often leaves beer bottles in places nobody ever had them in. Menands - Albany Rural Cemetery - Ghastly Black figures such as cars, men, and unexplainable large masses can be seen here at dusk.

A mysteriously transparent couple can also be seen floating through the cemetery at night with their pj's on. One person reported that her shoe laces were tied together while eating. The dishwasher reported seeing a male with a beard looking at him through a window.

And a uneasy feeling when in the basement. It is reported that 7 spirits haunt the dinner. A lady in a nurses outfit a young child, a female with bad teeth, the man with the beard.

An investigation was done and some pictures were taken of Orbs with faces. Some EVP's were heard. With the evidence collected it only adds to the claim of activity. Milton Terrace - Ballston Spa - The Crandall House is presently an apartment building and hasn't been haunted for about ten years.

The Crandall House was haunted by Sylvester Crandall who killed his wife, stepdaughter. Mohegan Lake - Diner - Basement is said to be haunted. When owner arrived in morning employee was scared and shaking and claimed to see a ghost during the night. The McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn began its existence sometime between and and constitutes one of the oldest buildings in Monroe, N.

On of the common sightings is a man with top hat, dress in a dark suit wondering the rooms upstairs. A witness attempted to confront the ghost by running after him, but as he turned the corner, the ghostly man vanished. The man is described about 5ft, dress in a dark suit style in with top hot. You could hear his footstep as he walks back and forth on the second floor. The basement is truly a frightening experience. Every time we went down stars the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees.

EMF went wild, as you get closer to the fireplace. As the hairs on the back of my neck reacted to chills, you can actually feel ghostly pressure surrounding you. The sounds of Ghostly footsteps wondering around have become a common occurrence at this inn. This house is truly haunted. If anyone wishes to experience this ghostly Inn, please review below Telephone number.

Non-Profit organization and all donations are contributed to the restoration of this old wonderful Inn. Montebello - Old Spook Rock Road - There have been many stories about this area, such as early witch burnings and ghosts. If you go to the bottom of the road and put your car in neutral, you will be pulled up the hill. Sometimes you can even see a ghostly figure pulling your car.

Route 25A - April Update — Has been removed. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Naples - Cemetery - It is said to be haunted, It is said there are weird lights, people running, noises. My boyfriend said he was in the cemetery one night and they were in a car. All of a sudden he said it felt and sounded like someone had either jumped on the back of the car or pushed down on it.

Then again on top of the car. When they got out to to see what it was no one was around but a lit candle on a grave stone. Newburgh - Plum Point Condos - The story goes There is a rather large building, in which is now know Plum Point condo's, in Newburgh NY that used to be a all boys Christian school.

For about 10 or more years now they have been trying to make it into an apartment complex because there are condo's all around it, and every time someone goes in there to work, a hand was cut off by machinery, the machinery would break for no apparent reason, etc..

And many people have said they have seen the boy. The above submission is the "popular word about town" regarding the information on our site, however, most of it is not true. Unfortunately, this same description regarding Plum Point on many websites. Probably cutting and pasting from this site. A visitor to our site reports the following: It was originally constructed for a family who met an untimely death.

The mansion then became a home for wayward girls for many years and eventually an orphanage of sorts, accepting children who were not only parentless, but had no where to run. This is where the rumors of the molestation occurrence sprouts from. The molestation may be true, but in all my research and hearing of rumors, I have never heard a report of anyone being buried in the walls.

Eventually, the mansion became a hotel, had an addition put on both sides of the original building, and then was abandon for many years The room numbers were still on the doors during abandonment.

The property changed hands uneventfully several times as Plum Point started building north of the property. The condo construction went fine UNTIL there was finally a developer who had funding to begin working on the mansion itself.

By this time, condominium construction was creeping around all sides of the mansion. They developer intended to knock down the servant's quarters which was a small home just a few yards to the south of the mansion. Heavy equipment was brought in, but would break down every time they attempted to start the job.

Eventually, the fire department attempted to burn the house down and failed. There was no record of a worker losing a hand in the information I remember seeing. Eventually, the building was torn down by hand. Currently, Plum Point Condos have engrossed the entire area all the way down to the beach of the Hudson River. The mansion has been rebuilt and turned into several condos and stands proud today, however, a shell of its' former glory.

No one really knows if the ghost was a resident from the girl's home, or the original owner, other than to say the girl appeared fairly young. I witnessed this ghosts myself while walking by the mansion one winter night. When the mansion was abandon, doors would frequently slam open and shut while trespassers were walking down the narrow hallway. Rumors regarding this range from a single boy ghost to a group of mischievous boy ghosts having fun with their "living guests" As "their" actions never appeared or felt threatening according to witnesses.

A female ghost was frequently reported coming down the sweeping staircase in the main hall. This was heralded by a noticeable temperature drop in the area. Trespassers inside the mansion itself while it was abandon, who were cut by objects inside the house, would bleed for unordinary amounts of time. I witnessed this myself on several occasions. In one case, a friend of mine was cut by a piece of black fireplace marble.

He bled for the rest of the day and into the evening despite the cut appearing to be small and superficial, my friend being in perfect health and treating the cut properly. A crying baby could often be heard down by the riverfront near the railroad tracks, just over the hill, a short walk towards the river from the mansion.

Trains used to frequently stop on this section of tracks. Rumors said that many men who rode in the caboose of the freight train would often hear a baby cry. When they would get out to investigate, they would never be able to find the child.

When they would approach the area where the crying was coming from, the crying would start from somewhere else close by. Condos have now been built on this spot formerly a very swampy area and I do not know if this phenomenon continues today. People currently live in the mansion, however, the current state of haunting phenomenon there is unknown as well.

His wife died at the age of 21, some say under mysterious circumstances. A roofer almost fell to the ground after he saw a woman looking at him out of a window of the empty house. Carpenters fled when a person materialized out of a cloud in a bedroom. They wouldn't go back even to get their tools. Some motorists have tried to avoid a girl running from the mansion, then vanished. There have been sightings by one of the janiors that used to work in the school. She cleaned the auditorium routinely and often found one of the side doors locked, when it wasn't supposed to be.

When she returned with the key, the door was shut and locked. One time she felt something like a person pass through here, and very soon after quit her job because of how much it frightened her. There have been rumors by teachers that there is one 'bad' ghost and one 'good' ghost, the bad one in the auditorium. The good one has been seen wandering the halls. New Hyde Park - Iceland ice skating rink - doors sometimes opening or closing by themselves, reported sighting of a man in a baseball cap in the scoreboard operations room, hockey pucks mysteriously appear in the center of the ice surface late at night.

Newburgh - The Masonic Temple- A second floor dance hall and theatre had tables and folding chairs set up. One night some students in a community theater witnessed a single chair slid by itself, and drew attention because of the sound it made while rubbing against the floor. A door, hinged to swing open in both directions began swinging rapidly by itself, and then stopped.

Voices of men talking in other parts of the building could be heard when no one else was there. The mens voices could be heard moving around the building. There are Indian Spirits through out that range. New York City - Dakota apartment building - Former Beatle John Lennon has occasionally been seen outside the apartment building where he once lived, and was assassinated.

Not the least of which is supposedly Burr's own beloved daughter Theodosia Burr Alston, who vanished off the coast of North Carolina while on her way to visit her father in New York. Apparitions of Theodosia and various other spirits have actually been seen and several women sitting at the bar have had their earrings popped off by an enamored Theodosia. She has been seen on the stage and in one of the dressing rooms by workmen that were doing repairs on the theatre.

She holds a blue glass bottle reportedly that held the poison that killed her. New York City - The City College of New York - Numerous reports since the s of students seen -- and recognized by students, and [former] professors years back -- known to have died in the First World War, haunting one of the former political club lounges in Shepherd Hall.

Legend had it that in one particular instance, a math tutor noticed that a student's clothes seemed somewhat dated for the mids and put it in his mind to inquire as to how the young man was making out financially; given it was still a wholly free college with a mostly working class student body. Only later that night did this "absent minded professor" wake up from sleep with a start, scaring his wife in the process [isn't that always the case?

Newark valley - Newark valley middle school - there had been reports of the elevator stopping all by itself and weird sounds. It is rumored that the school is built over and old Native American burial sight. Newburgh - Downing Park - A boy who drowned in the lake in the park is said to sit by the lake at night crying, he is also said to make bubbles in the water, as if trying to breathe, and he is said to scream whenever a child get to close to the water.

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For placess, I did not get the hidden achievement beforehand which shows that I summoned ghouls. My trait is level 22, and dating fraud stories AK level is 7 http: When you eat down stairs you can feel the chill and hear the man crying out for help. You can follow a VERY simple procedure to not get electrocuted. One of the kids sat in a chair where a ghost had been hook up places near me, and the kid's head started to hurt. Right click the Panda, spam the macro.