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200 Greatest Slow Country Songs

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The first one is often the best one. In , the guys had their breakout hit with the appropriate ode to their favorite bar Dumas Walker. But somehow it became one of the most important songs of his career and he would tell you so if you asked him. Blake turned it into his own and it really became something special in the country world. Molen Films adapted into comics Swashbuckler films. This one is pretty recent, but it became a huge song in many different ways.

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The lyrics must have spoken to quite a few fans out there. But he took the really long way around to becoming a success in Nashville. This is one of those slow country songs that is still really catchy. And this was the second release from this album and it reached number one just like all the singles off that album. This one really has a classic country song.

Monday, March 12th By: The beard is back! Eric Paslay is bringing his brand of ginger-souled Country back to the radio with "Young Forever," his first single in a hot minute. Celebrating the carefree feelings of youth and young love, simpler times, and nights with friends, "Young Forever" reminds us all of the days before hour work weeks and mortgage payments.

As we head towards warmer weather and think back on Spring Breaks and Summer Vacations of yesterday, "Young Forever" is the perfect soundtrack for the windows down moments we will all begin to enjoy. What's not to love here.

Monday, March 5th By: Russell Dickerson recently topped the Mediabase Country singles chart with the steady, consistent "Yours," which was first aided by a gazillion YouTube views, then solid research at radio.

If you missed either of those, no worries. This tune has a hook that's a quick study. While "Yours" is what I call a burn-it-in song -- meaning the message and melody felt stronger the more it was heard -- "Blue Tacoma" is an instant earworm, sure to be a dashboard karaoke standard in no time.

The release is well-timed for a Summer peak, because this feels like a record for when school is out, the top is down, and Summer courtships are in full gear. That is the first and only reaction I had when I first heard this track, well before Brett Young's debut album was released. I remember sitting in the office, with the song crackling over a phone speaker, and thinking, "Mercy. We've all been there. That back-and-forth that someone, at some point, has played with your heart, keeping you on the line, breaking your heart slowly only to reappear again.

Have they no mercy? Brett not wrote the heck out of this song, but he delivers it with a soulful, intense vulnerability that makes this fourth single feel like a breakout before it even impacts radio. And, as Brett's star continues to rise, this has mega-hit written all over it.

Tuesday, February 20th By: When you think of Country music, you think of the honest truth, especially when it comes to Country love songs. Stoney Creek Records' newest addition, Jimmie Allen, is introducing himself to Country radio with "Best Shot," and its as if the lyrics were ripped out of someone's personal diary: Nothing was handed to him right away; in fact, he even lived out of his car to make his way into the industry.

From the get-go, Maren's "Hero" record has been a huge topic of discussion; it earned several nods from "Best Of" lists and numerous award nominations. Now, on the heels of her first career 1, Morris is coming in hot with a fourth single from the album, which just so happens to be my favorite.

I've now seen Maren perform "Rich" live three times, and each time the crowd ignited from start to finish. With a brilliant radio edit, this is the upbeat tempo and sing-along song that Country radio shouldn't pass on. Monday, February 12th By: Uptempo, catchy, positive, fun, and just over three minutes? It don't get better than that! When is Country radio going to collectively realize these guys are a real thing, cranking out infectious earworm-like tunes for several years now? The skeptic in me wants to ask Dierks Bentley, "Dude, what the hell did you do wrong?

Let's go with that premise, instead. With a Mumford And Sons vibe, this tune moves at highway speed, which programmers will love. The production is big, and Bentley's vocals soar through the chorus: This is the lead track from Bentley's upcoming album, "The Mountain," and is sure to leave you and your woman with a positive, promising feeling about your future together. Can I get an amen on that? If you've done your homework on Jacqueline, you'll know how insanely stylish and authentic she is.

You'll also know that you really can't go wrong with any song found on her "Side A" EP, and her debut single, "Reasons," is the perfect example of that. With vulnerable, honest lyrics, "Reasons" offers a unique female perspective about the true struggles of a break-up: So, regardless of all the "reasons" you could think of to not jump on this record right away, neglect them all and risk it for the biscuit, because Jillian Jacqueline is totally worth it.

Monday, January 22nd By: I'm talking about Brothers Osborne, of course, and their earth-scorching "Shoot Me Straight" is the lead single from that forthcoming project.

In a style uniquely Osborne, lead singer TJ tells the story of begging for a quick-and-nasty breakup so that he can get on with the task of forgetting the love lost. Both versions can be found on the All Access Cool New Music page; I'd recommend downloading both, jamming accordingly, and adding immediately. Tuesday, January 16th By: The event took place in Nashville and benefited the T. Martell Foundation, which funds innovative medical research focused on finding treatments and cures for cancer.

Anderson's new music is expected to be released soon. For those who don't watch, "Big Brother" is a reality TV game show that involves contestants completing physical and mental challenges to remain in the "Big Brother" house house while their fellow house guests work to get them evicted.

Rich is currently on the road with his radio tour promoting his new music. We start it off with one of the greatest country singers of all time.

Ronnie could sing any kind of song and that includes slow country songs. This one always seemed to be a unique one. It has a different sound. A more throwback doo-wop sound. Taking on a birthday song is pretty risky, but this one hit 1 in She Believes in me reached 1 on the country charts and 5 on the pop charts and went gold.

It was hard to choose songs from them to include on the list. Elizabeth was a huge hit and remains popular today. The band was unique. They had numerous hits of all different styles and tempos and Elizabeth is a great slow country song. Paisley makes his second mark on this chart with what seems like a timeless classic. This single was released in and went on to be a number one hit.

This one plays like advice that an older man can pass on down to younger generations. And really if you look at it the song is not about how women are late men can be just as late.

Talk about a classic jukebox song. This one from Hank Snow came out in and it sounds wonderfully fresh today. It has this great guitar riff that fits well with the slow melody and the wonderful twang of a country legend. Sawyer Brown is a personal favorite of mine. They had and have a unique sound. They did so many different kinds of songs including this big hit from What an amazing duet. What other goal is there in life other than making it to the rocking years with the person you love more than anything?

If only we all could be so lucky. Dolly and Ricky nailed this one. Willie Nelson and Ray Charles together for a big hit country duet? This was such a huge hit and remains one of the most powerful performances of all time. Willie is classic Willie and Ray takes emotion to another level. Ricky makes another quick appearance on the chart. This was classic country in and a change from what was happening in country music at the time.

We look back, rightly, at Randy Travis for bringing traditional back, but perhaps we forget about Ricky Van Shelton. That, along with many other achievements, defines the amazing career of Eddie Rabbitt. Back in Eddie took this slow country song all the way to the top of the charts.

He was one of the greats. Sisters Martie and Emily wrote this song that would become of the biggest songs for their group, the Dixie Chicks. Lead singer, Natalie Maines, put all of herself and emotion into singing this one and it came across as something really special. Things turned sour for the Chicks in country music and that makes it easy to forgot just how much of an impact they had on country music. John Conlee took this one to number one around and it remains a classic.

His voice is truly one of a kind. I really like the story of Ricky Van Shelton. He moved to Nashville and worked in his basement to hone that wonderful voice of his. Ricky had a knack for the slow songs. He could sing uptempo, but it seems he was well known for his slow songs including this number one hit from Man…talk about a great meeting. One of the songs that came out of that little get together was this one and it became a number one hit for Randy.

Traditional country at its best. It was the second single from their second greatest hits record. Talk about a powerful, emotional country song. One of the best duos in country music nailed it with this one. A song about loss in life. The man is one of the most emotional singers in country music history. This one came out in late and kicked off a little comeback for this country legend.

This song reached 4 on the country charts and for good reason. Real emotion and heartbreak in this song. Talk about big time. These two were really a unique group in country music. They had some amazing songs that still are some of the best of all time. This is a favorite.

When I hear that opening riff it takes me to a different place in time; back home. This one was released in and became a hit that year and into But he can hang his hat on this one. How cool is it that we can still listen to this great music in digital form today.

Steve Wariner might be one of the most underrated artists in country history. I know a good number of fans still remember. One of his biggest hits was this one. Just an absolute heart bender of a song.

A classic from one of the best in country music. This one really harkens back to the good old days of country music. Sometimes in situations the pain affects one person more than the other. Hank Thompson had a classic country voice. This song just oozes out of the jukebox. Even today we think of it often as being the other way around, but life throws us curveballs in many different ways.

Talk about a unique voice. Webb Pierce was really something special. This is a country classic. The main line is just something that really sticks with you.

This time a challenging situation about the one that got away. Lefty Frizzell has inspired a number of country singers. Some of the best in the business in their own right. Talk about a unique song. This one became a country hit and a pop hit. How cool is that? Another low voice, but from the new breed of country music singers.

Josh comes across as a really good guy. This song was something maybe a little different than what you might expect, but it worked really well. A somewhat slow romantic song, but one that is playful and makes you want to find the one you love and have a romantic evening. This one has all the best of Mickey Gilley. You feel the pain of a guy that can find ways to get through the days of loneliness, but those nights just about take him to the grave. Old Kenny Chesney has always had a bit of a soft side.

When this song came out it was pretty different. Jim Reeves defined The Nashville Sound in many ways. It was a smokey, sultry and big sound. This song became a number one hit in , one of the line of many for Jim Reeves. The man had one of the greatest voices of all time no matter the genre.

Jimmy Wayne is really a country artist unlike any other. He released his debut album in and had some hits there for a few years.

This one stood out as something really different. The song is about the trees with paper angels around Christmastime. Porter took this one to 4 on the country charts in That version made the song popular and it would go on to be recorded by many others.

A number one from back in This was classic Bill Anderson all the way through. The whispers are there complete with a really strong set of backup singers. It sounds unique to the time and really unique now. Certainly the idea of living in a world that we wish we could change is still around.

This was the last single off the debut Rascal Flatts album. The album had already been a success, but this song really showed another side of the trio and it elevated them just about to superstar status as they moved to their sophomore record.

The title says it all. This guy is coming to the realization that he has to move on to be able to live his life. One of my favorite songs of all time. I think Blackhawk is really an underrated band. This is perhaps their most well known song. It starts out slow and kind of picks up in the chorus, but we have to include it here. Restless Heart — another underrated band in country music. Probably a high school prom song. Hank Snow makes another appearance on the slow country song chart.

Snow is one of the best ever in country and this is one of his biggest and most well-known songs. Marty Robbins — a classic in country music. How about that yodel on this one? It went to 1 on the chart around He is just one of the best. This is one of those slow country songs that is still really catchy. This was a big time hit for Randy and remains one of his biggest ever. Country fans love this one.

What a defining song for a great artist. Talk about a biographical story that many country artists and country music fans have lived. This is my favorite Jimmy Buffett song.

A great song all around and actually a hit on the country charts. Well, I guess not a hit on the country charts, but it charted there and has been a favorite of the Parrotheads.

There were some other majors like Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks, but Vince was right there with them doing his own thing. Part of that thing was slow country songs including this heart breaking one that hit 1 in This is a song about life that makes you see something different each time you hear it. Pam is one of the best. It was kind of a transitional time for Randy.

I really like this song. A really good and perhaps underrated country song. They bring a throwback style to country music. They are all about family values, country living and keeping things simple. Yes, they focus on some new technologies, but are steadfast with the things in life that are really important like hard work, family and much more. I think this one is about yearning and a man that finally gets to come home to see the one he loves the most.

By , Garth Brooks was the king of the country world and perhaps the king of the music world. This one went on to become a number one hit. Tracy Byrd took this song to 2 on the charts in It was the second track off his sophomore album.

Nobody was back then because this would go on to be a huge album and this song was the hit that became the final one off the record. The song is about a man truly coming to terms with how lucky he is to have the woman of his dreams. The first one is often the best one. Mark Chesnutt had a huge collection of hits, but this one still stands out as pretty special.

It was his first release way back in Nothing is really that appealing out in the world. Talk about a heartbreaking song. The song is about a man that finds his wife cheating on him, but he blames himself for pushing her to seek the love of another man.

This song was a 1 hit in Willie was at his peak. He could take just about any song to the top of the charts back in those days, but this one is truly special.

In , a new country artist came on the scene with a unique booming voice. It was used for a really powerful song about a girl that was struggling with abuse at home. This is one of those rare country songs that really makes you think about how the world works for some people. Country music has its share of one-hit wonders just like pop music. This one came about in and it went all the way to 2 on the charts. It was definitely a surprise hit, but when you hear the song you can feel why people liked it.

And how they might be angels and perhaps worth helping. He only had the one album on RCA. This one is about the life that country folks live and how they are perhaps more well prepared for when things go wrong. This song still sees peaks in popularity every now and again and remains a fan favorite. Just about every country fan knows the chorus. Ronnie shows up on the countdown for the second time. This song was a big 1 hit in When it comes on there is just something about it that makes you pay attention and sing along with.

How awesome is Crystal Gayle? Ricky Bobby could see it. Crystal had the perfect voice. It was a blend of country and lounge and this song is perhaps one of her most well known. It went to number one in and became an iconic hit song that people still put on today. It took Gary Allan quite a few singles and years to finally get his first number one hit. This one is about how boys can act all tough. Man…talk about a slow country song. Life can turn us a lot of things in life whether we want it to or not.

We could have an entire list of George Strait slow songs. This is one of my favorites. This song is about a guy that wishes he could be the one making his former lover look so good in love. Charlie Rich was kind of a struggling singer in the pop and country world for a really long time.

That was until when he became a superstar in country music. This song would go on to become an incredibly popular song and one of the best country songs ever. It was released in and remains one of their best. What a great country song. Another really catchy one from Blackhawk. These guys knew how to find some good songs and this one was a big hit. A guy comes home in trouble again and his wife has finally had enough.

Sugarland was one of the phenomenons in country music in the s. They had hits after hits for a solid run. The original trio became a duo. Then the duo went on to solo careers, but has said that they just needed to part ways for awhile. This song came out off their second album. It was the last release from that record and became a really big hit late and Powerful song with all the production cut back and the focus on the sad story.

This one gets me every time. I know it has been a special song for a lot of people out there and especially for the guys that have had close relationships with their fathers or grandfathers. The dad is busy, but they still make time to work on that car and it still reminds the narrator how special his dad was even though he was a busy man.

In , Jamey Johnson came out with this one and it became a huge hit and somewhat of a surprise hit. Jamey is pretty enigmatic in the country music world. He definitely lives life by his own rules and that seems to make him more appealing to country fans. This song became a huge hit and special to many people that think they know the old days, but then really hear what things were like from those that lived it. Kacey Musgraves became a household name in country music thanks to this mega hit.

The song is about small town country life, but opens up a little bit about the reality of that life. This one had a different sound and people really took a liking to it. The lyrics must have spoken to quite a few fans out there.

John Conlee is back on the chart with another classic from his debut album. This one was his first number one hit. A man coming to the realization that he needs to show the woman he loves just how much he cares. This is one of the big ones from Emmylou. She had an impact on many and this song is one that has stood out as one of her best. They always seem to know.

Life became somewhat of a whirlwind for Ty Herndon when this song came out. He had the pretty basic beginning by getting noticed and signed to a major label. Spielberg began developing the film in the early s with Walt Disney Productions and Paramount Pictures , which would have followed the story line seen in the silent film and animated film.

It entered pre-production in , but Spielberg abandoned the project. It received mixed reviews from critics, and while it was a commercial success, its box office take was lower than expected. It was nominated in five categories at the 64th Academy Awards. It also spawned merchandise, including video games , action figures , and comic book adaptations.

Peter Banning is a successful corporate lawyer living in San Francisco. As a workaholic , he spends little time with his wife, Moira, and children, year-old Jack and 7-year-old Maggie, and even misses Jack's Little League Baseball game, which is straining his relationships with them. They fly to London to visit Moira's grandmother, Wendy Darling. Wendy is ostensibly the true creator of the Peter Pan stories, with J.

Barrie , her childhood neighbor merely having transcribed the tales. During their stay, Peter angrily yells at the children while their playing disturbs his important call, leading to an audacious argument with Moira, who throws his cellphone out of the window. Peter, Moira and Wendy go out to a Christmas charity dinner honoring Wendy's long life of charitable service to orphans.

Upon their return, they discover the house has been ransacked and the children have been abducted. A cryptic ransom note, signed Captain James Hook , has been pinned to the playroom door with a dagger.

Wendy confesses to Peter that the stories of Peter Pan are true and that Peter himself is Pan, having lost all of his childhood memories when he fell in love with Moira. In disbelief, he gets drunk up in the playroom, but Tinker Bell appears and takes him to Neverland to rescue his children from Hook. Hook and his pirates confront Peter but become depressed when they realize he does not remember his former life and identity.

Tinker Bell makes a deal with Hook that Peter will regain his memories in three days for a climactic battle. He is reacquainted with the Mermaids and meets the new generation of Lost Boys , led by Rufio, who refuses to believe that he is the real Peter Pan.

They help him train, and in the process he regains his imagination and lost youth. One of them, Thud Butt, gives him marbles that were left behind by Tootles , who is now an old man living with Wendy. While Maggie refuses to be taken in, Jack comes to view Hook as a father figure. Hook arranges a makeshift baseball game for Jack, which Peter watches as Hook treats Jack like his own son.

Horrified, Peter runs off and tries to fly, but is led to the old treehouse of the Lost Boys by his own shadow. Tinker Bell helps him remember his childhood and how he fell in love with Moira, and he realizes his happy thought is being a father. He flies up into the sky, returning as Peter Pan, and Rufio surrenders his sword and leadership back to him. The child-minded Peter returns to Tinker Bell who grows human-sized and kisses him, reminding him of his reason for being in Neverland.

However, he is faithful to Moira and their children, and desires to be with them than staying. On the third day, he and the Lost Boys attack the pirates as promised, leading to a lengthy battle. He rescues Maggie and promises to be a better father to both her and Jack.

Rufio fights a duel with Hook but is mortally wounded and dies in Peter's arms. Peter and Hook duel, leading to Peter's victory. Refusing to leave honorably, Hook attacks Peter one last time, but the stuffed crocodile , whom Hook once feared, springs to life and his mouth falls on top of him, eating Hook. Peter gives his sword to Thud Butt, promoting him the new leader of the Lost Boys, and leaves Neverland for good. He awakens in Kensington Gardens , meeting a sweeper who bears a strong resemblance to Smee and bidding farewell to Tinker Bell, who confesses her unrequited love to him before vanishing.

He climbs up the drain pipe of Wendy's house, reuniting and reconciling with his family and returning Tootles' marbles to him. Tootles discovers the bag contains pixie dust , and he flies out the window to return to Neverland. Spielberg found close personal connection to the Peter Pan story from his own childhood. The troubled relationship between Peter and Jack in the sequel echoed Spielberg's relationship with his own father.

Previous Spielberg films that explored a dysfunctional father-son relationship included E. Peter's "quest for success" paralleled Spielberg starting out as a film director and transforming into a Hollywood business magnate. They are so self-involved with work and success and arriving at the next plateau that children and family almost become incidental.

I have even experienced it myself when I have been on a very tough shoot and I've not seen my kids except on weekends. They ask for my time and I can't give it to them because I'm working. He feels that Peter's "enduring quality" in the storyline is simply to fly. Before I saw Superman , before I saw Batman , and of course before I saw any superheroes , my first memory of anybody flying is in Peter Pan. Barrie considered writing a story in which Peter Pan grew up; his notes for the latest stage revival of Peter Pan included possible titles for another play: He explained in , "When I was eleven years old I actually directed the story during a school production.

I have always felt like Peter Pan.

Iamges: hook up country songs

hook up country songs

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

hook up country songs

One of my favorite songs of all time.

hook up country songs

He has a way of getting through to the listener. Part of that thing was slow country songs including this heart breaking one that hit 1 in Talk about a powerhouse duo. Clint Black stormed onto the country music scene in with four straight number one hits. The main line is just something that really sticks with you. Martell Foundation, which funds innovative medical research focused on finding hook up country songs and cures couhtry cancer.