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Her baby bump is starting to show a bit in this episode. She also ends up taking his virginity, which upsets him because she has done it many times with many other people and it doesn't mean anything to her, but in The First Time he states that his first time with Brittany made him feel like a man, even though she called him the wrong name four times, causing him to break up with her. By the end of this episode, it was never strongly revealed if she really had any 'plans' for New York. Duets Santana refuses to do a duet with Brittany, saying she made out with her just because Puck is in jail.

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Dream On It is revealed that Quinn's dream is to have no stretch marks; further suggesting Quinn has serious body image issues. She is last seen exiting the auditorium with everyone. I am absolutely delighted that our channel's Christmas special is being directed by a teenage disabled boy. At the skate park with Artie, Quinn is amazed at all the people there that are not letting their handicapped situations get in their way. Santana suggests that Rachel doesn't do the scene because after a few years, she'll feel guilty, and that her kids might see it one day. They continue to walk down the hall with her arm wrapped through Finn's for a short time before pulling away.

Rachel opens it and is surprised to see a smiling Brittany. Everybody is very excited to see her, but Brittany misses Santana and asks about her. It is then revealed that Santana is shooting another Yeast-I-Stat commercial.

Brittany tells her she didn't know, because she gave her cell phone up after breaking up with Kiki. Brittany joins Mercedes on her mall tour as a back-up dancer, and performs in Shakin' My Head. She is present at the first read-through of the script, where it is revealed that she is called Nittany in the pilot, and hooks up with Blaine's character Slaine.

She is also the DJ at Rachel's impromptu birthday rave party. When Artie stops reading the script, Brittany proclaims everybody stops just when she starts getting into it. Later that week, she reads the second version of Rachel's pilot script with the rest of the group, and they all love it, although Brittany thinks the first one was better. She brings in cats to help Rachel with her audition. Rachel calls Brittany, and the rest of the alumni to come and help with Glee club recruitment.

She is seen sitting in the choir room and performs in Take On Me with the alumni. Brittany performs Problem with Santana , Quinn , and Artie to try and get recruits from the cheerios. After the performance, Kitty confronts them and says that Rachel didn't even know her name.

Brittany says she knows her name, it's Quinn. Later, she gives Kurt advice to get Blaine back. He should burn all his clothes and start dressing like a normal person and follow his life's ambition to become the best Barbara Bush impersonator. Brittany and the rest of the alumni hunt down Roderick Meeks to try and recruit him. Brittany is seen sitting next to Santana when Rachel and Kurt announce the first assignment for the glee club.

Brittany and Santana are cuddling in Brittany's bedroom later that day. They discuss their song selection for the assignment. Santana explains they need to mash-up songs from each album, and Brittany says she likes to think out of the box. She finally agrees with Santana and the two of them talks about their future together. Santana wants them to live in New York City and go to college together.

After the performance, Santana ask Brittany to sit down and she proposes to her; Brittany happily accepts. Everyone seems happy for them until Kurt objects, saying they are all too young to be getting married.

Tina defends them and shows her support for the engagement, and everyone congratulates them. Later, Kurt apologize to Brittany and she tells him that Blaine and Karofsky have moved in together. She knows this because they asked her to decorate their new apartment. Brittany advises Kurt to try and move on from Blaine. She watches the So Far Away performance, and when Becky runs away, she follows her.

When Tina says that she wishes she had a guy who looks at her the way he looks at Becky, Brittany jokingly quips that she can't hear Tina's voice because she blocked it out because everything she said is depressing and always about her, a statement Tina seems to take offense by. What the World Needs Now. Brittany is first seen sitting on her bed working on a complex cube problem when her parents come in to talk to her about how she became a mathematical genius.

They tell her that Pierce is not her real father. Her real father is Stephan Hawking. Her mom explains the whole situation to Brittany even though it is clearly making her feel uncomfortable.

She says that the news is just a little shocking. Then Brittany tells them that she and Santana are getting married and they are both very excited about the news. She brings Artie to her bedroom and tells him that she wants to hire him as her wedding planner. She tells him things that remind her of Santana and when she says Heaven, he thinks that a good idea. This leads into Wishin' And Hoping. After she says that they should keep Heaven on the list but also consider the underworld.

Brittany goes to Alma Lopez house and bonds with her over her engagement and a Spanish television show. This transitions into a special Spanish edition of Fondue for Two with Alma.

She talks about her love life and Eleanor Roosevelt and her best friend. When Brittany mentions just eloping, Alma gets defensive and says that family needs to share in the joy of a wedding.

Brittany is later seen in the McKinley hallway surrounded by fans of her web show. Santana comes up and is upset that Brittany went behind her back to talk to Alma. Then they tell each other I love you and kiss. She brings Alma to the auditorium to watch Santana perform Alfie. Brittany gets up and joins the rest of the New Directions and Alumni on the stage to sing back up.

At the end of the song she walks up to Santana and holds her hand and kisses her on the cheek. Alma is confused and asks if they know each other. Santana says that Brittany is the love of her life and she wants to share that with her Abuela, but Alma doesn't want to go to the wedding because it just isn't right. Alma gets mad and leaves the auditorium. Later, Brittany and Santana are walking down the hallway and Brittany says that she shouldn't have said those things to Alma. Santana says that she was like her lady night in shiny armor.

Santana says that she already has a lot of love in her life, meaning Brittany. They go to the auditorium to hear the performance of What the World Needs Now and listen to their friends talk about how they love them. Then they go to Mr. Schuester 's house for a get together with everyone. Brittany shows Emma her engagement ring. The episode ends with a group hug around her and Santana. The episode opens with Brittany, Santana, their moms, and Artie entering a barn in rural northeast Indiana.

Whitney explains that it was the barn Brittany was born in and it would be fun for Santana and her to get married in it. Whitney tells the story of how Brittany was born, including a cow that licked newborn Brittany clean and how she was swaddled in a Mr. Brittany seems embarrassed and confused throughout the story.

Santana tells her that she thinks it is the perfect place to get married. She is having pre-wedding jitters and Kurt explains that it is normal and everything will be fine. Brittany asks how Kurt copped with wedding planning and he says that he didn't have to because his engagement was called off. He volunteers Burt to officiate the wedding and after some confusion on who that is, Brittany happily agrees. Brittany and Santana show off their potential wedding dresses to Tina, Mercedes, and Rachel.

Brittany comes out in the gown that she wants and all the girls agree that it is the perfect choice. Santana comes out and tells her that she looks incredible, much to the dismay of Brittany who freaks out and says that this is bad luck. Then she tries to ritually slaughter a chicken in the choir room to counteract this bad luck. Rachel panics a little and tells her she is not doing that and Santana tells her hell no and gets her to set the chicken down in the hallway.

She distracts her mind by helping Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana figure out the seating chart for the wedding. She says Rachel and Kurt should sit together because they are both sort of annoying. Santana does not want Sue at the wedding, but Brittany does because they met due to Sue putting them on the Cheerios together. Brittany is visibly frustrated by this. Before the wedding Brittany is still freaking out over having bad luck.

She sends Mercedes to find a spider to wear on her dress, Tina to get wine glasses to smash, and Rachel to find a lizard to cross her path.

All of these things are supposed to bring Brittany good luck. Then, Santana enters and tells her that she is the most beautiful bride and that she looks amazing. She accuses Santana of sabotaging it. Santana puts her foot down and tells Brittany what started the whole superstition.

Santana says that it is good luck to kiss the bride before the ceremony and the two share an intimate kiss. Then Sue walks in and Santana asks her what the hell she is doing there. Santana is really mad and tells Sue to get out.

Later, Sue brings Kurt and Blaine to Brittany who has manikins of the boys in tuxes. She says the whole time she was planning the wedding she couldn't help but think of them. She looked up to them in high school as a couple and they showed her that there is a place for her and Santana as well. When they called off their wedding it broke her heart and she wants her dream back. Sue and Brittany want Kurt and Blaine to get married. Brittany even convinced Santana to agree to the double wedding.

Brittany watches Santana with love and happiness on her face. Burt thanks the four of them for being brave. It made me feel dumb just because my brain worked differently. They share a kiss and Brittany tells Santana she loves her. When the doves are released, Brittany is thrilled. Brittany dances during the performance of Hey Ya!

During the song they exchange loving glances and touches. After the wedding, Sue gets Brittany and Santana to come to the auditorium and gives them a gift. It is a month long all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas.

Brittany is excited about it being where Wonder Woman was born. Brittany wants to celebrate her anniversary every year with Kurt and Blaine. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester. Brittany is mentioned by Sue Sylvester when she says that Quinn , Brittany, and Santana Lopez are one of her most successful Cheerios during an interview with Geraldo Rivera. Pierce, math prodigy M. Geraldo then tells her that they did reach out to all three of them and they declined to comment, leaving Sue seemingly speechless.

We Built This Glee Club. Brittany comes to the auditorium with Santana at the end of the episode, they perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast.

As a Cheerio, Brittany could be expected to come across as cruel, but she is generally a kind, generous, and caring person, although exceptionally naive and innocent to the point of being considered stupid, though she is very sensitive to this word, such as when she stood up for herself after Finn called her stupid, considering it as 'mean' and 'bullying.

Although at the start of the series she demonstrated signs of bullying, in truth, any form of cruelty tends to spawn from the influences of her more mean-spirited fiends, such as Santana and for a time, Quinn, though often she's largely unaware of what she's really doing. In fact, her default personality and behavior, as previously mentioned, is far more kind and sympathetic, as demonstrated by her friendship with Becky, a girl with Down Syndrome.

Brittany tends to treat Becky with respect and kindness, although some claim it's only because Becky lets her cheat in class. While proudly promiscuous, Brittany has an innocent and fragile demeanor. She depends on the guidance of others, most notably her best friend, Santana, to the point that during the summer holidays, she gets lost in the sewers on the way back from motocross practice.

She has an aversion to violence, particularly between her friends. As the ultimate "dumb blonde," Brittany speaks without any mental filter, often resulting in unexpected statements, such as, "I'm pretty sure my cat's reading my diary.

In " Britney 2. She also expresses a lack of basic knowledge and common sense. This often results in her doing strange things such as attempting to put the toilet paper back on the rolls.

She is, however, aware of her lack of intelligence as evidenced in Duets where she calls Puck dumb while laughing and saying, "And that's coming from me! She has some childish characteristics such as believing in Santa with all her heart and is extremely gullible as evidenced when Artie convinced her that his comb was magical and would help the glee club when competing.

Her kindness and childlike innocence can often be used against her, such as when she almost put her life on the line when Sue convinced her to launch herself of a human cannon to help "mama cannon" support her family during a Cheerleading competition.

Her best friend is Santana who is noticeably protective of Brittany and only Santana understands her childish actions.

Brittany is the only bisexual character on the show. Brittany can be quite competitive as she stated in Makeover to Sam that she really wants to win. Even though she is generally a very kind and sweet girl, Brittany will become angry at people who call her stupid.

Brittany does not tolerate being bullied by other people. When Finn called her an idiot in Pot o' Gold she stood up for herself, telling Finn that it was mean and bullying and that she wouldn't accept it. She has revealed that everyone in school at one time or another had called her stupid or an idiot. She also claims that because Finn is one of the leaders of New Directions, which makes his insult even worse. Brittany doesn't like seeing people sad and often shows sympathy towards people, especially her best friend Santana.

This is shown in Silly Love Songs when Santana cries because the Glee club ganged up on her and Brittany comforts her. Schue says that around people die a year from alcohol poisoning, and Brittany gives her a hug to calm her down. Brittany looks sympathetic towards Tina when she has a very big break down in Silly Love Songs and also in A Night of Neglect when Tina cries after getting heckled off stage, and she comforts Sugar in Girls and Boys on Film when she's sad about Mr.

Schue not going to pick a winner for the mash-up competition. Brittany is notorious for being exceedingly promiscuous at McKinley High, having slept with many males and apparently females, though the only known female she has slept with is Santana as revealed in the episode Sectionals.

In Bad Reputation , she claims to have made out with everyone in the school. She aims to hook up with as many people as she can, stating that she's made out with boys, girls, and one of the school's male janitors, as claimed in Bad Reputation , even inviting Kurt to 'tap this' in Laryngitis. While Brittany has only dated one girl, Santana, she has shown interest in other females in several episodes, such as in Audition where she claimed she wanted to touch Coach Beiste 's boobs.

She also was seen slow dancing with a girl at prom during Jar of Hearts in the episode Prom Queen. In Duets , Brittany and Santana are seen in bed together after making out with Santana kissing Brittany's neck.

When Brittany says they should sing a duet in glee club of Melissa Etheridge's Come To My Window, Santana gets defensive and rejects Brittany, causing conflict between them. Brittany begins dating Artie Abrams to make Santana jealous while also denying Santana sex.

However, after Brittany makes a catty remark towards Santana, she says, "I'm mad at you, but you're still so hot. Her sexuality was never directly addressed until Sexy , where it is revealed that Brittany is still sleeping with Santana despite being attached to Artie. Brittany prompts Santana to have a conversation about their relationship, which Santana rejects. Eventually, though, the two consult Holly Holiday about their relationship.

When Holly asks whether either of them thinks they may be a lesbian, Brittany states that she doesn't know because Santana refuses to talk about it. Later, when Santana admits she's in love with Brittany, Brittany tells her that she loves her too, but is also in love with Artie. In Born This Way , Brittany claims she 'thinks she's bi-curious', but as she is later seen trying to initiate a romantic relationship with Santana, it is made obvious that her feelings go deeper than curiosity.

Brittany also urges Santana to come out of the closet in the following episodes. In New York , when Santana asks about her relationship with Brittany, Brittany tells her that she loves Santana more than she has ever loved anyone before. In I Am Unicorn , Brittany decides she wants to manage Kurt's campaign for class president, with the idea that students should celebrate being "unicorns," meaning that they're special and not afraid to show it.

Eventually, with inspiration from Santana, Brittany decides to run for president herself, telling Kurt that she is a unicorn as well—or "maybe a bicorn," and thus confirming Brittany's bisexuality. Santana asks if they're on a date, and Brittany claims she thought that they were dating—since both Brittany and Santana are single, Brittany says she wanted to "mingle.

At the end of the scene, Santana tells Brittany, "I wish you'd hold my hand. In Heart , Santana and Brittany are publicly dating. Apparently they have kissed in public before since Principal Figgins tells them that they've had multiple complaints about their PDA from somebody for religious reasons.

They are now a fully out couple; the rest of Glee Club and the school at large knows their relationship. In Prom-asaurus , Brittany is up for prom king causing Sue to comment when reading her name, "That's weird". She doesn't win, only receiving four votes; Santana refuses to accept winning prom queen if Brittany won't be her king. Although it has been said many times that Brittany is bisexual, Santana says in Previously Unaired Christmas that they are both lesbians.

They're often seen linking their pinkies together and cuddling. In Duets , they are seen on Brittany's bed. Santana is laying on Brittany kissing her neck, while Brittany rubs her back. Brittany says they should sing a duet together and says they could do "Come to My Window" by Melissa Etheridge, But Santana doesn't accept, and says that she's only with Brittany because Puck is in jail. Brittany then gets upset and starts dating Artie to make Santana jealous.

In Sexy , Santana confesses to Brittany that she loves her and wants to be with only her. Brittany tells Santana that she loves her too, but has feelings for Artie as well and doesn't want to hurt him because it wouldn't be right.

Brittany is seen supporting Santana in several situations. In Rumours , Santana sings Songbird with only the two of them in the room. Brittany wants her to come on Fondue for Two, so she can tell Santana how she feels, and then ask her to prom. However, Santana doesn't show for the Fondue for Two episode. Afterwards, Jacob grills Santana about her relationship with Karofsky , as Brittany sadly watches.

In Born This Way , Brittany tries to help Santana embrace her lesbian identity and prints her a misspelled T-shirt reading "Lebanese," that was supposed to read "Lesbian. In New York , Brittany tells Santana that she loves her more than anyone in the world. During Season Three , their relationship is further developed, starting with Pot o' Gold , where they're on a date at Breadstix and it is revealed that they are dating.

In Heart , they have many demonstrations of affection and love throughout the episode. Brittany meets Santana by her locker with her laptop and shows the playlist she's made for her for Valentine's Day. Santana smiles at the gesture in adoration as the playlist contains a list of songs Brittany dedicates every time they spend their moments together and every time she thinks about her. The playlist also shows a picture of the cuddled up wrapped around in a love heart shape.

They went to the Valentine's dance together and they kissed twice: In Goodbye , while having Dinner with Santana and Santana's mom, Brittany told them she was not graduating, leaving Santana boring.

They both look lovingly towards each other and very commonly show signs of affection such as hugging, holding hands, or cuddling. They usually share glances and happy smiles in every episode and are always seen together. Their relationship shows a lot of sweetness and love and even though they haven't talked much throughout the season on-screen you can see how much they love and care for each other through all their little signs of affection.

Season Four is a breakpoint in their relationship. They break up in The Break-Up due to the long distance between them since Santana went to college, but Brittany is still in high school.

In Glease , they reunite, Brittany says that she misses her and Santana confesses he only accepted the role in the musical, so she could see Brittany again. Both still seem sensitive. In All or Nothing , after knowing about Brittany's weird new behavior, Santana comes back to help her, showing how much they still care about each other and she tells her about MIT and at the end of the episode, Brittany says goodbye to Santana and the rest of her friends and how much she will miss them all.

In , Santana expresses her discomfort about the new, math-oriented way Brittany is acting. Towards the end of the episode, Brittany admits to still wanting to be with Santana and kisses her. In New Directions , Brittany attempts to woo Santana with lilies and convince her to run away with her to Lesbos Island. Santana declines the offer. Later, after Brittany's official graduation, Santana finds her in the bathroom.

Brittany says yes, they kiss and hug, and are presumably dating again. She also ends up taking his virginity, which upsets him because she has done it many times with many other people and it doesn't mean anything to her, but in The First Time he states that his first time with Brittany made him feel like a man, even though she called him the wrong name four times, causing him to break up with her.

They end up going on a double date. In Furt , Brittany and Artie get back together and seem very happy to be dating again. When Tina asks if they are officially dating, Brittany says, "deal with it. In Rumours , after getting into a fight about Santana, Artie gets frustrated and calls Brittany "stupid. In an attempt to win her back Artie and the guys sing a song for her to get her to go to prom with him yet Brittany turns him down even though she is seen enjoying the song, this is probably because she is in love with Santana and him calling her stupid could be just an excuse to let him down easy.

Brittany-Kurt Relationship Kurttany When Kurt tries to impress his father by appearing more masculine, Brittany offers to make out with him as she has made out with everyone except him because she always thought he was a 'capital-G Gay.

When Mike decides to choose Glee over football, Brittany runs to give him a hug and is heard saying, "I love you. At one point, they are also thought to be having an affair with each other when they are practicing a routine for Sectionals in Season Two, but this proves to be false, according to Brittany.

Sometime prior to sleeping with Quinn, Puck admitted to having a sexual relationship with Brittany. In the first episode of Season Three, Santana stated that they -Brittany, Santana, and Quinn- had all slept with Puck in the same year. The two form a close friendship. Sam runs for Vice president and Brittany for President from different parties in Makeover. Brittany suggests that they run from different parties since she doesn't want them to be enemies.

In a flashback, Sam is shown voting for Brittany and not his running mate, Blaine. In Swan Song , Sam confesses his love to Brittany. Although Brittany feels the same way about Sam, she is hesitant to date him, because fears that might put him in danger. She eventually does become a couple with him, however.

Sam proposes to Brittany in the following episode, and they seemingly get married on December 18, however it turns out to have been a trick by Coach Beiste. Brittany breaks up with him via text-message in All or Nothing. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Pierce General Information Gender: April 16, Height: Performing, cats, Britney Spears , dancing, astrology, "sweet lady kisses.

Dancing, singing, cheerleading Vulnerabilities: Being called stupid Strengths: Popularity, dancing, setting trends, comforting others, math Weaknesses: Academics Series Information First episode: Dreams Come True Portrayer: And they accept you for who you are.

Contents [ show ]. Vitamin D Brittany performs on the girls team for the mash-up competition. Mash-Up Brittany, along with the other Glee Club members, waits to see if the boys will choose Glee or the Football Team and she is happy when she sees Mike enter the music room. Wheels The Glee Club raises money by putting on a bake sale in order to get a bus to take Artie to sectionals. Ballad Brittany is paired with Santana for the week's ballad assignment.

Mattress The Glee Club is cast in a local mattress commercial, in which Brittany performs background vocals and several impressive acrobatic stunts in Jump. Sectionals While on the phone with Artie, Tina, Mercedes , and Santana, Brittany lets it slip that she and Santana have slept together.

Hell-O Brittany spends a lot of time with Santana. The Power of Madonna Sue asks her cheerleaders to copy her role model, Madonna, by dating younger men. Home Mercedes asks Brittany and Santana how they manage to stay so "skinny. Laryngitis Brittany is turned on by Kurt's new style and gives him an opportunity to "tap this" so that she can have a "perfect record" of making out with everyone. Dream On Brittany is only seen briefly, she dances with Artie in his fantasy sequence of Safety Dance.

Theatricality "You look terrible. I look awesome" Brittany, along with the other girls and Kurt, gets inspired by Lady Gaga and as a result, they perform her hit song Bad Romance wearing a selection of her classic costumes. Brittany wears a light jacket, black leggings and a lobster shaped hat and glasses.

She is very proud of her costume, commenting that she looks awesome and Rachel looks terrible. Funk Brittany and the rest of the CheeriHos fall into depression and confusion when cheerleading coach Sue refuses to get head. Journey Brittany, along with the others, goes to Will's house to discuss song choices, but instead she tells them that Sue said, "I am going to crush glee club" which lowers their spirits.

Audition Brittany reveals that she spent her summer lost in the sewers. Pierce, Brittany Spierce" which is why she doesn't like talking about pop star Britney Spears , feeling over-shadowed by her.

This gives Will Schuester the excuse he needs to avoid doing Britney numbers. This episode also features Brittany's first solo in the show. When Emma 's new boyfriend Carl comes to teach the Glee kids about dental hygiene, we find out that Brittany doesn't brush her teeth, but rinses her mouth with soda instead.

Grilled Cheesus It is revealed that Brittany is religious and she prays. Showing how caring she really is, she tries to help Kurt Hummel by giving him a book that she wrote in crayon that heart attacks to give to the doctors "I gave him a card that said Heart Attacks were just from loving too much". She and Santana also report to Sue about what has happened to Kurt and his dad. She performs back-up vocals in One of Us. Brittany giving Kurt her book report on heart attacks.

Duets Santana refuses to do a duet with Brittany, saying she made out with her just because Puck is in jail. Brittany is obviously hurt and starts dating Artie to make Santana jealous. While practicing for their duet at her place, Artie wants to break up with Brittany because he realizes he isn't over Tina yet. When a jealous Santana tells Artie that sex doesn't mean nearly as much to Brittany as it does to him, he ends the relationship and pulls them out of the duet competition.

However, it appears later that Brittany does care for Artie as she sadly watches him as he passes by her with Finn. Near the end of the scene with Quinn and Sam at Breadstix, she is seen alone rolling a meatball across the table. Also, they go to the strip club to exchange Tastykakes for sex. The Substitute Young Brittany Will imagines Brittany, and the rest of the glee club, as being five years old. Later, she introduces herself to Holly Holliday as Mike Chang as a joke.

While in Sue's office, she says that Will taught her the second half of the alphabet to convince Sue to allow him to maintain his job. Furt Brittany is officially dating Artie. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Brittany appears doing the dancing number California Gurls along with her fellow Cheerios , but later she, along with Santana and Quinn, is forced by Sue to choose between the Cheerios and Glee Club, with the risk of being shot from and possibly killed by a giant cannon so Sue can win the cheerleading Regionals competition.

At first, she chooses the Cheerios, but when Finn arrives and asks her if it's really worth it to risk her life instead of doing something she loves, she chooses Glee Club and tells Sue that she's quitting the Cheerios. Brittany, Santana and Quinn in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Silly Love Songs Brittany comforts Santana after Rachel makes a remark to Santana about her mean comments, that she was being a bitch and that she's most likely to be a pole-dancer in the future.

Comeback Brittany is paid by Rachel to dress like her. She gives Santana a comforting hug after she starts crying because Mr. Schuester says that nearly people die every year from alcohol poisoning.

While singing, she says to Rachel that she doesn't feel good and ends up vomiting on Rachel. Sexy Brittany has a pregnancy scare because she had seen a stork by her window the night before implying that she still believes that storks bring babies. After the Landslide performance. They sing Landslide and at the end of it, Brittany asks if Santana really meant it all. Santana tells her she does and they hug, though Santana refuses to be 'labeled' by anyone because she is in love with Brittany, although the rest of the glee club members did not interpret Brittany and Santana's duet as romantic.

Afterward, Santana approaches Brittany and admits that the reason she is so bitchy is because she's in love with Brittany, but is worried about what others will think of her. Brittany tells Santana that she loves her too, but is also loves Artie and will not break up with him because he doesn't want to hurt him. When she tries to hug Santana, she is pushed away and Santana runs off, leaving Brittany concerned and sad.

Original Song Brittany approaches Santana and tell her that she misses her and being friends with her, but Santana declines and tells her that she's currently writing a song about Sam. When Santana refuses to wear it and doesn't want Brittany to tell anyone, she gets angry and tells Santana that she is the most awesome girl in the school and if she loved herself she wouldn't hide her sexual orientation.

During the performance of Born This Way she is seen dancing and wearing a blue jacket before revealing her Born This Way shirt. Rumours On Brittany's new internet gossip talk show called Fondue for Two , she claims that Santana is playing for another team. Santana later sings Songbird to Brittany when the rest of the glee club isn't there. Brittany asks why Santana couldn't say that in front of everyone, and Santana says she's not ready to make a big announcement about her love for Brittany yet.

He heads back out and sings to Quinn in front of her parents, which Quinn is angered by at first, but soon turns heartened. After Quinn's father angrily interrupts the song, he confronts Finn and Quinn about her being pregnant. Finn says they didn't have sex, but her doesn't believe Finn. Quinn is upset that her mother must have known that she was pregnant but did nothing out of fear of what Quinn's father would say.

After the fierce argument between them and Quinn's father, he kicks her out. Finn brings Quinn to his own home, and his mother tells her she can stay with them as long as she needs to.

Just before the yearbook photos are taken, Quinn resolves to be back on the Cheerios after sitting with Brittany and Santana as they deface a Thunderclap. She blackmails Sue by threatening to reveal the fact that the cheerios make profit, which could get them disqualified from competition. Sue agrees to let her back on the squad.

Sue then says she has to be at the back of the photo to hide her shame. She then makes a rude comment about Quinn's pregnancy. Offended, Quinn instead rejects her offer and tells her to give up one of her yearbook pages to the Glee Club as she rather be with people who accept her for who she is, forcing Sue to agree.

Sue admits to Quinn that she forgot how ruthless Quinn really was. Quinn thanks Sue for indirectly teaching her this lesson, and then storms out, leaving Sue speechless. Quinn tearfully admits that Puck is the father and attempts to apologize but Finn in tears, breaks up with her, quits the club and runs away.

Rachel apologizes to her for telling Finn the truth and Quinn says she's not mad at her. Quinn returns to school attempting to make Puck a faithful father. The Power of Madonna. When Rachel asks for help with boys and sex, Quinn requests she stop talking as she is grossing her baby out.

Quinn then informs Mr. Schuester of the sexism in society and the lower salary of woman, making him choose Madonna as a Glee assignment. Quinn begins to notice that Mercedes, now a Cheerio, is deliberately starving herself to get thinner, something she can relate to. After Mercedes collapses, Quinn approaches her and reveals that when she was a cheerleader she threw up to stay skinny but being pregnant made her see the importance of eating healthy and that she doesn't mind becoming big and round as long as her baby is healthy and she gives Mercedes some food.

She says Mercedes is beautiful as she is and the two become friends. Quinn is at the top, and when asked, she claims Rachel is the culprit due to her grudge against Quinn. After seeing Quinn get bumped into in the hallway, Mr. Schue realizes Quinn wrote the Glist to improve her reputation. She says she never meant to hurt anyone, but can't deal with being invisible, and that a bad reputation is better than no reputation at all.

When Quinn asks Mr. Schue if he thinks she could get it all back one day her popularity, reputation etc. Schue tells Figgins no one came forward and convinces him that since the lists have stopped they should move on without suspensions and Quinn silently thanks him.

Quinn gives Mercedes her permission to date Puck but warns her to be careful of Santana who also wants Puck back. She also mentions how Puck's mother won't let her eat bacon. She sings background vocals in One.

It is revealed that Quinn's dream is to have no stretch marks; further suggesting Quinn has serious body image issues. She later tells Mr. Puck suggests naming their daughter Jackie Daniels and they argue about how they will name or if they even going to name her. Quinn wishes to express her funky side, which amuses the club, who laugh at her.

Mercedes also invites Quinn to live at her house instead of Puck's therefore she can dig trough her frustration, which Quinn accepts. Later, she rejoins the Cheerios by convincing Sue that she can help get their budget back and by telling her Santana got breast implants over the summer. She is reinstated to Head Cheerleader while Santana gets demoted to the bottom of the pyramid. Quinn and Santana get into a vicious fight in the hallway, until Mr.

At the end of the episode, Quinn is seen looking slightly regretful at Cheerios practice when seeing Santana buckling under the weight of a pyramid.

Quinn has her first minor role in the second season. She is one of the Glee club members who does not have to go to Carl's dentist office, due to her perfect teeth. Quinn tries to seduce Finn into going back out with her since they are both popular again. However Finn turns Quinn down but also says he would be lying if he said that he didn't have feelings for her anymore.

Moments later, it is revealed that Rachel asked Quinn to do this and Quinn tells her Finn really loves her, although Quinn didn't seem to be very happy with it. Quinn is glad to see that Finn has taken an interest in praying and God.

She says that she had a tough year and that she turned to God lots of times for help, so she agrees with Finn in wanting to show God some appreciation through song. Kurt notices and tells Quinn and the others to leave, which they do. She has another minor role. Later, they agree to sing a duet together for their weekly assignment, but when Sam tries to kiss her, she panics, fearing that by getting into another relationship, she would be going down the same path she did last year and she would lose her newly regained popularity.

She decides not to sing with him. However, Rachel and Finn convince them to pair up again. He confides in her that he knows what it's like to hide something about ones' self and Quinn immediately jumps on the topic, asking if Sam is actually gay, an assumption made by Kurt earlier.

He denies this, and instead reveals he uses lemon juice to make his hair a lighter color. After this she puts the coupons away, and tells Sam that he would be paying for dinner as "a true gentleman always pays on the first date. The Rocky Horror Glee Show. Quinn is seen in a flashback sequence of Sam's where they are shown to be having a make-out session and she refuses to go any further after Sam mentions a little "something-something.

She doesn't know this is a "cool down" method that Finn taught him. Will Schuester imagines her, along with the rest of the glee club, as 5 year olds when he was sick. This comes up as strange because Quinn wasn't at the glee meeting even though her 5 year old self was shown. Schuester comes back, even if she doesn't like his choice of music. It also seems in this episode that she and Santana have mended their fight and are friends again.

Quinn is alone with Sam in the astronomy classroom, he tells her he loves her. Then he gets down on one knee and she starts freaking out because she thinks he's going to ask her to marry him, but wants her to accept a promise ring from him. Quinn tells him it's a maybe. Quinn tells Rachel that fighting violence with violence will do nothing and claims that she is not dating Sam. Quinn approaches Sam telling him how she was proud of him for taking the lead and standing up.

She then points out that the whole time they've been talking he hasn't noticed that she was wearing the promise ring on her hand, which she stole after breaking into Sam's locker with a nail filer. When New Directions are preparing for Sectionals, Mr.

Schuester re-arranges his predictable plans to put Rachel and Finn on a duet and instead gives it to Quinn and Sam, resulting in an angry verbal showdown between the two. A Very Glee Christmas. Quinn and other members of the glee club group together, in hopes of keeping Brittany's belief in Santa alive, go to the mall and sit on Santa's lap where Quinn wishes to get rid of stretch marks for Christmas.

She is also seen making out with Sam under a mistletoe. She has a minor role in this episode. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Schue explains that the Cheerios who are also in the Glee club Quinn, Brittany and Santana have to choose between Cheerios and New Directions, after Sue delivers them an ultimatum regarding their loyalties to both New Directions and the Cheerios.

Rachel believes Quinn will choose the former due her growing popularity. Finn stands up for her, stating that she Rachel doesn't know what Quinn is going to do. After he cites her actions as being "weak," Sam immediately comes to her rescue where they get into a pushing match.

On the day of the big football game and the Cheerios' Regionals competition, during the game's half-time, as Finn attempts to persuade Quinn to rejoin the club, she is noticeably touched by his words as they are genuinely nostalgic and sweet, and agrees, along with Brittany and Santana, to quit the Cheerios and return to the football game with Finn. As the football team scores the winning touchdown, Quinn stares lovingly in Finn's direction something they used to do , which he immediately reciprocates.

At the end of the eventful week, Quinn leans against a bank of lockers reminiscent of the 'I love you' scene in Season 1 , catching Finn off-guard. She thanks him for his guidance towards helping her make her choice to stay in Glee club, declaring that it was these qualities that made her fall in love with him, before giving him a lingering kiss which leaves him speechless.

Quinn is with Sam at a locker while Finn is explaining through voice-over how he can get any girl to kiss him besides Quinn. His mission was to get her to kiss him so he decides to set up a kissing booth for the glee club. Quinn then confronts Finn telling him that she knows the reason why he made the kissing booth, so that she would kiss him again. She said very close to his face, that it's not gonna happen and she's with Sam. Sam saw from down the hall, which makes him believe they had kissed.

Sam confronts Quinn in the library telling her he saw that they were in "kissing distance" of each other. Quinn told Sam she was looking at old records to find a song to sing to him for their Glee assignment, and comes back with the fact that he is the only one who is ever within "kissing distance" of her. Then Sam asks Quinn why she hasn't kissed Finn, believing that she is hiding something.

In response to Sam's accusations, Quinn goes to the kissing booth to kiss Finn with Sam supervising. Although it is only a peck, fireworks are shown after the kiss, showing that it was very enjoyable for both Finn and Quinn. Quinn whispers into Finn's ear to meet her in the auditorium after Glee Club when she has to run back to the booth and grab her purse after walking off with Sam.

During Glee Club, Santana senses that Finn and Quinn are having an affair and plots revenge against them for when they yelled at her in Glee Club a couple days earlier. Quinn meets with Finn in the auditorium and is hesitant about kissing him, admitting that she had been praying for the strength not to come, but they end up making out anyway. Later in Glee Club, both Finn and Quinn are feeling sick, Santana says that they might have mono and explains that the reason the other girls Finn kissed don't have mono is what really helps spread it is a little tongue.

Sam is confused saying that the kiss he saw was, "only a peck. Quinn is asked by Sam to go to paint coasters with him at Color Me Mine. She is hesitant going with him because she is still unsure about her feelings for Finn. Although Sam seems to buy Quinn's story of saving Finn's life by fishing a gumball out of his mouth with hers as the reason she got mono. Although Quinn finally decided she wants to be with Sam, Santana has told Sam that Quinn cheated on him, and that he is only believing what he wants to believe in order to stay with her.

Later, Quinn asks Sam for a T-shirt to wear when they are painting mugs, and he says that they aren't going because he isn't her boyfriend anymore. Sam tells Quinn that she can't look him in the eye and say that she didn't kiss Finn.

Quinn does not deny the kiss, but tells Sam that she wants to be with him. Sam leaves, telling her that he is now going out with Santana. Blame It on the Alcohol. Quinn, along with all the other New Directions members except for Finn and Kurt, abuse alcohol during this episode, despite it being "Alcohol Awareness Week" at McKinley. She also called Mr. Schue a hypocrite due to the fact that most adults drink alcohol. Pillsbury points out what they did their last meeting and notes that Rachel spent an hour quizzing Quinn on the extent of her relationship with Finn, all of which she refused to answer because "it is none of her Rachel's business.

Pillsbury's request to counter Holly's lesson, which ends up not being a countering argument at all when Holly informs them it's about "sneaking out for a nooner. After a short talk about intimacy, Puck asks, "Speaking of intimacy, what's up with the hickey Quinn?

It is revealed through a flashback scene that it is indeed a hickey that she got from Finn who she is now secretly dating. In this scene, they are shown kissing on Quinn's bed while she mentions that they have time to campaign for prom king and queen.

When asked by Finn that them together wasn't all about that, Quinn responds that she made a mistake with Puck and that Finn should have been her first time and that this is where she belongs, with Finn now. He agrees and they kiss again. Quinn comes again to the mean side.

The first Quinn scene is her seeing Finn and Rachel sitting in the choir room talking about another failed attempt of Rachel's song writing.

It then proceeds to be a Quinn voice over where she says that she really likes Finn and that he was her first love and first loves are forever. She then wonders how "damaged" Finn is to ever have been interested in someone as annoying as Rachel. She realizes the only thing standing in her way is Rachel and her talent. In order to make sure Finn doesn't stray away from her, Quinn decides to become "friends" with Rachel working off the motto, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

She compliments Rachel's talent, telling the club that they have a great song writer in their midst and that she would like to help Rachel write a song, only her knowing her ulterior motive. Eventually everyone piles aboard to the original songs idea. Later on, Quinn approaches Finn at his locker and they talk about prom and her desire to have them back on top, only being able to be if they are elected for prom king and queen.

She decides that after Regionals that they would go public with their relationship and start to campaign, which after some debate, Finn agrees to.

They continue to walk down the hall with her arm wrapped through Finn's for a short time before pulling away. From behind, Rachel sees this, leaving her suspicious. In the auditorium, secluded from the rest of the club, Rachel asks Quinn point blank if she and Finn are back together. Quinn bluntly tells her they are, and have been for a couple of weeks, and continues asking Rachel if, "she wants to know how this story plays out? Somewhat bitterly, Quinn says that she and Finn will stay in Lima, she'll be a real estate agent and Finn will take over Burt's tire shop, while Rachel lives her dream.

When Rachel insists it is not over between her and Finn, Quinn tells Rachel that she is living a "school girl fantasy of life," and until she realizes that life doesn't have a perfect storybook ending, she'll never "get it right.

She is jealous of the chemistry between Finn and Rachel. It's clearly shown that she's nervous and tense about the 'embracing assignment,' and tells Lauren that she doesn't know anything about her. Meanwhile Quinn supports Rachel when they go to the doctor for a possible nose job for Rachel. She tells Rachel how happy she is with herself and her looks and how people react to her appearance.

Convincing her that a nose job is the best thing. As Lauren keeps on searching for dirt about Quinn, then she discovers Quinn's transformation from Lucy to Quinn. After knowing that Lauren had posted the 'Vote For Lucy Caboosey' flyers on billboards and walls, she was distraught, tore one off from the billboard and ran off, weeping. Quinn ultimately embraced her background and made her shirt, printing 'Lucy Caboosey' on it.

Quinn is seen sitting when Finn comes in complaining that the newspaper said she was with Sam. They both deny it and Sam and Finn almost get into a fight. She is later seen on Finn and Rachel's stakeout hugging Sam. The next day Finn talks to her about what he saw and questions her. She said she hasn't cheated and won't this time, and they agree they will have to learn to trust each other. She tells him if he wants them to be together, he can't sing duets anymore with Rachel.

Quinn is shown getting ready to be prom queen. She wears a beautiful blue dress to prom and Finn says to her, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

She loses prom queen to Kurt, because students voted to offend him. Furious nonetheless, she runs into the bathroom and slaps Rachel across the face, accusing Rachel of ruining her night, though she later makes up with her Rachel. The two then have a heart-to-heart in which Quinn reveals that she's terrified all the time of what will happen after high school. Quinn sits with the other glee members in the choir room when Finn says he should sing a duet with Rachel at nationals stating, "We killed it with Faithfully.

Right after the funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn, saying it was because he no longer had feelings for her, stating he doesn't feel 'tethered' to her like the way Sue talked about Jean, yet really he still has feelings for Rachel. Quinn then gets out of the car after he tries to apologize and runs away crying, leaving Finn alone.

He later tells her in Glee that he's proud of how she was reacting to the breakup, and how she didn't quit Glee. She replies telling him that her quitting Glee would ruin her plans for New York.

When Finn asks about what type of plans she has, she answers with a simple, "You'll see. Quinn is seen at the beginning to be hostile towards Rachel and also watches one of Finn and Rachel's conversations. Later on, Santana and Brittany appear to be banging on the bathroom door, which Quinn is in, Santana confronts her behavior and Quinn has a very big break-down.

She angrily says that she doesn't care about the competition and thinks she, Santana, and Brittany are supposed to be the popular ones. But she also says that the popular girls don't get anyone: Tina has Mike, Rachel has Finn and even Lauren hooks up. She, no longer yelling, but crying, states that she wants somebody to love her. Santana and Brittany comfort her and Santana advises her to form a new image; starting with a haircut.

The trio seems to be best friends again. Later on when New Directions are in their hotel room, Quinn has had her hair cut in a bob. Quinn is visibly upset when New Directions come in 12th place, just missing out on the top ten by 2 places. Back at McKinley, she is seen at the end having fun with Sam and Puck, as Rachel and Finn walk in she seems to have no hard feelings by welcoming them. By the end of this episode, it was never strongly revealed if she really had any 'plans' for New York.

Nothing she did was something she could have planned a week earlier. However, her plan may have been getting Rachel kicked out of Glee club as she stated she wanted to, to Brittany and Santana. The Purple Piano Project. This scene is accompanied by a voice-over, in which she talks in a disinterested tone about her summer. During this scene, we see she has dyed her hair hot pink, got a new nose piercing and an "ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest" on her lower back.

She walks up to Brittany and Santana and they ask her why she's not joining the Cheerios and the Glee Club this year. She tells them that over the summer she went through a lot of changes and that she finally figured out who she is. She is their newest member and doesn't want to be with Santana or Brittany anymore. Later, under the bleachers, the Skanks sniff the smell of soap - it's Rachel, who has hunted down Quinn to tell her that the New Directions are a family and that she should come back, but Quinn explains that Glee isn't who she is anymore.

The scene culminates in Quinn leaving and flicking her lit cigarette at the piano, which sets it ablaze. Puck tries to tell her to listen to Shelby but cuts him off. Quinn yells at Shelby saying she is Beth's real mom and storms out of the room. As the girl runs away, Sue walks in and the other Skanks depart.

Quinn nearly lights up a cigarette, but Sue takes it, throws it into the toilet bowl and tells her that smoking kills. She then extends an offer to Quinn to get back at the glee club in filming a video stating how show choir ruined her life. She accepts and goes on to film the video. In the video, we see a sequence of dimly lit images of Quinn, doing things such as stealing several fire extinguishers and burning out her cigarette on a 'No Smoking' sign underneath the bleachers.

Later, Quinn looks confused as she pulls a pipe and a box of cornstarch from her locker. It turns out Sue placed the objects in Quinn's locker to spice up her film by stating that Quinn kills the pain away by smoking corn starch. For the climax of Sue's video, Quinn storms into Will's office and tells him how Glee Club ruined her life and that she will never be returning.

Shelby tries to tell Quinn to notice what she has done with her life. However, once Quinn sees a photo of Beth on Shelby's cell phone, she reconsiders changing her attitude and decides to go back to her old image.

Quinn has a minor role, just saying the line "It's 4: Puck and Quinn convince Shelby to let them babysit Beth for a night of her choosing. She says many beautiful things about Beth with Puck. Quinn is giving Rachel advice on whether to have sex with Finn or not along with Santana, Tina, and Brittany.

Quinn states Finn and Rachel should wait because of her not waiting herself and ending up pregnant, and because it complicates relationships.

Puck later tells Shelby about the objects she placed around her apartment. Quinn later goes to Shelby's place, bringing a present for Beth and questions why she hasn't been allowed to join the Troubletones. Shelby refuses to give Quinn answers so they have a disagreement on what motherhood is.

Later Quinn comes to Shelby's condo bringing a present for Beth. Shelby tells Quinn that she knows about the plot to get Beth back. Quinn says Beth is her baby. But Shelby says, "It's not about whose body she comes out of. It's about accepting the fact that you don't matter anymore, that your feelings and that your life and that your body, they all come second to making sure that the child is happy and safe.

Henrik Batallones of BuddyTV and Entertainment Weekly 's Darren Franich both expressed concern with the disability plot, the former finding it forced and the latter questioning whether Glee honors its disabled actors, or uses them shamelessly.

When glee club member Puck Mark Salling has his mohawk shaved off at the insistence of his dermatologist for medical purposes, he discovers he is no longer considered a credible bully. He realizes that Mercedes Amber Riley has become popular since joining the cheerleading squad, and resolves to date her.

Mercedes initially attempts to dissuade him, but after the two sing a duet of " The Lady Is a Tramp ", she warms to him. When Mercedes realizes that Puck has returned to being a bully, she breaks up with him and resigns from the cheerleading squad.

Meanwhile, Rachel Lea Michele realizes that some glee club members are faking their singing. She tells glee club director Will Schuester Matthew Morrison , complaining that she is doing most of the work, exhausting herself and getting ill in the process. Will gathers the students and gives them a new task for the week: Rachel then confronts the non-participating glee members and insults them, but when she starts to sing Miley Cyrus's " The Climb ", she sounds terrible: Later, after an examination by Rachel's doctor reveals that she suffers from tonsillitis and may need to have her tonsils removed, she is afraid to have the surgery lest it affect her voice, as she believes her singing ability is her only asset.

Finn, who accompanied her to the doctor's, tries to convince her that he loves everything about her and that there is more to her than her voice. He warns her that if she loses her ability to sing then Jesse Jonathan Groff would no longer find her attractive. Rachel tells Finn that she still cares about Jesse and that he needs to move on, prompting Finn to sing " Jessie's Girl " as his solo assignment. To put her fear into perspective, Finn introduces her to his friend Sean Zack Weinstein , who was paralyzed from the upper chest down during a football game.

At first, Rachel is nervous and overwhelmed by the meeting, but Finn forces her to stay as Sean tells her about his grueling experiences with his disability and how he realized that a person is not just one single thing. She then begins to understand why Finn brought her and thanks Sean as she leaves. In the meantime, Kurt Chris Colfer is jealous of the time his father Burt Mike O'Malley is spending with Finn, now that their parents are dating, and attempts to emulate Burt's personality.

He dresses in outdoorsman gear, sings John Mellencamp 's " Pink Houses " during a glee club rehearsal, and attempts to have a fling with Brittany, making out with her in his bedroom and ensuring that his father is aware of his new behavior.

Frustrated that Burt is still spending time alone with Finn, Kurt reverts to his former personality and sings " Rose's Turn ". Burt overhears his performance, praises Kurt's singing and apologizes for not spending enough time with him. He reassures Kurt that he still loves him, and always will, no matter who his son chooses to be with. Rachel eventually recovers her voice after taking the antibiotics her doctor prescribed. She goes back to Sean's house to thank him again, and offers to give him singing lessons.

They start singing U2 's " One ", and the scene switches back and forth between her duet with Sean and the full glee club's performance of the song on stage at school.

Iamges: glee santana and brittany are we dating

glee santana and brittany are we dating

At the skate park with Artie, Quinn is amazed at all the people there that are not letting their handicapped situations get in their way. You can't change your past, but you can let go and start your future.

glee santana and brittany are we dating

At the opening night performance of West Side Story , Brittany and the rest of the cast and crew show appreciation to Artie. She aims to hook up with as many people as she can, stating that she's made out with boys, girls, and one of the school's male janitors, as claimed in Bad Reputation , even inviting Kurt to 'tap this' in Laryngitis.

glee santana and brittany are we dating

However, despite Rae efforts to support her, she rejects him and claims that she will go to her grave swearing that Finn is brittajy real father. Later in the episode during another scene where Joe was helping Quinn with her therapy sessions, Joe talks about how much he likes Quinn and would maybe dating but hes still online up on his religion just to be with her, something Quinn tells him not to do. Coach Beiste tells them she is already ordained in the Mayan church and officiates glee santana and brittany are we dating immediate wedding. I Kissed a Girl. Makeover As Brittany seems unpleasant towards Blaine's decision to run for Class President, samtana announces glee santana and brittany are we dating she wants Artie to run with her for vice president to the New Directions. Quinn catches Finn while he is texting and walking in the hallway and lectures him on how it's not a good idea. Sam and Brittany realizes that it's December 22 and the world didn't end.