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Hannah is touched to learn of Dexter's deleting of Price's files. Dexter plants a suspicious-looking backpack near the seats and tells a flight attendant that Elway left it there, allowing the trio to escape Elway successfully. In the first book, LaGuerta was killed by Brian , but survived the first season which was based on the book and went on to appear in subsequent seasons.

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The two are talking with one another, but Quinn is still trying to press back into the relationship Dexter co-star Desmond Harrington -finally- comes clean about his weigh loss: In the same episode, she reveals genuine distraught over mentions of her miscarriage, in which Dexter narrates, "she's not acting". Disobeying her, he plays with Deb's treadmill, gets thrown off and gashes his chin open, requiring a trip to the hospital. Please reload or try later. Dexter agrees, even though he doesn't really have a choice, as Debra probably would have arrested him.

He visits with Randall at one of the sites, where the dig is for the most part unsuccessful, and investigators are gradually nearing the highway. During their conversations, Dexter learns of Wayne's unique philosophy on life but also about Hannah.

After several days of fruitless digging, Frosty Swirls and sunshine, Wayne reminisces on his time with Hannah one more time feeling she was a major part of his life that he couldn't get back.

It's then that he commits suicide, jumping in front of an oncoming truck killing him instantly as Dexter and Debra watch. Dexter finds it difficult to remain stable, while taking a sample of Hannah's DNA. Investigators unearth two bodies - male and female - from one of the sites, and Dexter is sent to analyze the blood spatter. Dexter analyzes the condition of the female victim. Dexter realizes that her killer was shorter than Randall. He does not share this revelation with other cops, but does confront Hannah, calling her out as a killer.

Hannah simply grins and calmly insists that her story is true and she's sticking to it. Deciding that Hannah would make a good victim for his Dark Passenger , Dexter starts stalking her. He also begins accumulating information about her life after Randall, learning of the former husband who died of a heart attack and later, via writer Sal Price , the death of a counselor who had apparently sexually assaulted her shortly after release from juvie.

Dexter meets with Hannah and tries to earn her trust by claiming he was "wrong" about his former theory of her involvement in the killing spree. She believes him and the two slowly become closer. As they do, Dexter discovers more about the fates of those who crossed paths with Hannah. Beverly Grey , who was Hannah's mentor in the plant nursery business, died of a heart attack, not unlike Hannah's husband.

A postmortem found traces of Aconite , which can be derived from a plant found in Hannah's garden. The two have several meetings, with her even arriving at his home and she seems to take a liking to Dexter despite the mysterious excuses used for constantly meeting up with her. When Dexter discovers the Aconite in her garden, he makes up an excuse that he wants to "take her out". Hannah is reluctant at first but eventually is won over by Dexter. Remembering that Randall had promised to take Hannah to Christmas Village - a holiday-themed attraction in the perennially sunny Miami area - Dexter takes her there for their date.

In fact Dexter has decided to kill Hannah, and the now closed attraction will be her killing room. After, Hannah claims that what they share is "historic" and the two's attraction to each other grows, it is revealed that Dexter cannot kill her, nor can he stay away from her.

He wonders if the feelings he has toward Hannah are the beginnings of love. Sal would later continue to interfere with her life and Dexter's after having seen the two kiss. Sal confronts Hannah, threatening to ruin Dexter's life unless she confessed her own guilt to him.

Hannah confesses all on tape for Sal, but also murders him. Knowing that Sal compulsively needs to keep a pen in his mouth, Hannah coats his with poison. Furious over Sal's death, and knowing that Hannah had confessed to him, Debra calls Hannah in for questioning.

Debra has very little proof against Hannah and instead baits her with information about a miscarriage. Dexter realizes that Hannah is showing sincere emotion - this isn't an act. Dexter later confronts her at her home, telling her that Price's death was needless.

Hannah is touched to learn of Dexter's deleting of Price's files. The two later sleep together. Realizing that Hannah has gotten away with killing Price, and angry that she got away again, Debra called Dexter the next day and asked him to kill her, surprising Dexter. He refused, trying to make it look like there's no proof and because he can't do it, disappointing Debra. Hannah would later be visited by Debra and warns Hannah that she won't get away with this.

As Hannah tries to apologize, Debra says she hasn't even begun to be sorry, worrying Hannah. When asked why they are after him, he reveals it's because he killed Isaak's top subordinate Viktor , but Hannah understands after hearing it was to avenge Mike Anderson , the Miami Metro detective Viktor killed while trying to flee the country.

Dexter is rather happy that he can talk to someone about his life, that he's never done that before and they start kissing as Hannah decides to show Dexter what a "booty call" is from their previous talk. Dexter, realizing his feelings for Hannah, eventually decides to give her a chance and the two start a relationship. Later, he takes her on his boat to impress her, however, Hannah doesn't like it too much due to a bad experience from almost drowning due to her father.

When they arrive back home, Dexter talks about the Phantom Killer and Hannah notes he wants to kill him and says it's understandable due to what he's done. As he talks about his Dark Passenger, Hannah points out he has a choice on what to do despite Dexter saying otherwise. Before they can talk more, Hannah's father, Clint McKay arrives and tries to make peace with Hannah and says he's truly sorry for everything, making Hannah wonder if he has changed and decides to give him a second chance despite Dexter's protest.

However, as Dexter was able to tell, Clint had not changed and after getting drunk ran through Hannah's shop and flowers all because she didn't give him money he needed. The two fight and Clint says several awful things to Hannah and how he wished he let her drown causing Dexter to step in and yells at him to leave. He does and Dexter comforts a crying Hannah. He also reveals he talked to Sal Price about Hannah's past to make some money, prompting Dexter to show his disdain on how little he thinks of his own daughter.

Dexter then kills Clint to protect Hannah. Later Dexter lies to Hannah saying that the two of them talked it over and he will no longer be a problem. Thankful for what Dexter did, Hannah confesses that she loves him which Dexter replies with " I think I love you too.

Dexter visits Hannah in prison. She admits she poisoned Debra because she tried to separate her from Dexter. Dexter tells her he had no choice but turn her in because he doesn't want anything to happen to his sister. Hannah assures Dexter that she won't tell his secret when she goes to trial. Dexter and Hannah share a passionate kiss before Hannah bites Dexter's lip as a sort of revenge for everything that has happened. She leaves him with a "Goodbye, Dexter". Before she stands trial, she is confronted by Debra Morgan.

Hannah plans to plead "not guilty" and that she will confess her crimes when Deb confesses hers. Debra tells Hannah her conscience is clean, to which Hannah replies that she is lieutenant of Miami Metro Homicide but still knows about Dexter's secret and asks her how she can bring her to justice but not her brother.

At her trial, Hannah is sentenced to imprisonment with no right to bail. In a staged encounter, Arlene slips Hannah a drug during an embrace, to which Hannah swallows on her way out of the courthouse.

In the prisoner transport van, Hannah overdoses and is sent into a seizure. Going accordingly to her plan, she is brought to the hospital where she manages to escape, after waking up, when her nurses are gone. When she is free, she visits Dexter's apartment and places a potted black orchid outside his door as an ominous goodbye.

She is seen walking away with a determined look upon her face. Dexter is at Debra's house and they share a cup of coffee when Dexter tells her that he will take Zach Hamilton as an intern. Dexter then notices that Debra starts to become groggy and faints. When he attempts to get to her aid, he collapses as well. Hannah enters and asks Dexter if he remembers her, implying that she spiked their coffee with some kind of tranquilizer. After Dexter wakes up at the side of the road in an industrial area of Miami, Dexter calls Debra to pick him up.

When she arrives, Debra immediately deduces it was Hannah who came back to get revenge on them for turning her in. Dexter requests footage from the CCTV cameras on the light posts in the area where he woke up, and sees Hannah behind the wheel of the van in which Dexter was moved while he was unconscious. With the license plate number, he calls the car rental the van belongs to. He was told it was rented to a Maggie Castner, which turns out to be Hannah's new identity.

He goes to a Marina where Hannah is staying and Dexter spots her in company of a man in a suit. He follows them to a club for rich men, Red Coral. When he spots Hannah, Dexter tells Zach to keep an eye on the man who is with her and to warn him if he returns. Dexter confronts Hannah, who is now known as Maggie a new identity provided by the man , and asks her why she drugged him. She warns him that he should leave before her husband, Miles Castner , returns.

When Zach sees Miles walking to Dexter and Hannah, he sends a text message. Dexter however ignores this and insists on getting an answer to why Hannah returned to Miami. When Miles returns, he immediately tells him that Hannah told him everything about Dexter and how he betrayed Hannah to the police as her boyfriend. The next day, Debra stops by Dexter's apartment and they talk about Hannah. Debra sees that Dexter still loves Hannah, which Dexter denies unconvincingly.

Debra warns Dexter that getting back in touch with Hannah only causes more trouble. Dexter visits Hannah at her old greenhouse. She reluctantly confesses she wanted Dexter to kill Miles for her, as he is possessive and controlling. As Miles' family saw Hannah as a gold digger, killing him herself would only raise suspicion and more investigation into her by the police. However, she changed her mind as she did not want Dexter to get more problems. When Dexter attempts to kiss her, she backs off and walks away.

And so the series ends with no suggestion of how Dexter is handling his murderous impulses in this new Paul Bunyan setting. He receives no redemption, nor comeuppance, after his eight seasons of social deviancy. Fans took to Twitter to voice their disappointment over the ending of the groundbreaking, often shocking series. The finale divided fans, who took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

But some fans thought Dexter's renunciation of society made sense. It was a sad end to a great series. His realization that he is supposed to be alone,' wrote GIngerkid It closed out perfectly. Tonight was the night,' tweeted DanGheesling. And some didn't know what to think. In the closing moments, Dexter is found in what appears to be a lumber camp in the Great Northwest, haunted and alone worlds apart from sundrenched Miami.

But despite the lukewarm reception, the finale drew a record 2. With replays included, the show had 3. From its start eight seasons ago, Dexter called for the viewer to honor, or at least accept, a sociopath who channeled his urges as a serial killer for the social good.

In an unjust world, this public servant earned the viewer's support. And all the more so, since, despite being a sociopath, Dexter managed to simulate the normal feelings his condition otherwise deprived him of. And I fake them very well.

Dexter called for the viewer to honor, or at least accept, a sociopath who channeled his urges as a serial killer for the social good. Dexter's secret avocation as a vigilante dovetailed handily with his life as a blood-spatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department and as the brother of Debra, who for much of the show's run worked beside him as an MMPD detective while serving as the person he was most connected with.

During its run, the series had its ups and downs, its great seasons and its forgettable ones. But the show was never afraid to take chances, most notably at the end of Season 6, when Deb discovered to her horror that the murderer she'd been chasing for years was none other than her own brother, and that henceforth she would be a party to his crimes.

The Dexter ensemble was terrific, particularly Michael C. Hall in the title role and Jennifer Carpenter as feisty, foul-mouthed Deb. Seinfeld drew the ire of fans for its finale which saw the main characters serve a one-year prison sentence for not helping a carjacking victim. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Dexter series finale branded 'lamest series finale since Seinfeld' as show gets lukewarm reception from fans and critics By Daily Mail Reporter Published: Share or comment on this article e-mail.

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Iamges: dexter dating debra

dexter dating debra

It is unclear if Hannah has kept her humanity and can feel real emotions over certain things or if she is just very capable of concealing her dark side. Dexter, the whole point of the show.

dexter dating debra

Hannah is reluctant at first but eventually is won over by Dexter.

dexter dating debra

Dxter just a little rusty since killing my brother. The writers datihg this dexter dating debra the final season when they wrote it, so why all the stalling? When she does arrive, however, Dexter had turned the church into his personal kill room for Travis Debra becomes shocked and confused at Dexter's response, also realizing that now Rita is dead. Dexter10 - Michael C. Early in the first season, LaGuerta was practically flinging herself at Dexter, but this comment preparer un job dating dropped around halfway through. This dexter dating debra the Bay Harbor Butcher, who was actually Dexter.