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I never replied to the msg he told me he found someone else. A TAmelaa This rings very true. We are now going from strength to strength and every day I think I couldn't possibly love him any more than I already do he does something that makes me feel even more loved up and appreciative of and closer to him. Today we have officially made 1 month. I recently deleted him because I am in limbo and confused about his intentions. You know that you love him, but how can you tell for sure that your Scorpio man loves you?

51% of Adults 18-23 Not Morally Opposed to Open Relationships

But you wouldn't know it if you see how he gets around me. Then I hit a rough spot around this time and she completely turned her back on me and when I resolved my issues then she came back, but that was it for me. Of course, I had been in love with him for too long. I seem to attract some Scorpios. In the end, not all matches that start off fantastically last forever.

I am young and I will find another love. This is my mantra until further notice. Scorpio is NOT for us! For some reason scorpios flock to me the most and its the same with every one, ive also dated a couple female scorps as well. They are cold but posessive and that doesnt work for us because we like our freedom, they call us sensitive and it takes them FOREVER to open up.

Scorps get crazy after they fall in love and interrogate you like your a child, or what to know where you are, who your with, whos that person your talking to, its to much.

Every scorpio i was with we could NEVER see eye to eye, it was one argument after the next, and the arguments can become physical. There super critical and us as sags have sensitive hearts and even though were blunt are hurt isnt intentional, scorps are vindictive and cruel and say things to hurt us.

I was always arguing with them about every little thing and trying to get them to open up and be more sensitive or show more affection and its like pulling teeth unless your willing to wait for them to.

Then when you do everything seems like roses and then a week later your in another argument fighting. Its to much of a rollercoaster of negativity, all they want is sex from a sag because were the only ones that can keep up and are stallions in bed. Other than that they dont take us seriously because were to flighty.

Ive sworn off scorpios because of all the bad experiences ive had with them, they make great friends but as lovers im telling you it wont last. Do yourself a favor and find yourself an Aries if your a sagittarius man or woman and vice versa. Aries and sagittarius are the perfect match, if you wanna end up pulling your hair out and have your clothes bleached when you come home after hanging out to late, get yourself a scorpio.

He adores you if you say you love him…. NEVER play with his feelings, this is not the type who forgive and forget at the same time….. Something was so surprising to me; most of them can read your mind. Hi texasgrl90, I have to say I have a few friends and most of them are Scorpios, and the worst part is I myself am a Scorp. He loves you, if he thinks you love him.

He adores you if you say you love him. NEVER play with his feelings, this is not the type who forgive and forget at the same time. Disapprove it and you will lose him forever, for real. Sorry if any of my words annoyed you, being mad of me is better than your life not be enjoyable. Reading all you guys comments have really helped me!

Any advice for this young sag is welcome! When dealing with a Scorpio , Sagittarius women should not follow the head-over-heels approach. You should refrain from being an open book and judge his character carefully before confiding in him about anything you are sensitive about.

Scorpios with a badly placed mars and Pluto , will truly live up to all the horror stories written about Scorpios.

Never marry another Sag. They are the best friends one can ever get , but not the best people for marriage. Aries , Aquarius and Libra are perfect choices for Sagittarius women. Leo is a good choice too but you need to get through the ego clashes first. Another tip is , do not date the signs that rule your 6th , 8th and 12th houses.

Suppose if you have an Aries ascendant , Virgo will be your 6th house sign , Scorpio will be your 8th house sign and Pisces will be your 12th. I am a sag woman. I never dated in highschool because I held a high moral standard that dating was for adults and pregnancy was nothing I wanted to deal with so young. For some reason I kept attracting gemini men into my life! As much as their words were adoring, the sex being passionate, and communication being exhilarating along with alluring childish antics, each and everyone of the 3 gemini men I have been with were not completely truthful, arrogant, sarcastic and talked more about things they wanted to accomplish an impressive list rather than actually setting goals to accomplish it.

The weird thing is you never forget a gemini, they are so colorful that part of you always loves them and being the sag that I am, I wished the second but last would always come back to me despite the lies and arrogance. However I am now with a scorpio. I was attracted almost instantly because he was sweet without saying one word and my curiosity got the better of me because I was constantly wondering what he was thinking about.

He would offer his time to help me with whatever I asked; being a very independent person I feel like part of me was testing is the sweetness was genuine. This man fraustrats me because he is quiet and does not express his feelings. I have never had anyone answer questions with silence before and not even flinch. There is this quiet strength he has at all times, which makes me feel safe and loved all at the same time.

He catches little quirks of mine and seems to make a mental note for later. I feel like I am in a job interview with this man. The thing that puzzles me is that he only wants to see me once in a while.

We are both busy during the week because we run our own businesses but he will still skip out on the odd weekend that we are supposed to get together. I get that this man needs his space, but its too much.

I Lord help me but this relationship is hard. If you people are saying it will last if i just hold on…. I find all of the comments very interesting. Despite the simple logic of most compatibility tests, I actually think Sag is the best partner for a mature Scorpio. For those of you exploring a relationship with a Scorpio, there are few things you should know: We love honesty above all other traits. Not truth, most Scorps think truth is nonsense, but honesty. When we test you, we are testing your ability to be honest.

Less mature Scorps may try to do this through jealousy tactics and things of that nature, but the more mature Scorps will try and get into your psyche. Because, the thing about Scorps is that we are difficult to handle on two fronts. It is our absolute desire to be the most loving person you have ever had in your life. We want to give a beauty to your life that you cannot even begin to understand, and we can do it.

We are willful enough to do it. Sag is one of the few signs I have known that can handle this duality with relative ease; and not only that, but can invert it, and make what is a serious desire for Scorpios seem light-hearted and playful. Sags also have the ability to make Scorps feel more loved than almost anyone. Since we know your strong willed, it is wonderful when we see you melt, blushing in particular! The fact that we know you are honest makes this all the more intense and is in return seductive to us.

It is what makes the process of making up after a fight so wonderful. I dated several Sags before meeting one that brought out in me, as well as in her, all of the positive elements.

Immature relationships between these signs is almost impossible to maintain. Our differences led us to fight constantly, and without the maturity to communicate, compromise and negotiate the fundamental personality differences, it led to a lot of hurt feelings.

With my Sag now, none of these things are an issue. It has taken a few years rebuild me as a person and now I truely feel happy — but single. Last year I met a scorpion male — and we seem connect is thie really strange way — Mark is so not my type — at the time he was in a relationship that was on a slippery slope to ending … we hung out for a few months — until I received the drunken call from him ….

I feel I have a number of scorpion traits … I love my own company, can easily spend weekends not talking to anyone. That you and your beloved wife, who share an eternal bond, will be reunited in the afterlife…. But this scorpio he is sooo affectionate and soo loving…it scares me!

When I was younger i was always very giving for eg. Naturally we are not selfish and would not turn our backs on our friends and when i read it i was surprised by sexy-sag brought a godo point about the youth. I can go on and on but so many of your posts mirror what I feel and think about this guy.

No matter what kind of disagreements we have we always make up almost in the same instance and the flame seems to burn hotter and hotter. Just wanted to put my two cents in. Scorpios are to dam controllin they asked multiple questions like they are they fbi and i jsut cant stand that.. Iam obsessed with a male scorpio.. Sags are not Selfish people and I guess they find it very very hard to turn back on friends when they are in trouble, and most importantly, they do not do so for any favors-in-return..

So I am a Scorpio man and I have only had 2 serious relationships in my life, and oddly enough they were both with Sag women. I have a lot of Leo aspects in my chart, which is why I feel I have an instantaneous connection with most, if not all Sag females that I come across, but it gets much deeper than that. When I was 13, I met my first love and she was a Sag. We hit it off the second time we met and the relationship lasted 2 years. I had lots of fun with her, even though we were very different people.

We broke up when I was 15 and it was a major heartbreak, especially since she dumped me for someone else. In the end we drifted because she wanted me back, but I had lost the feeling due to the way the situation took place. Then I hit a rough spot around this time and she completely turned her back on me and when I resolved my issues then she came back, but that was it for me. I never held a grudge after everything was said and done and I deeply value the experience.

Okay so now we get to the love of my life, the mother of my child and my best friend, who I am with now and hopefully forever. She is a Sag and we have been together for 7 years and counting.

Our relationship started off as only a sexual one, and ooh boy was it good, come to think of it, it still is actually we had strong feelings for each other right off the bat, but we were both too stubborn to admit these feelings to each other. I was even seeing other girls and having sex with them and she had knowledge of this stuff while it was going on. She told me and I laughed her off. I had feelings for her but I had learned a valuable lesson from the last Sag girl I was with so i treated her like crap because of it.

She is beautiful, funny, charming, rational, strong willed, and very easy going. We share everything, and do mostly everything together. She also got me to open up to her and other people that I never have before and I am pretty comfortable with that.

I feel connected to him even when he isnt around and when he is around, i feel like a volcano ready to erupt. I love the honest and loving depiction that you have written! I am a sag woman and I have never been more in love or felt so connected then I do with my Scorpio. The thing is we definitely had are downs and times were things were on the edge but the love between us kept us going. While a little jealousy can be quite healthy and is often appreciated , Scorpio men can sometimes go overboard with their jealousy.

Since a Scorpio man is highly passionate and possessive of everything in his life, he may let his passion for his partner go too far and turn into jealousy. Like most Capricorns , the Capricorn woman is focused. She may be driven by her career, something she's passionate about, or something entirely different, but she is on the pathway to somewhere. However, when it comes to desires, Capricorn women can restrain themselves and control their emotions.

They are also good at separating themselves from their feelings. As a result, they can have relationships that are full of love or full of nothing more than the physical attraction. A Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman in love isn't an easy situation to achieve. In fact, the two signs are likely to have a significant amount of trouble getting to know one another since both signs are initially hesitant about forming relationships.

So, loving one another will take time. However, when a love bond happens, both hang in through thick or thin. Both individuals have passion and drive. Trying activities that are new to both of you and also have an adrenaline component work best. Do you both want to try bungee jumping? Make a date of it, and watch how much more connected you become immediately after that jump! If his heart is broken, there is no mending it. Start dating a Scorpio only if you are serious about him. Make your intentions pure, and show him that you are committed to being honest and forthcoming with him at all times.

This will send a strong message of dedication that will soften even the hardest of Scorpio hearts. A well-built relationship with a Scorpio can last forever if you make sure you approach him the right way. A Scorpio will always stand by you if they feel like you are the one, they are loyal to the core. A Scorpio that truly wants you will come after you and put aside their ego to make things work. This is the tool I recommend the most because it saved my relationship, and made my crush see me for who I really am.

You can start living your life with your Scorpio fast by learning these secrets today. Do you feel stuck? We all know that if something is meant to be, it will eventually happen. There are just some ways that work better than others when it comes to this particular sign. Not all men are created equal, and Scorpios are a very specific type. No, this does not mean to jump into bed with him! As tempting as your seductive Scorpio may be, he is equally as guarded emotionally.

Instead, make subtle contact with him physically. If he says something that resonates with you on a deeply personal level, put one hand to your heart and the other lightly on his arm- show him physically that what he said impacted you. Did his joke just send you into a laughing fit? Gently stabilize yourself by putting a hand on his shoulder. Never underestimate the power of a well planned arm touch! Do you have things that you get excited just thinking about?

Make sure to share them! This is a universal attractor that unlocks the emotional core in men across the astrology spectrum. Using this tool will also increase the positive energy in your life and bring you more joy and personal success also!

They like to have all of the details planned out, are very particular and work hard to impress their date. Scorpio men are used to getting their way.

In order to attract a scorpio male, you have to show him that he is able to fulfill your needs. Many women make this mistake early on in their relationship. This will make him feel like he needs to work to satisfy you, and a Scorpio can never turn down a challenge! Shine a light on those Scorpio assets of his. One of the easiest ways to keep a scorpio man interested is by complimenting him on his strengths. If you see a passion in him for a particular project at work, the quickest way to make him melt would be to show interest in his project AND to flatter him for his dedication.

A passion for your work is so hard to come by these days. This is a major win for you. These 4 Secrets will definitely get your Scorpio guys attention right away.

I learned these tips and all of the information on this blog after watching this video. Are you ready to take the next step to making him fall in love with you forever? Are you ready to have him propose? As you well know, all of these negatives quickly disappear when your sexy Scorpio walks into the room. Their sense of mystery, charm and passion outweigh any and all of their brooding negatives!

This is just a short list, there are so many more thing that you need to know to make sure that you properly understand the needs of your guy and his star sign before jumping in head first. If you know that this Scorpio man is the one for you, your other half, your soulmate, I know there are no limits to what you would do to get to his heart. There are many secret ways to get to the man of your dreams, you just need a little expert advice to help.

If you could learn how to get through that big defensive wall your Scorpio man has up and show him that you are everything he wants in a partner, you would. You have to know how to read your Scorpio man well to get to his true feelings.

Scorpio men, like most men can be complicated. There may never be a way to fully read his signs, but there is a way to get into his head, and into his heart. This secret trick is a life long skill that will give you the power to have him completely under your control. He will be yours forever. A great friend of mine who has spent years working with astrology and relationships found my blog and has been begging me to share her insight from the perspective of a Scorpio woman.

Now remember, she is a first time blogger, but has a lifetime of personal, intimate, up close and personal Scorpio experience. Introducing my dear friend, Scorpio Kate: Now although this maybe a very personal post, there is great merit in many of the ideas she brings to the table. What do you think?

Are you a Scorpio who can sometimes understand where their Scorpio crush or lover is coming from? Does being a Scorpio get in the way of attracting another Scorpio?

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dating scorpio man advice

I also have a Virgo ascendant while his is Gemini - our Virgo aspects marry well for we are both organized and very particular about personal hygiene, and his flirtatious Gemini AS keeps my posessive Scorpio moon on its toes, another thing I'm glad of for I quickly become bored with men who present no challenge at all so he keeps my fire burning. Scorpios can seem like tricky beings.

dating scorpio man advice

They amaze one another with suggestions and nonplussed acquiescence. And confusion lifted, smiling and can say.

dating scorpio man advice

He replied saying he was gutted and how he thought it would have been great me and him, and then he told me to unblock him on WhatsApp and we talked and video chatted dating uk registration plates next day on Skype. This started about a year after their first encounter. All the temptations and itch that sags have, is totally hushed out, when with a scorpio. Their relationships can scorlio love and marriage, sex and marriage,or sex and goodbye. Since we got so close again, I dating scorpio man advice know dating scorpio man advice this is why he's afraid to express his love to me now, because he thinks sdvice we do then it will be very hard for both of us to stay away from each other dating scorpio man advice. But sometimes socrpio will just start to act very diff and try to ignore me for no reason.