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It even tells the time too! Originally water-resistant to a depth of metres, these latest models can withstand the pressure at depths of up to metres and feature an escape valve which allows helium built up after long stays at depth to be evacuated from the watch case which would otherwise explode when returning to the surface. Their digital equivalents use synthesised speech to speak the time on command. I particularly admire the trapezoid date window and red seconds hand too. The first thing to be improved was the escapement.


This watch is number of a limited edition of pieces and employs a Valjoux automatic chronograph movement. A Timex "Boy's" watch from , I bought this one from eBay to replace the similar one I had as a child. The project was codenamed 59A. In this example, two such movements have been housed in a single case to provide a watch with two independently adjustable time zones. In the 's the company struggled during the Depression so in it was sold to the Hella Deltah Company. It has a purely mechanical movement consisting of only 51 parts, including a novel self-winding mechanism with a transparent oscillating weight. Nowadays, many of the watches are available for members of the general public to buy.

One of many intriguing Russian watches, the Orion Travel features two manually wound 17 jewel movements - probably intended for ladies watches - housed in a single rectangular case. Each movement can be set independently allowing the wearer to tell the time in two different time zones. Apparently there has been a "Pointer Calendar" watch in the Oris collection since its introduction to the range in A charming 's Oris which has been lovingly restored to almost perfect condition.

I particularly admire the trapezoid date window and red seconds hand too. Two decades later, the fashion would be startlingly different Outrageous 's Oris 25 jewel automatic cal. I know very little about this little watch. I'd guess it's from the late 's or early 's but it may well be older.

It has a 15 jewel, anti-magnetic, shockproof movement probably made by OSCO themselves and a water protected rolled-gold case. I've read that this was Russia's first example of an automatic watch. You can see a picture of the 22 jewel automatic movement HERE. Some people have also claimed that Juri Gagarin wore an example of this watch during his Vostok-1 space flight in Shortly after Juri Gagarin's pioneering space flight in , watches produced at the First Moscow Watch Factory were sold under the name "Poljot" see below.

Prior to this, the watches were sold under a variety of different names including "Pobeda" not to be confused with the similarly-named watches from the Maslennikov factory , "Moskwa", "Majak" and "Kirowskie". I'd guess this watch to be from the late 's or early 's. It has a hacking, 17 jewel, manually-wound movement. The "Aviator" is a classic pilot style watch using the famous 23 jewel chronograph movement which is a high quality Russian made version of a Swiss movement by Valjoux.

This watch is number of a run of watches in this particular style. The emblem on the dial is that of the Russian bomber squadrons. This watch is number of made in this particular style. This is one of several watches designed and commissioned by Eddie Platts of Timefactors. A classic pilot-style watch, the "Goldbird" is one of three rose-gold plated versions of the Speedbird family which can be made to order.

Broadarrows are military style watches designed and commissioned by Eddie Platts of Timefactors. They are often based upon or exceed the military specifications to which original military watches were made. Water resistant to metres, this "DN" version of the PRS is one of a run of only 25 watches which incorporate the handset from the PRS-2 Dreadnought metre dive watch. This watch is number of a limited edition of pieces and employs a Valjoux automatic chronograph movement.

A Pulsar quartz from the mid 's with a 2 jewel Japanese movement. The Russians seem to have a habit of producing watches with functions not found elsewhere. This watch has an inner bezel showing years and days of the week that rotates to align with months and dates printed on the dial.

You can use this to determine the dates and days of the week for any year between and The Russians seem very fond of adorning their watches with military or political designs. This 8 jewel quartz watch from the early to mid 's has a hammer and sickle logo with the word "Glasnost" printed underneath! Raketa "Pilot" for Detente Watches: This watch is supplied on a gold coloured bracelet with optional black leather strap but I think it looks quite good on a green NATO, as pictured here.

This watch belonged to my maternal grandfather. I'd guess it's from the 's or 's. It has a 25 jewel automatic, Incabloc shock-protected movement by Felsa. This Ramona belonged to my father.

A late 's or 's model I'd guess, it has a 30 jewel automatic, Incabloc shock-protected movement by Felsa. Lovely little 's Ravella with 15 jewel AS movement which, after a light clean and service, is keeping great time some sixty years after it first left the factory. I bought this watch to "celebrate" leaving British Telecom in It has a mutli-jewelled Swiss quartz movement housed in an 18ct. Been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt and the watch!

Most people think only of Switzerland as makers of mechanical watches but Russia has quite a tradition of watchmaking too!

Well, they don't come any cheaper than this. This watch was given away free at Renault car showrooms as part of a promotional campaign. As I drive Renaults, I thought I'd have a free watch: This 's Renis stop sniggering at the back! The combination of gold-plated case, deep blue dial and red second hand is stunning. I couldn't very well not buy this watch seeing as it bears my name!

The squared case makes it look a little like a Heuer Monaco and I especially like the blue dial with white sub-dials and orange chronograph hands. When it was released this watch was water resistant to M but I don't think I'll be putting that to the test now!

This is the titanium version. The RLT10 is a true hour watch. The dial is numbered from 1 to 24 and the hour hand makes one complete revolution of the dial per day instead of the usual two. This watch has a Titanium case but it is also available in polished or sand-blasted steel options. The movement is a Russian 17 jewel Vostok. Evocative of the clocks of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries which were effectively mechanical sundials, the RLT13 has only an hour hand which provides sufficient resolution to read the time to the nearest five minutes.

Click HERE to see the movement. RLT19 - Renault F1 colours: Powered by the ever-faithful 25 jewel ETA automatic movement, the RLT19 sports a splendid carbon fibre dial and is available in a range of different colours.

However, I had this one specially made in the colours of the Renault Formula 1 team. At the time of writing April it's the only one in this configuration although there is enough paint left over to make a few more. So if you'd like one, act now!

RLT19 - Ferrari colours: As above, but this one's for the Tifosi: This watch has a highly decorated Valjoux movement which provides a host of features: This lovely Valjoux powered chronograph features a 's NOS case engraved with a motor racing motif by " Born T ".

The racing car's number corresponds to the limited edition number of the watch. Originally a limited edition of 10 pieces, "No. Number of a limited edition of pieces, the RLT'69 is an homage to the Smith's military watches of This example is shown on a black NATO strap. At the request of an RLT forum member, Roy Taylor made just one of these watches with a quartz movement and followed up with a tiny handful of automatic versions utilising ETA's 25 jewel movement.

This is the 37mm cased version a 40mm version was also produced and is powered by an ETA 17 jewel manual wind movement. The case is M water resistant and has a sapphire crystal. The watch is shown here on a Stingray strap custom made by Banda. The story goes that this watch, originally launched in the 's, was developed for commercial airline pilots who needed to be able to quickly establish the time in more than one time zone and that it was also adopted by several military pilots and astronauts, including William J.

This is a example model which utilises the Cal. I find it sometimes makes a nice change to carry a pocket watch instead of wearing a wristwatch. Seagull Chinese Air Force: The Seagull is an official reproduction or replica, if you will made by Tsinlien Seagull of the Tianjin Project that was issued to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force in the early 's.

It utilises the 21 jewel version of the Seagull ST hand-winding column wheel chronograph movement which, like the similar Soviet Poljot , is based on a Swiss Venus caliber using original tooling sold by the Swiss manufacturer.

The result is a high quality watch of historical interest with classically beautiful styling at an affordable price. I'm no Seiko expert so there's not much I can say about this watch other than that it's the first Seiko I've ever owned and I'm pretty stunned at the incredible quality! It has a 21 jewel automatic movement and I think the serial number dates it to August My first Seiko, but judging by this one it surely wont be the last!

These and other similar Seiko's are sometimes referred to as having Pepsi bezels because the colours on the bezels are similar to those of the Pepsi Cola drinks cans.

This is an old Russian Sekonda alarm watch dating from somewhere around the 's I would imagine. The lower of the two crowns winds the 18 jewel Poljot movement whilst the upper crown winds and sets the alarm. It vibrates and gives a very healthy buzz when it goes off! Nowadays, the Sekonda name is owned by a British company and is best known for producing very cheap "fashion" watches. This Sekonda is one of the original USSR manufactured variety and uses a high quality Poljot chronograph movement.

Watches identical to this one were used by several Cosmonauts on Soyuz space missions in the 's. I'm guessing this watch to be from the late 's or early 's.

Its 17 jewel, Incabloc shock-protected movement by ST is still keeping excellent time. The history of the company has always been a bit of a mystery to me at least , but thanks to "mach 0. They appear to have been based in Leicester from the mid-late 's until at least and also had a sales arm based in London from the late 's. This is a British made watch from the 's. It has a 5 jewel movement. The two-tone dial is remarkably similar to the British made Smiths Empire pocket watch from the same era, shown below.

This watch has a 25 jewel automatic movement with quick-set date and day display. The style of this watch borrows rather heavily from a particular model by master Swiss watchmaker, Patek Philippe. This is my first and, at the time of writing, only pocket watch. I know very little about it apart from the fact that it's gorgeous! Jacky Ickx of Belgium was a Formula One racing driver between and This watch is one of several by Sorna and Heuer that bear his name.

It has a high-beat Swiss mechanical movement contained in a sealed composite plastic case. Combining a large, easy-to-read LCD watch with an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass, the Suunto X-Lander is a great tool for hiking, mountain biking or climbing.

The Suunto X-Lander can keep track of your activities as it features altitude log books, compass bearing tracking and barometric trend graphs. The excellent backlight means the watch can be used in the dark and battery replacement is simple as the carbon fibre caseback features a battery-hatch. The large case size means the buttons can be placed well apart which makes them quite simple to operate whilst wearing gloves.

This complex instrument requires that you familiarise yourself with its many features, so RTFM is definitely recommended! Quite what that has to do with this watch I don't know, but it's a nice watch all the same. It has day and date functionality and an automatic movement by ETA. This little Timex from has the distinction of being my first ever watch.

Although it's still going strong, I don't wear it now: A Timex "Boy's" watch from , I bought this one from eBay to replace the similar one I had as a child. It has a classic military style dial with hour markings and, unlike my childhood one, a date function.

Full size Timex watch I received as a Christmas present from my mother and father in The Timex Expedition WS4 takes the best features of the Avocet Vertech Alpine and Suunto X-Lander and combines them into an excellent, widescreen instrument with numerous time keeping functions, alarms, graphic displays, very accurate altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass. The altimeter in particular seems to require far less re-calibration than that in either the Avocet or Suunto, even when the barometric pressure changes.

Quite how the Timex achieves this I don't know, but it works very well. The widescreen format also allows for on-screen prompts to be displayed which makes operation simple without necessarily having to memorise the entire manual. The large case features big, solid buttons that are easily operable with gloves and the superb Timex Indiglo backlight provides excellent visibility in dark conditions. A battery hatch enables the user to change batteries without recourse to a jeweller and 50M water-resistance provides sufficient protection from rain or the occasional dunk in a stream!

My only criticism is that the clasp on the elastic wrist-strap lacks any safety features. This watch has it all: It even tells the time too! He appeared 92 times and closed the final episode in Although finished in the U. Topo appeared on a weekly Italian TV show and a s Japanese produced animated series called Topo Gigio where he played a space exploring mouse who accidentally returns to earth years in the future. This watch has an anonymous 1 jewel mechanically wound movement, which makes me suspect that it's from the late 60's or 70's.

A typical LED watch from sometime in the 70's I guess. I missed out on these first time around, have always wanted to own one Van Der Bauwede Chronorace 1: It utilises a 27 jewel ETA quartz movement with four stepper motors to drive the seven hands displaying the time and split-second chronograph functions. Also in , Bulova reintroduces its redeveloped Phototimer clock, improved with updated photographic and electronic technologies.

It features an infrared sensing element patterned after those used on heat-seeking missiles. Mounted on the starter's pistol, the Phototimer senses the flash of the gun and starts a timer clock at the same instant that the runners leave their marks. It is the most spectacular breakthrough in timekeeping since the invention of the wrist watch. This revolutionary timekeeping concept of a watch without springs or escapement is operated by an electronically activated tuning fork.

The Accutron watch goes on to become a presidential gift to world leaders and other dignitaries. The clock is installed atop the Torre Latino Americana, Mexico's tallest skyscraper.

A Bulova timer is placed in the moon's "Sea of Tranquility" to control the transmissions of vital data through the years. Bulova is still making excellent mid-priced watches today. This Information was obtained from the Bulova Watch Company. I'll do that next time I change the battery!

Swiss made, 25 jewels, automatic, circa 's. An awful picture of perhaps the most popular Swiss automatic movement in use today. First Moscow Watch Factory: Soviet made, 17 jewels, manual wind, hacking seconds, circa 's. First Moscow Watch Factory, Automatic: Allegedly the first automatic movement to be produced in the Soviet Union. General Watch Company Helvetia 32A: Swiss made, quartz, circa One of the very first quartz movements, also used by Le Coultre and Favre Leuba.

Gruen R SS: Swiss made, 17 jewels, manual wind, circa 's. Swiss made, 17 jewels, manual wind, chronograph, circa 's. Swiss made, 12 jewels, hacking seconds, quick set date, tuning fork movement based on the ESA and made under license from Bulova, circa late 's.

Swiss made, 17 jewels, hacking seconds, manual wind, "high frequency" 28,bph , circa 's. Belarus made, quartz, very similar to the Raketa R below, but apparently with less jewels. Soviet made, 18 jewels, electronic balance wheel, circa 's. Soviet made, 19 jewels, manual wind, chronograph, circa late 's.

Iamges: dating bulova accutron watches

dating bulova accutron watches

The device is primarily designed for sight-impaired users, who can use the watch's two ball bearings to determine the time, but it is also suitable for general use.

dating bulova accutron watches

The emblem on the dial is that of the Russian bomber squadrons.

dating bulova accutron watches

I have a few of these scattered through the late s and s listings. Part of the fascination in owning a quality watch lies in wondering about the intricate mechanism that powers it. A bizarre quartz watch that has the usual gamut of features but also includes markings on the dial which seem to refer to some kind of "all day drinking" exercise! A large movement often found in pocket watches as well as wrist watches. Daying it's still dating bulova accutron watches strong, I don't wear it dwting