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My List of Best Romantic Comedy Korean Drama - Most Highly Recommended

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While DH tries to do the corporate shit, the father walks in after his trip. The actor that portrays Enrique is very charming and kinda makes you fall in love with him. I also sees shades of Boys over Flowers with the ass kicking female lead. Try to watch divorce lawyer in love starring jeon woo jin. I watched it for the second time because i love the chemistry between jung eum and ji sung, gonna watch kill me heal me after I finish this one.. Have a happy day and I hope that you learn more about yourself through this. Great performances by both leads Kang Ji-Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye, specially kissing scenes, it was so passionate that even I got the chills of it.

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I loooove Ji Sung! I'm sorry if you didn't know that in the first place. I am hooked on this drama too! Jule Jan 05 BTS Mar 04 4: Their chemistry was alluring.

The lyrics in this version are notable for having more suicidal undertones than those in the final version, which appeared on Pete Townshend 's solo album Empty Glass. Most notably, the line, "Killing each other, then we jump off the ledge" was changed to "Killing each other by driving a wedge" for the final version.

The success of Who Are You generated excitement at the prospect of a new Who tour for the album. However, the album is surrounded by tragedy for Who fans due to Moon's death shortly after the album's release. The songs on the album were later performed on tour in when The Who were joined by new drummer Kenney Jones and keyboardist John Bundrick. Bundrick had been invited to play on the album, but broke his arm falling out of a taxi at the studio door and was unable to participate.

It was also played as part of the encore for the Who's "Quadrophenia and More" tour. On The Who's tour , only four songs were played live: On that tour, "Sister Disco" was played quite close to the studio version, except that the guitar outro was changed from country-style to a more bluesy one, except in , where Townshend used acoustics, and —09, where he could switch his Fender from 'electric mode' to 'acoustic mode'.

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It was played in the , and tours, and was also rehearsed for the tour. Entwistle died before the start of the tour and the band were not able to perform this song. However, the John Entwistle Band used to play the Entwistle-penned songs. There were no extra tracks on this CD, as it only contained songs from the original LP. In , the album was reissued on CD. This re-release was remixed and remastered by Jon Astley and Andy Macpherson; some of the elements from the original mixes were eliminated or changed, including an alternate guitar track on "Music Must Change", while other elements were restored, such as "Trick of the Light" being restored to its full length of 4: This remaster included five bonus tracks: On 24 December Universal Japan reissued the original analogue mixes of the album on CD for the first time in over a decade.

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All songs written by Pete Townshend , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the album. Thanks for the recaps. I like how everyone have the same thought about it: I don't know how a show can be so bad and so addictive. I love the two main characters can't wait to see them fall hard for each other and the ghost!!

Thank u for your recap and sharing your thought about it: I love Hongki but I was skeptic when I heard about his role in this drama. I hate ghost stories but this one I like. I just hope this drama will have more fans aside from the ever loyal Primadonnas. This is awesome, Koala, that you are recapping!

I am aboard for the run. It is very TW in how they are making me anticipate happily which cliche is next. It must be some kind of drama alchemy where the sum of the parts is better than the individual pieces.

They seemed to go out and collect all the good parts of dramas old and recent, and threw them in the mix. It helps that I like the OTP. Do Rim is awesome and all sort of amazing even though she did embarrassing things, i love how she schooled Kang Joo each time and Kang Joo had that disbelief face on.

This is a fun bit of fluff!! Love Lee Hong Ki!! I am also watching 14 Days and Full Sun, both are excellent!! New dramas to get lost in! Can someone clarify for me please? Love this drama, I found about it yesterday, also found out about this mini series episodes just 15 minutes long her lovely heels.. But the dramay has HOT hong jong hyun the computer guy from cyrano dating agency drama nothing hurts.

Are you talking about drama-toon After School Bokbulbok with kim so eun and seo kang joon who i am currently smitten about? I started watching the first episode weeks ago and dropped it halfway because of the bad acting cough Hongki cough and feeling that this drama may be a potential trainwreck. Hopefully that will change. After seeing this post i decided to give the series another try and boy am I hooked after episode two. Hooked with a capital H. Yes the plot is a little contrite and over-used but who cares — I found the male lead very appealing and female lead is very cute.

Somewhat to my surprise the chemistry between the two leads is very good. First heroin disguise as as heiress but the hero is not his fake brother but actually is her fiance doppleganger.

Then, there are random part where she slip and kiss LHK…really similar with MY GIRL too…but its true that it is really cliche but still, this drama kind of addicting,light and fun to watch…. I am half-tempted to start a running list of all of the kdrama cliches and tropes used in this show: I think it is trying to use them all. I know the tropes are nothing new, but if a story is told well and makes me laugh, I am onboard!

I love the supernatural element. Not sure if the ghost is helping Do Roo Mi or just using her. I am just a sucker for this type of drama. Watching it is like taking a little vacation. Love the Ghost addition to the story and of course the poor tough innocent girl with the cold cherobel guy is just my type of guilty pleasure.

I jumped with joy when I saw the recap. I watched every episode twice. HongKi acting has improved. His acting in You are beautiful is rather stiff but very good in this show. This show so far is very interesting and hopefully has a good ending. Hope it will not end up like PM n I which is quite good throughout but did not have a good ending. You should watch the other 3 episodes also as they get more interesting. This show besides romance, it has a mystery also.

I wonder how HongKi is going to protect his wife if it is true that the 1st wife of the 1st born son will die.

Thanks for all the recap. Me too — the jumping with joy part. The chemistry between the two leads is awesome. The main actress looks more comfortable Doo Rim than Yi Kyung. And the ghost OMG! Thanks for recapping this ms. I can sense the excitement in your writing and it makes me wanna start marathoning this series. There are a number of interesting series to date but so far, I am going to watch this to fill the void when You from Another Star ended. Hope it lives up to my expectation….

Im totally hooked on this drama too. Anyone thinks the same? I came into this drama without knowing much what it was about nor was I expecting to like it. BUT after the first episode, I am hooked!! I want a sequel! Russia is waiting for English subtitles! Bride of The Century: A Fantasy Love Story rotijala. Your email address will not be published. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Lost You Forever Chapter I started watching last night!

I finally watched this last week after looking at it being ready with sub for a few days. Perhaps this will be the show to fill some of the void left by YFAS for me. All the emotions were there and the plot was very suspenseful. Also all the characters were very good at acting their parts. I'm going to miss watching this drama. Wish they extend it but, what can we do. I for one is really gonna miss looking at Ji Sung. He moves like a mysterious cat in pursuit of his enemy.

I just love watching this guy walk and from every angle, he has an amazing body especially when he takes off his jacket. I bet he has a six pack hiding in his shirt Wish there was one time I could see him shirtless, must be a sight to behold. I know he's not that tall but just looking at him act, walk, run makes him 7 feet tall to me. He is handsome in his own way.

His eyes gives me buttery toes and fingers.. Oh well, Thank you cas and crew for the best gift this year. I will never forget how I was entertained from episode 1 to I love this show so much. Everything about this show just made me love it. The main characters are perfect together. The villains are totally evil. And Yoo Jeong family of females is perfect.

Frieda Nov 14 6: How bony SY is. She is so unattractive with her bones sticking out on her knees and legs waist, and butt. This girl is like a tree, flat all over no curves whatsoever. She tried to be sexy on the steps, my goodness that was the ugliest picture there. She was so skinny I could see all her bones when she walks.

Her fashion was awesome for a rich girl but, there was nothing attractive about the body. Her bony hands reminds me of the wicked witch from the west. She's a tall girl and has a pretty face except she needs to put on weight to cover all the bones please. Her acting is supberb with that one exception ANy man can get hurt hugging this girl from all the bones.

She looks more like a gay man wearing women's clothes. Okay producers, should advise your actors to look right so we out here won't have to make unkind comments like this. Linette Nov 14 5: I just cried with them when they finally kissed especially when MH knelt in front of YJ and eased himself into that calm kiss with lots of feelings for the both of them. I really felt the whole thing in my bones and I tell you, I'm gonna miss them as the episodes are dwindling to the end.

If there ever was a drama that moved me and make my addicted to any Korean drama is this one, Secret. I love every minute of the whole show especailly the scenes between the 2 main characters and the potrayal of the best an actor can come up with.

They hate, they love, they cried, they cared, fought physically and mentally, they touch, he tells her not to smile in front of him what a delivery of loving command my whole body melts from just looking at his caring eyes as he speaks with unspeakable gestures they we all know this language ia unbelievabley beautiful.

Boy, wometimes I thing I'm in dreamland for an hour of watching one episode at a time. Thank you people for giving me the best drama this year, I really am appreciative of the best performance by an actor and actresses that are so real and emotional in the best form of entertainment.

I'll be forever grateful coming this Christmas, I'm satisfied with this drama Thank you again. Secret, You will be my all time Korean favorite tv drama. I love everything about it. And finally a ending that has me crying tears of joy. I love the characters, storylines, and how the chemistry of all the characters fit perfectly. Their chemistry was alluring. Thank you for all your hard work.

Sam lolo Nov 14 1: Dneth Nov 14 8: What's a great movie of this year! Really anticipating for the last ep. It's way better than Heirs. Alian Nov 14 7: Yes, ok, I do get all giggly to watching "The Heirs" but even at ep10 they don't get your feelings all hyped up like MH does. Who is San's father? So hey, take my really awesome advise and give the ending a super awesome one, copy?

Make the wonderful characters of this wonderful drama smile at the end and we, the fans will smile and you, will automatically smile when u see the wonderful ratings and views. In the end everyone is happy and satisfied! But it is a give and take situation. You give us an awesome ending and we give you awesome views and ratings!

Do the complete oposite and trust me you will be handing in ur resignation letter and hospitalized for attempting suicide. This drama is ranked 5th place which is pretty good!

Alot of dramas are better! I mean the drama had me hooked throughout and then they just gave us a really disgusting end where the female main character died! And then they gave us a stupid reencarnation bull as if that can mend our broken hearts. We desreve happiness after all those long perods of insomnia and pain and tears!: Do this 4 us. Or u just told us that to let us get all excited to watch the last ep and so the views and ratings will go up!

Trying to cheer myself up here and looking on the bright side! But is should give u this though: But i sort of wanted like a little u know…a little shirtless scene or a bed scene. But maybe his wife Bo young would kill u right?

Yup maybe she would. Secret, i anticipate ur happy ending. U two should ride off in a dark night sea in a BMW together and give the characters and us fans some peace! Kay Nov 13 2: Some good news and some bad news. A copious amount of tears were shedby myself and the actors. A nice little romantic night between MH and YJ maybe a baby to follow? Sheri Nov 13 6: I hope for a happy ending.. I'd like to see more.. THanks and look forwarding to seeing more of this genre. She seems like a psychopath to me--quite obsessed with Min-Hyuk.

Also, I think, San is probably still. Makes me wanna love. I cried n cried. Thumbs up to d writers. Kay Nov 13 1: Where could that be? Is it a happy place? His plain cold heart impression really good. Wish him all the BEST!! Kay Nov 12 Come on, this drama needs more time!

Treasure Nov 12 1: Ella nd Kay it will end well i guess. Kay Nov 11 9: I am desperate for a happy ending. Everybody, let's put our collective good vibes together so that this happens! I think the unimaginable ending would be that MH gives up everything for YJ.

But hey, everyone has some form of Withering heights thing going on! A revenge that started because of love via, a love that started because of revenge MH: He loved JH and so he wanted to do revenge on YJ but ended up loving her. Loved DH but he hurted her so she wanted to do revenge on him and in the process fell inlove with MH. Loves MH but he does not love her so she did revenge on him. So who do you guys think?

Carol Nov 11 4: Aderf Nov 11 3: Great actors and actresses And all of the people behind this drama congratualation Syuen Nov 11 4: But this drama changed my opinion on melodramas.

I'm so very glad I stayed on and continue to watch it. I'm seriously in love with this extremely addictive drama, man! Kay Nov 10 MH and YJ sitting on the oversized park bench, and the scene where he puts his head in her lap. He seems so shy like he doesn't have any experience with women yet that is the contrary. At the end of this episode, YJ is standing on the court steps.

I'll bet she calls DH's bluff and goes ahead to report him. Sima Nov 10 3: It's full of great scenes and actors and actress doing their work excellent.

Con Ma Ri Nov 10 6: That one with a lyrics "i believe that i love you". Helen Nov 10 4: Samananda Nov 09 I look forward to seeing the end. I hope to be a happy one: Irene Nov 09 3: My favorite drama is Family's honor and this is the only drama which gives me the same feeling, well done and thank you for entertaining me well!

Thanks to all who has worked so hard and did their best. AN dohon let yoo jung take the fall for him,he is selfish takes after his mother,who denied her grandson,I hope that Sun comes back and that Minhywk saved him.

Kdramalover Nov 09 1: Also love the song that ailee and navi sings. Sheri Nov 09 I really enjoy watching this drama very touching and fascinating, I dont know korean so I have to read English subtitles but still I never lose the chance of enjoying the drama I would like to say thank you to all who made this director, writer, actors and just everyone and also I need to say sound track OST is SO lovely.

Margaretha Nov 09 6: Sandra Nov 09 I can't believe I'm ditching Heirs for Secret This show is just too good and the story is gripping, I find myself waiting for this drama every week. Kay Nov 08 9: I hope Secret doesn't join this group, but the main characters are ill fated. Bad things happened in the rain in this show, so rain could play a role in the demise of MH and YJ. Dneth Nov 08 9: It's a great drama with amazing plot and awesome acting.

Doramafan Nov 08 1: By then, I was sure that my impression was right. It really must be watched!!! It's, one of the best ones of the last years! It is quite short for a drama so intense and full of different cases developing There are just too many obstacles in the way for MH and YJ.

Remember Autumn in My Heart, ie.? Tap Nov 08 9: I was so disappointed with heirs.. MH n YJ's love story just started and we won't get to watch more of it SY that gal i hope she ends up living lonely life MH YJ i will be rooting for your well being in the end Kay Nov 07 The ending to the Wuthering Heights book, him telling her not to die before him.

This is not good stuff here, folks. There is very little time left for all of this to turn around for the good. Do hoon already threaten her about min hyeok Diana loves drama Nov 07 5: Ji sung is one of my favorite actors and now Jung Eum is my fav actress. This Drama is amazing and i can't wait to find out what happens in the end!

And omg when the bodyguard was going to hit ji sung Min hyuk on his birthday, i almost died laughing. That's gotta be her kid! Can't figure out where this drama is going because there are too many possibilities. Who could not think that this show is a mega hit? Judz Nov 07 7: I commend all those who made this drama possible.

I always watch several times all the episodes and still loving it. The story is great and not dragging at all. Drama series should be like this. Its short but so beautiful. You can't miss a single episode. Every episode make your heart stop for seconds: Too excited to watch fthe last episode next week Thanks for pitching in the name of my favorite legendary Kpop group: Treasure Nov 07 1: Cara Nov 06 It's not boring like other series. It always leaves the viewer wanting for more-- as in the secrets to be revealed.

I super love it! One of the best I've ever seen. The four main characters are superb. The story is fantastic and keeps you guessing. I am happy I accidentally watched this drama and it's the first 2 episodes and a replay.

I didn't know that it was aired that wed and thur coz I don't want to watch "Lookin Forward to Romance"I thought this is a long drama. It's good that they have a replay every sun.. And I am hooked again to another K drama. I love it so much. My niece told me to watch "The Heirs" but no "Secret Love" is such a good drama I can't get enough of it. Watching it again and again even the you tube videos.. I Love Ji Sung.. I pray that his marriage to Lee Boyoung will last forever..

Tap Nov 06 7: Min-Hyuk and Yoo-Jung suffered and sacrificed so much because of those people and I think it has to stop. Apo Nov 06 5: Kay Nov 06 2: That seemed apparent episodes ago. MH and IJ seem to have an interesting relationship. Can't put my finger on it but it is possible that the daughter is by their former one or two night stand relationship. Don't laugh, lots of teenage boys hook up with cougars. If not this, then whose daughter is she? Anyway, only 3 more episodes to go and I can't see all of this tidying up with that amount of time remaining.

Faith84 Nov 06 1: My favorite drama as if the moment. I love the everything about it.: Nora Shari Nov 06 Now I just cant wait for the next week to watch its continuation. A must watch for all..

Alice Nov 06 7: I thought too much about this drama more than my liking. I will need a break from K-Drama after this one. I love it soo much!!!! I hope they end up together, i hope YJ does not go back to DH, i hope MH does not go to SY not likely actually, but hey, he said unimaginable so i have no choice but to think along that line! Why did he have to say that? The least we could get is a happy ending. Man, i hate melodramas because it leaves me sighing or crying but then again i love them anyway.

I really hopes it turns out well. I hope when he says unimaginable ending, he is thinking along the line of: MH and YJ getting married and having kids!!!! DAMN, i so hope the producer reads this! Do you guys think that YJ had strong feelings for MH when he kissed her? Or she was just being obedient since he told her to do what he say But she was crying so…: Kay Nov 05 Lately there have been too many lousy endings.

The whole package is therewriter, director, actors, so there is no reason to expect anything but a standout drama! Hayachul Nov 05 Jj Nov 05 8: Alice Nov 04 5: Then it will be really shocking to all the characters especially MH.

James Nov 04 2: The other suspect of course is Jisung's father, who could have manipulated all the evidence afterwards. It wouldn't be surprising if the blood that ended up on the car was actually on the barrel which could have been hit at the same time as Jisung's girlfriend by the real perp. Can't wait to find out. However, I do believe DH is the one who did it since there was blood on their car.

But still, the question regarding the barrel that was supposed to be there but disappeared is still unanswered. Leap Nov 04 3: Even as it was just being promoted, I knew it had a good plot. We were all bery fortunate that the writers did not alter anything because initial ratings were not that good.

Now everyone is waiting how everything will fall into place. Congratulations to KBS for another memorable show: I love this drama.. At first i thought heirs whould be the best but after seeing this drama i found out this is much more better.. Wasn't episode 12 best episode ever?! Cathy Nov 02 I loooove this drama.

I'm so addicted that I keep on repeating the last 5episodes. Tap Nov 02 B Nov 02 Please Don't get me wrong. Tap Nov 02 9: Tap Nov 02 8: Super Junior Nov 02 Dneth Nov 01 I wish they can do it since it s such a great drama.

M really anticipate for the next ep. TheDirector Nov 01 SY killed the girl as part of the deal in a make do road accident but so happened, DH n JY was driving by and hit the barrel instead 3. Instead of DH getting the brunt, JY went instead 4. SY made arrangements to accidentally meet DH as persecutor when she was so called drunk to get hold of him as scapegoat n her "yes man" 5.

MH has a back up plan that if JY doesn't get to correctional facility, he bought the judges to give her parole instead. Which is why, he asked his assistant, whether love if love wins, JY remains in correctional facility instead of prison since if DH grant parole, MH original plan remains which is to send her to correctional will win or money if money wins, JY gets parole since DH would not grant parole n JY remains in prison so for MH his back up plan is important which is to give JY parole so that MH can torture her as a freed person within his locus of control 8.

SY knew how important DH is to be the scapegoat if she is ever found out so she purposely got closer to him to start her manipulation on him. SY also recommended DH to MH father instead of the other Hyung prosecutor as the strategy is to keep your enemies closer. SY thought she could use her pet boy DH to get her bidding down to separate both of them but it didn't happen The father has to be back for the final show down as the main culprit behind JH death 2.

SY has to push DH out in the open to take the blame 3. The father will die of heart attack due to the son hating him 5. The father assistant who has been eyeing the company but pretended as if he isn't, will rise up to betray MH n the father 6. Regarding the kiss scene: MH loves JY 2. JY has no more feelings for DH 3. JY resist the kiss because she is unsure of her feeling for MH JY has a bit of feeling for MH because of the hospital receipt n how MH was not the culprit behind her later sufferings- shown in Ep 10 4.

JY decided to embrace the kiss later on with tears on her eyes because she was having flashbacks of the difficulties that MH has put her through. What to expect in Ep JY will push MH away reminding him of the status difference and how he has treated her 2. JY will run in crying, MH will try to chase after her.

Doors closed, MH banging. JY will cry behind the doors 4. MH goes off might wait a bit , JY regretting pushing him away 5. MH will be very nice to her next day but JY doesn't turn up.

He looks for her, found her n embraced her 6. Both of them will really hug this time, but no more kisses for now 7. JY will lean on MH as comfort n after that, JY will remember the differences again n just told MH she will do her part and until then, she is not able to love him back 8. MH will get angry but he will treat her nice after that 9. While DH tries to do the corporate shit, the father walks in after his trip. Love Nov 01 8: Risa Nov 01 4: She tried everything in the book to draw his attention and yet, MH's stll can't foregt Juhui and especially the baby that died too.

That alone a man can't forget and hard to forgive. The twist of this storyline, Soyeon was the one who killed Juhui because of her jealousy as you can see in several episodes, she's still obsessed with MH and you can see that when now MH is involved with YJ, Soyeon's jealousy knows no bound by putting YJ down everywhere. We all know she's just torn all over because she's seeing what's happenening between MH and YJ and she's not liking that at all.

She even involves DH to make MH jealous I mean, she's trying everything to get this man for herself by acting mean and jealous. So unlady like and I'm sure this is making MH pulling away from her in the worst ways.

Soyeon thinks she has class, well, her actions not classy at all. Therefore, the idiot DH thought he hit Juhui that night, My folks, Juhui was already hit by Soyeon and left her for dead and unfortunately on that fateful night between DH and YJ, they only hit the barrell not Juhui. All that happend YJ was unnecessary but, it was all made for good entertainment.

One woman's inhuman actions caused one woman's tragic life and one man's biggest betrayal of the woman who loved him dearly, and now the woman's became strong and was saved by the one man who ended up loving her to death.

Such a good storyline line I think. Oh well, it may not go this way but, I hope the story ended well we the audience deserve a better ending than the beginning. Okay producers, writers and directors, give us a good one Anoka Nov 01 4: The hate love between them is so amazing becos it builds emotions to the point of no control on my part. I just love this show. I love that it's exciting and lots of good feelings coming out after each episode.

The actors are brilliant and the writings excellent. I can really feel the emotions of the actors I mean, it really goes to the core of your being and you feel for the girl who lost so much and she went through hell becos she made the wrong decision thinking, her boyfriend was with her through out her misery and yet, it was not the deal.

She got the end of the stick and too bad, her boyfriend betrayed her to no end. The scene that really got to me of her pain was when she went to the party and her big scar was exposed and her lawyer x-boyfriend just stood there and laugh at her. He showed no love or caring just kept on laugh. He felt nothing for her by not coming to her aid and cover her up. MH had to do that and that was so manly of him. I love that about MH. Showed how much he cared about YJ.

Anyways, I hope this show get extended because there is so much more to this story that needs to be exposed. Of how the baby disappeared without a trace, and how DH will be exposed of his crimes.

Me Nov 01 2: I can feel it too. Kay Nov 01 Where YJ is banging her head against the wall and MH calms her down while he's holding on to her.. In the restaurant, after hours, when YJ asked MH to sample some sauces. That almost kiss scene was moving.

In the car outside her house where MH passionately kissed YJ while she was still in the seat belt, and afterwards when he gets on his knees and kisses her. Brilliant dialogue, brilliant directing, brilliant acting. Dneth Nov 01 7: It is a real melodrama. M addict to it.

Kay Nov 01 6: She said she thought she could have MH if the girlfriend was out of the way the scene where she threw the wine glass against the mirror. Another little twist to this story?

Iamges: dating agency cyrano subtitles download

dating agency cyrano subtitles download

I wud like to share the recent kdramas i m in love with..

dating agency cyrano subtitles download

Anonymous May 25, at 6:

dating agency cyrano subtitles download

Definitely a must watch. Rox May 14 8: A lot of love from India! Leading Brand white variant vs. And I also think there might be something hidden about the death of Agenfy.