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dating a dad with partial custody

Elektra , Typhoid Mary, etc. When patrol officers arrived, Lewis was gone. In The God Squad: Cops arrested the unemployed Lewis around 6 p. In The Adventures of Dr. And it was about four real-life, not webcomic years between their scenes together.


She is the only Lyoko Warrior parent who remains unseen at the end of the series, but she is mentioned just enough for us to know that she is not this trope. Seymour Guado, the game's Dragon or at least The Dragon's Dragon , is parentless, and not entirely by accident. Ashley Graham flashes the flesh in variety of skimpy bikinis as she sizzles on set of risque shoot at Miami beach Curve queen 'I just don't like wizards: Rick is orphaned in the very first episode when his mother, assumed to be but never named as Dale Arden, dies resisting Ming's mind probes. It is believed that a Great White Shark similar to this one was responsible for the fatal attack.

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Not so in the stage musical and live-action remake, which reveals her to be dead and still honoured in the family. The bear Kenai killed as revenge for killing his older brother is actually Koda's mother. The main character's mother is deceased. The Prince's mother is also absent. One of the sequels confirms that she's dead, and that the King loved her very much. However, in many non-Disney adaptations, the Queen is still alive.

Aladar is separated from his mother when his egg is unexpectedly taken away from her nest by a hungry Oviraptor while his mother was trying to protect said nest from the Carnotaurus. The Oviraptor then takes the egg into a nearby forest where it proceeds to crack it open and eat the fetus inside, but loses the egg to another Oviraptor. While the two Oviraptors begin to fight over the egg, Aladar's egg rolls off a ledge and into a nearby river where it is then picked up by a passing Pterodactyl.

The Pterodactyl then flies the egg all the way to Lemur Island home to Aladar's eventual foster family of lemurs and leaves it there, where he will eventually hatch and be adopted.

It's implied that his biological mother was either killed by the Carnotaurus who also smashed her other eggs or was among the many dinosaurs that was killed by the meteorite. Inverted with Baylene however. She, despite being one of the oldest dinosaurs in the film, actually lost her spouse, as well of all of her siblings and her descendants to the meteorite, therefore making her the last surviving Brachiosaurus on Earth.

Also, Plio, the lemur girl that adopts Aladar, despite her father being the chief of the lemur clan, actually doesn't have a mother as well. Inverted with Plio herself, where even though she already has a daughter named Suri, she actually doesn't have a husband.

Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove lacks in the parental department as well. We had the explanation, and it was significant. Prince Edward has a missing mom too, hence his stepmother. The Fox and the Hound: Tod's mother is shot during the opening scene.

He says "Surely your mother knows where he is" and she says "I don't have a mother. Quasimodo's Roma mother in The Hunchback of Notre Dame is kicked down a flight of stone stairs and cracks her head open while trying to save her baby son from Frollo. His father was arrested, so one can assume she's dead. Considering Quasimodo has fair skin, he may not be their biological son; on the other hand, he may be Roma and have the fair skin as part of his deformity.

In any case, it still counts. Mowgli from The Jungle Book is a feral child raised by Since he was found abandoned in a wrecked boat, it can be assumed his parents are deceased. Apparently their parents died recently, as she remembers things they used to say. Given her explanation "It was raining, and they went for a drive" , we can assume they died in a car accident.

No mention is made of Ariel's mother, or what became of her. Ariel's Beginning is about her: Ariel's love of music comes from her mother, who died in a hit-and-run with a pirate ship. Since that event, King Triton banned music from Atlantica in grief, so Ariel's Beginning is about how the music was brought back.

Lewis' mother left him in an orphanage. His desire to discover her drives most of the story. Li Shang from Mulan has no mother. See the Literature section for Peter Pan. The title character of Pocahontas also has a dead mother and receives a necklace in memory of her. According to Wikipedia , though it's not outright stated in the film, the mother's spirit is the source of the Dramatic Wind that follows the heroine throughout.

The Princess and the Frog: Charlotte just lives with her father and there's no mention of a mother. Averted with Tiana, though, who has her mother and a dad who was hinted to have died in World War I during the Time Skip. Penny from The Rescuers is an orphan. Except in one of the book adaptations, where she is Medusa's daughter and pretends to be an orphan in the hope of being adopted into safety.

In Sleeping Beauty while Aurora's mother survives the movie, Prince Phillip's mother is never seen nor mentioned. Snow White is taken care of by her step-mother. It is unclear what happened to her parents. However a Disney storybook based on the movie hints that her parents died; her mother suffered Death by Childbirth like in the original fairy tale, and the father was poisoned by the queen.

Tarzan 's loving mother and father are killed by a leopard. And there is no mother for Jane Porter, who's been raised by her father. Nemo's mother is missing because she was killed by a barracuda, along with all of Nemo's unhatched siblings. There is no mention of Remy's mother in Ratatouille. Early production art shows that she was intended to be a character named Desiree , but was dropped to allow greater focus upon the father-son relationship between Django and Remy.

King Neptune appears to be a single parent. In Kung Fu Panda we see the eponymous panda and his father, and no mother. And we don't even get to know what happened to her!

According to The Art of Kung Fu Panda , the directors originally intended to put Po's mother into the story, but decided in the end that it distracted from the main story and wasn't very interesting. The fact they didn't want to make Po seem special for having a goose father, and that they wanted to play silly buggers with the audience about the Oblivious Adoption may also have had something to do with it.

It's finally revealed in Kung Fu Panda 2 that both of Po's biological parents were seemingly killed by Lord Shen during his attempted genocide of the panda species. The Sequel Hook at the end shows that Po's dad survived, but it's implied that his mother pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to save Po and is most likely dead.

In Over the Hedge , the absence of Ozzie's mate and Heather's mother is never addressed. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Flint's mother dies when he was young.

Although this was an important plot point; she encouraged him to pursue his scientific dreams and his dad never understood him. His mom was essentially their translator.

In Epic MK moves in with her father because her mother passed away. It becomes the source of where most of MK's and her dad's dramatic moments come from. Song of the Sea has Bronagh, who disappeared on the night of her daughter Saoirse's birth. As a result, Saoirse's father Conor has become wistful and distant and her brother Ben blames her for their mother's "death".

In the end, she becomes this permanently since as a selkie , she must go across the sea with the other fairies to their homeland, though she's still able to bid her family goodbye. In The Boxtrolls , Eggs' is never seen. Averted with Winnie, but Lady Portley-Rind isn't involved with the main plot.

The Book of Life: Played with in regards to Manolo's mother Carmen. She dies before the events of the film, and it is never explained why, but she still becomes a supporting character due to the nature of the setting. Manolo meets her in the Land of the Remembered, and she accompanies him on his journey. Joaquin's mother is never mentioned or seen in the film. However, it has been confirmed that she left San Angel when Captain Mondragon was killed.

Word of God confirmed that Maria's mother divorced her father and moved to Spain. Mia of Meth Head is an interesting case in which we see the missing mom without the daughter. She lost her daughter because of her drug use but she tried to keep an eye on her by watching her daughter's web site. The Land Before Time: Littlefoot's mother is killed by the sharptooth.

Cera's mother also mysteriously vanishes after the Great Earthshake and is neither seen or mentioned at the end of the movie or in any of the sequels. It is discussed in How to Train Your Dragon that Hiccup's mother passed away before the events of the movie. In the sequel, however, she turns out to be alive. In Adventures in Zambezia , Kai's mother was killed by Budzo, which is the main reason that his father, Tendai, doesn't want him to go to Zambezia.

Armageddon begins with a Missing Mom as Harry Tasker raises his daughter Grace with a bunch of oil rig roughnecks, but it turns to an adult-onset Parental Abandonment as Harry dies saving the earth from a giant meteor the size of Texas. We find out from Grace that mom left. One of the main plot threads of Korean film Punch is the teenaged protagonist Wan-deuk reuniting with his mother, who abandoned him when he was a baby. Although she's clearly ashamed about it, the film never really explains why she left.

Apparently she just couldn't get along with Wan-deuk's father. Dickie's mother abandoned him once he lost stardom. In Pretty in Pink , Andie's mom abandoned Andie and her dad sometime before the movie started. The two of them coming to terms with it is addressed. As a partial send-up of Cinderella , Ella also lost her mother and ended up with a Wicked Stepmother. Russell Case is raising his kids alone. By a comment he makes, she probably died of a chronic illness, possibly the same one his child suffers from.

The title character's mother played by Jennifer Lopez dies early on in the film. Jonah's mother died more or less recently, which prompts him to find his dad a new wife and himself a new mother. In The Film of the Book for The Spiderwick Chronicles , the children's mother is a rare case of a Missing Mom who is physically present but absent in the motherly duties thing. She was so fixated on doing everything the way they "agreed" they would in therapy, and refused to discuss anything else.

She did get better, though. Tristan Thorn's mother is missing. She's a Damsel in Distress on the other side of the wall. She is a rare example of the type of Missing Mom who is rescued and returns for the Happy Ending. Juno has this, but the eponymous character has a stepmother, who she has a pretty close bond with, as the film continues. Jim's parents commit suicide together some time before he wakes from his coma, realising somewhat what's happening, and though Jim is an adult this is presumably part of why he bonds so well with the much older Frank.

According to Word of God Selena had to kill her entire family in one afternoon. No wonder she's so cold. Shoeshine's human family has a Missing Mom. It takes two thirds of the movie before someone mentions she died.

Unlike all of the other children, Violet Beauregarde's mother is not shown, only her father. She does speak a brief line, but she is offscreen and difficult to see. In Hancock , Aaron's mother died shortly after his birth, but he has a stepmom who may as well be his mother since she's known him from his infancy.

The Genetic Opera has Marni, Shilo's mother, who died before the movie began, and the missing mother s of the three Largo children. In Unforgiven , Clint Eastwood must raise his son and daughter alone, trying to atone for his past solely on the memory of his late wife.

Fly Away Home begins with the heroine's mother dying in a car crash. This is the plot of Grace Is Gone. The mother died in Iraq, and the father tries to explain this to kids. This is Susan's fate in The Parent Trap. In Spaceballs , princess Vespa has naturally no mother. The heroine of Whale Rider has no mother. Captain Von Trapp is explicitly referred to as a widower. In Forward, Gardemarines , one of the heroes is a bastard, whose mother, a poor woman, died in childbirth — and thus his father, a rich count, hates him.

In Geek Charming , Dylan's mother passed away when she was 8. In Hound Dog , Lewellen also has no mother. Jackie Chan in Drunken Master also seems to have no mother. Her death is explained at the beginning of the movie. The child protagonists of Millions lost their mother before the events of the film. In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants , Bridget's mother is dead, presumably having committed suicide because of mental instability.

Her funeral is shown briefly when the characters are introduced. Later, after Bridget gets it on with her soccer coach , she cries and wishes her mom was still alive to talk things over with.

This is explored a bit more in the sequel, when she visits her grandmother and has a nightmare about her mother abandoning her. Apparently there had been one last chance for them to get her to get help for her mental problems, but the only way to convince her to do so was if her mother lied that she was alright. Bridget's grandmother confessed that she was unable to lie to her daughter about it.

In Batman Begins , while both Bruce's parents die, he spends the rest of the movie obsessed only with whether or not his father would be proud of him. Mother is not mentioned after her death, and while she does appear on film, she's not cast as a speaking part. From the western comedy Support Your Local Sheriff: I wanted you to meet my daughter, Sheriff. She's a good cook, a mighty fine looking girl. Takes after her dear, departed mother. Nope, she just departed.

Alfie Atkins ' mother is never mentioned in the books. Her absence is not mentioned either. Alfie seems to have a completely normal kid's life, with friends, cousins, and a loving father. When Moral Guardians and other curious people wanted to know where she is, the author replied: Maybe the parents are divorced. Maybe she's in the laundry room. It's up to the reader. In the Alisa Selezneva series by Kir Bulychev , Alisa nominally has both parents, but only her father is actually present.

Already before she left she seemed a nonentity in her children's lives, leaving their nurse to do most of the raising. Mehmed, being the third son of the sultan, has a nonrelationship with his father and mother. His mother, though heavily invested in his life, is alien to him. And you may call me Mother.

Hasn't that ever struck you as a bit sinister? I mean, have you ever read a folk tale where the Princess's mother gets to do anything but die young?

I've never been able to figure out if that's supposed to be a warning, or an instruction. Oldest daughter of the original family Mary has a son with her husband; then promptly abandons son and husband much played for drama, as her parents strongly oppose to this. Induced plot point since by this time, the actress who portrayed Mary Jessica Biel had left the show, but the show still wanted to portray her husband and son every now and then.

Subverted in the end, as the plot had her off-screen reconcile with her husband and even become pregnant with him again. In The 10th Kingdom , this is rather masterfully pulled off. Virginia finds out her mother is alive, and is actually pretty much the person responsible for her and her father getting pulled into the plot.

She already knew that her mother had left, but she didn't know that she'd wound up as a wicked step-mother in a parallel fairy-tale world. This leads to a rather realistic rant after she finds out.

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes: One important motive for Shirley Holmes is to solve the mystery of her mother's disappearance. And she does, eventually. Sydney's mother is gone and everyone thinks that she died in a car accident. It's later revealed that she was a deep cover Soviet agent sent to spy on Syd's American Spy father and that the car accident happened when she was being pursued by Federal Agents.

And she's not dead. It gets more convoluted from there. Moody's mom disappeared in a hot air balloon, and it's presented as a case of Never Found the Body that was quite traumatizing—however, we then cut to Moody's mom several times, floating above the scenes and calling down to the other characters for help. The Andy Griffith Show: Yet another dead mother, and quite possibly the Trope Codifier for live-action TV.

Andy is written as a widower because the time the show was made had a stigma against divorce, and Andy Griffith had reservations about working alongside a female lead. The mother is almost never mentioned and never even has her name or face shown. George-Michael's mom in Arrested Development.

It's implied if not out and out stated that she died of ovarian cancer. On The A-Team , Murdock's mother died when he was five his father is never mentioned and Face is an orphan. Ivanova's mother died when she was a child.

Garibaldi mentioned that it was just him and his Dad when he described his birthday tradition. Delenn's mother joined a Minbari convent when she was a child. Franklin and Sheridan's mothers were alive, but only their fathers appeared on screen. G'Kar and Londo mention significant memories of their fathers, but not their mothers. In Battlestar Galactica , Lee's mother is presumed dead when the Cylons attack. She is later shown to have been an alcoholic and bipolar, therefore having strained relationships with her sons.

Likewise, Kara Thrace's mother was so abusive that she once broke all of Kara's fingers by slamming her hand repeatedly in a door. She later refused to congratulate Kara's graduation, focusing on her mistakes instead.

This made Kara so angry that she never went to see her mother as she was dying of lung cancer. Being Human ultimately subverts this in the second season, when Annie is helping out a medium with his show and her mother attends to try to communicate with her daughter's ghost. The mother later converses with Annie, with the medium speaking on Annie's behalf, and cries because she was unable to protect her daughter.

Willa's mother died when she was still a baby. The Big Bang Theory: Seriously averted, since all guys except of Raj have some sort of mommy issue, although different in each case. Sheldon's father is dead and cheated on his mom , Howard's left his wife and son long ago and then the actress who played Mrs.

Both of Raj's parents were shown. In the TV western Bonanza , Ben Cartwright has three sons- Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe- by three different wives, and all of the mothers died within a few years of their son's births. In the pilot episode of Bones , Brennan tells Booth that her parents disappeared when she was fifteen. In the season one finale, they discover that Brennan's mother is one of the Jane Does in Limbo at the Jeffersonian.

There was a Missing Mom in the backstory before Mike married Carol. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow's mom is alive, but she's never around. Except that one episode when she tried to burn Willow at the stake, so maybe not such a helpful influence however, at the time, she was Brainwashed and Crazy , along with most of the other adults in town, including Buffy's own mother.

In Castle , Meredith—Richard's ex-wife and Alexis' mother—lives in Los Angeles to further her acting career, meaning she's not around. Played with in that, as much as Richard and Alexis care for her, they're kind of glad she's missing—she's flighty, irresponsible even more so than Richard , and ditzy , with the kind of obnoxiously-shallow personality that grates after a while.

The main characters' mother in Charmed was drowned by a Warlock when they were very young. Prue saw her die, Phoebe was too young to remember her at all, and Paige never knew her since she was raised by Muggle Foster Parents. They meet her in the past and some episodes feature her as a Spirit Advisor , though.

There are references to a few visits in infancy, but Karen was mostly raised by a Vietnamese nanny until her mother got her onto one of the last choppers out of Saigon and sent her to the U. Mama Bartowski left her husband and children for unknown reasons years before the series started.

But it looks like we'll finally get to find out more about her next season. As it turns out, she's spent numerous years undercover as part of a mission to stop a dangerous arms dealer. In an inversion, Sarah Walker is a missing daughter , having severed all contact with her mother after delivering an orphaned infant heiress to her care in order to protect them both from a rogue CIA agent immediately before the series began.

Since Sarah appeared to have spent more time in the care of her father and grandmother growing up, it's uncertain how much contact she had with her mother prior to then and whether or not she also plays the trope straight. Five years later, Sarah reconnects with her mother and the girl raised as her half-sister after killing the rogue agent attempting to track them down.

No mention is made at all of Vivian Volkoff's mother, even though her very complicated daddy issues see the entry under Disappeared Dad play a major role in the ongoing plot of the second half of season four.

Months before he first appears in The Closer series finale, his mother and her boyfriend dropped Rusty off at the zoo and said they'd pick him up in a couple of hours, and never came back.

Eventually Captain Raydor takes Rusty in , and the police manage to track down his mother. She promises to come back if they send her money so that she can buy a bus ticket. They do, but when they go to pick her up at the bus station, she doesn't turn up. Abed on Community is revealed to have one. Her absence for an annual Christmas event causes a mental breakdown where in he sees everything as claymation.

The Courtship of Eddie's Father: Eddie's mother died, hence the reason for the title. Matt Murdock's father died not fixing a fight he was supposed to take a dive in, but his mom's absence is never really explained. The closest a nun comes is telling Stick that "that's a whole other story".

Ultimately subverted as she finally makes an onscreen appearance in Daredevil season 3. The loss of the mother actually kicks off the story as the father is also absent and her will was to put her children in the care of Mr. Rory Williams' mother is the only parent of a main companion, up to the end of series 9, never to appear in the new series.

She's mentioned only once, in "The Rebel Flesh" Rory says: Clara Oswald is a rather prominent example of this trope. While she's cheery and optimistic on the surface , her introverted personality often hides the fact that she misses her mother very much, and that her mother's death had traumatised her quite a bit.

It's implied that her "big kid" traits and overprotectiveness of children are her way of coping with what she perceives as Survivor Guilt. Part of the story arc of her friendship with the Eleventh Doctor focuses on her slowly starting to come to terms with her mother's passing and becoming a more self-confident and less shut-in young lady.

Lauren's mom apparently died sometime in the past, since she mentions enjoying Christmas partly due to fond memories of spending the holiday together with her.

Frasier Crane's mother was dead at the start of the series but had appeared on Cheers. Gene, Jessie, and Robb Harper have no mother, due to their parents getting a divorce. Yet another dead mother. The reason why Jesse said mother's younger brother and Joey Danny's best friend moved in with the Tanners was to help Danny with the three girls. Jesse later gets married and Aunt Becky becomes a mother figure to the Tanner girls.

By the sequel Fuller House , Danny has finally gotten engaged to a new woman, but the trope has flipped to Disappeared Dad when DJ's never-before-seen firefighter husband who she met and married in the interim dies on the job.

Why can't Death quit screwing over the Tanner family? Jon Snow grew up as the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, never knowing who his mother is or if she is even alive.

Ned promises Jon they will talk about his mother some day when they reunite, but they never see each other again as Ned is executed before they are able to reunite.

In season 6, it's revealed that Jon's mother is Ned's sister, Lyanna Stark, who died after giving birth to him and passing her infant son into the care of her brother. Ned claimed his nephew Jon as his own son and had to hide Jon's mother's true identity to protect Jon from Robert Baratheon as Robert would kill Jon if he knew Jon's true parentage.

Tyrion Lannister's mother died giving birth to him, causing his father and sister to resent him. Similar to Tyrion, Daenerys was raised by her brother because her mother died giving birth to her. Lyanna Stark's mother is nowhere to be seen in the flashbacks. Two Ghostwriter team members have missing moms. Lenni's mom died when she was little and Rob only lives with his dad. This seems to have been quite affecting for him and his dad as his dad is quite depressed and brings her up often while Kurt at one point talks about opening all the drawers in her old room just to smell her perfume again.

The first eighteen years of his life he thought his mother died giving birth to him something he blamed himself for, mostly because his father blamed him for it. Then a woman shows up who claims to be his mother saying she didn't want him so she gave him up and demanded he be told she was dead so he'd never try to find her. After being in his life for about a month she cons him out of his hotel and plays a part in him losing the love of his life.

Whether or not she actually is his mother is never explained. Her last episode of the show hinted that she was, but the writers have since refuted it on Twitter.

Sean's mother on Grounded for Life. Miley and Jackson's mother died a while ago, prompting Miley to become upset with Robby Ray when he wants to go out with another woman. It doesn't seem to bother her when Miley tries hooking her dad up with Lilly's mom. But things don't work out as planned. Hiro Nakamura's mother Ishi is absent.

We find out she's dead later on, and that it completely shattered Hiro's father Kaito. Further, in the novel Saving Charlie , we find out that Kaito being devastated by Ishi's loss is why he's so emotionless and hard now.

When the adult Hiro gets his memories reverted to that of his year-old self, he visits his dead mother via Time Travel: Ishi turns out to have been a healer , who uses her powers to heal Hiro's memories and give him the MacGuffin.

Played with in the case of Claire Bennet. For the first 18 months of her life, Claire was raised by her Missing Mom, Meredith Gordon, until a fire happened.

However, her father's parents, Angela and Arthur Petrelli, knew she survived the fire and let Nathan and Meredith believe their daughter died. Angela and Arthur made arrangements for their granddaughter to be adopted by an agent in their company, Noah Bennet. Claire was lovingly raised by her adoptive parents, Noah and Sandra Bannet, and she reconnected with her birth parents, Nathan and Meredith, ultimately resulting in Claire having two fathers and two mothers.

In the first episodes, this is sometimes mentioned; later, not so much. Ernst's ex-wife on Hey Dude! Home and Away has had a few: Martha's main tenure was in between the two actresses who played her mother. Charlie's mother died before her tenure started.

Ruby was led to believe this too, until the truth came out. April and Bianca's mother lives in Italy. In an odd twist, some of the fan favourites are parents who outlasted their kids' stay on the show. Miles may or may not qualify, given that Rabbit was actually a ghost. Carly's mother has never been mentioned; the likely choices are her completely abandoning her children as their father has been deployed in the military since before the show started , being insane, locked up, or dead.

Sam's mother is something of a psychologically absent type. Referenced in Game Shakers: The kids visit Nathan Kress to get a straight answer on if whether Freddie was in love with Carly or Sam.

At one point, he assumes they're going to ask him what happened to Carly's mother and says that he doesn't know either. A card of narration before the first scene of the short-lived Citizenship Marriage -based sitcom I Married Dora explained that the mother had been on a plane that mysteriously vanished. This editor doesn't recall the exact phrasing, but it was pretty clear even to a child that they were hanging a lampshade on the device.

Mac's mother left when she was a kid because her dad was a violent drunk who attacked her so much she finally fled. They eventually reunited, but it didn't go well. It was at her abusive dad's deathbed where Mac was too angry to say goodbye properly.

Carrie's mother on The King of Queens. Legend of the Seeker: Darken Rahl's mother never appears, though his father mentioned "the queen" one time in a flashback. It isn't clear if she died prior to the events of the series. Little House on the Prairie: In the season opener, where the Olesens adopt Nancy an orphan with a severe behavior disorder , Nancy gives a sob story about being abandoned by her mother. In truth, her mother suffered from a condition today known as preecclampsia, and died while giving birth to Nancy.

Since Nancy's biological father was unknown — remember, the series is set in the s, more than years before the advent of DNA testing — she was sent to an orphanage. Her unstable life and frequent moving to different orphanages resulted in her behavior problems and "missing mom" story, which she maintained for years until — of all people — series anti-hero Mrs.

Olesen her adopted mother made her come to terms with the truth. Lost is famous for the characters having Daddy Issues, but there are some missing Moms to be had, too: Walt's mother dies mysteriously just before the crash. Locke's mother gives him up for adoption. Later, his foster mother dies. Jin's mother, a prostitute , leaves him with one possible father, and only shows up to blackmail his Ojou wife Sun. Sawyer's mother is killed in front of him by his father when he's very young.

Claire leaves Aaron to follow her dead father into the jungle, and intended to give him up for adoption before the plane crashed. Claire's own mother is in a coma for several years before the crash. Kate's mother gives her up to the police, more than once. Ben's mother dies in childbirth. Shannon's mother is dead, and her stepmother cuts her off after her father dies.

Make Room For Daddy: The season fits this trope, as Danny Thomas' original costar Jean Hagen left the show after the end of the third season and her character was McLeaned.

Matlock shows Andy Griffith has an adherence to this setup, once again playing a widower with one daughter, later amended to two when we meet a previously unseen older sister. However, this show moves past this state much later on when Steve decides to remarry to the widow Katie, whose daughter Dodie has the Disappeared Dad status. Essentially, we ultimately end up with a downplayed precursor version of The Brady Bunch.

The premise of My Two Dads. Crow and Tom are confused as to why the main heroine only has a father and Joel explains that, back during the time the movie was made, divorce was a taboo topic still, so to allow a father to be a swinging bachelor and still dispense wisdom for the younger characters, this trope was used. Sara Sheffield died before the show started in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The exact same situation used on Full House.

Hope it wasn't the same drunk We never meet or hear about Tony or Gibbs' mothers until season 7, when we found out they died- or in Gibbs' case, wasn't just dying from cancer, but separated and decided to commit suicide rather than wither. NCIS is bad about this. We know so much about Tony, Gibbs and Ziva's fathers, but where are any of their mothers?

Shannon Gibbs also counts, as she was a mother Definitely a case of adult-onset Missing Mom. Her death is mentioned repeatedly, appropriate given how recently it happened. She makes an appearance in Charlie and Alan's dreams in the season 2 episode Hotshot. Sarah, before the events of the show started. She disappeared for a whole year and left Kira with Mrs.

Sarah and Helena's surrogate mom, until she is revealed in the the penultimate episode of season 1. The parentage of the various members of Team Machine in Person of Interest are rarely mentioned, and when they are, it's always the father that is discussed. We know that Shaw's father died in a car accident when she was young, and Finch's father's body died of Alzheimer's in Finch considers his father's mind to have succumbed to the disease several years earlier , but the whereabouts of their mothers And everyone else's mothers, for that matter are never mentioned.

Power Rangers This is true for a lot of villains. The fate, as well as the identity, of Rita Repulsa's mother are a mystery to this day; the mothers of Trakeena and Nadira both daughters of the respective Big Bad are never mentioned, if they even had any.

Justin's mother died before he debuted in The Movie , and it's implied that his relationship with his father also enters When You Coming Home, Dad? Megan and Lily's mother ran out on the family when they were little, sparking the father's alcoholism and Megan's Promotion to Parent status.

History repeats itself when Shelby returns, only to con Megan's boyfriend out of quite a significant to her if not to Will sum of money and run off once again.

Shawn Spencer's mother is absent, but we find out from a bitter remark on Henry's part that she left. In the pilot, when Shawn sees his father for the first time in years, he makes a caustic comment about helping his mother through the divorce. In the season two finale, Shawn opens Henry's front door at the very end and simply says, "Mom. During this time we also find out that, contrary to what Shawn thought, She did actually leave them; it wasn't his dad that initiated the breakup.

Punky Brewster , anyone? Her mom abandoned her during a shopping trip and she wound up living alone with her dog Brandon in an empty apartment until she was discovered by Henry Warnimont. Missing, then back, then gone for good. Or maybe not, as Aunt Lily confesses on a holistic drug trip that she's really Chuck's mother.

When Kryten's farewell party on Red Dwarf enters the "maudlin drunk" stage, the crew start sobbing about never having had mothers Well, you can all have mine. Two out of four Beatles had this problem. John Lennon 's mother more or less abandoned him when he was about five, leaving him to be raised by his aunt; they later reconnected, but when he was seventeen she was hit by a bus.

Paul McCartney 's mother died of cancer when he was fourteen. Madonna 's mother died when she was very young. Her song "Promise To Try" from Like A Prayer , which was played during a scene from the documentary film Truth Or Dare , is about her coming to terms with her mother's absence in her life. In the video for "Oh Father", the absence of the mother also affects the father's relationship, resulting in domestic abuse in one scene where the actor playing him roughly scolds the little girl playing the young Madonna for wearing her mother's clothes and jewelry.

Sufjan Stevens was a baby when his mother Carrie, who struggled with mental illness and substance abuse problems, walked out on the family. He spent a few summers with her and her second husband, but after that marriage also dissolved, she was rarely in contact and her whereabouts were often unknown.

Trixie's mother died giving birth to her, leaving her to be raised by Tex. Victoria's mother died during her youth, and she grew up in a boarding school as a result. Based on the evidence available, certainly true for Treelo on Bear in the Big Blue House , almost certainly true for all of the other main kid characters on the show. Bear seems to be raising them all and in one episode remembers taking care of Treelo when he was a baby.

It is never, ever talked about, though. Parodied by The Muppet Show: Gonzo says that he was born two years after his mother died. In Revolting People Sam Oliphant raised his three children by himself.

He seems to have been rather vague as to what happened to their mother, apparently telling Joshua that she was kidnapped by razor-beaked terripins and became Queen of the Sea People. Actually, she's shacked up with a Scotswoman called Agnes.

Shwartz, the mother of the heroine who is a princess died when said princess was "seven minutes old". In Wicked , Elphaba's mother dies while giving birth to Elphaba's sister Nessarose. He didn't make it into the stage adaptation. Shakespeare is full of missing moms: In The Tempest , Miranda's mother is mentioned once.

Thy mother was a piece of virtue, and She said thou wast my daughter;. She wound up getting murdered. Both played straight and inverted in Chrono Trigger: Marle's mom died when she was young.

But Crono has a missing dad and nothing is mentioned of him. Both of Lucca's parents are alive. Almost all main characters in the Fire Emblem series have mothers dead or unmentioned but fathers extant - e. Roy, Eirika and Ephraim, Ike, and so forth. To be fair, their fathers don't languish long, either. Of the main characters, Ike and Mist's mother Elena actually has plot significance, including her death.

She died while trying to recover Lehran's Medallion from her husband Greil, as the relic turned him into a mindless berserker that slaughtered everything that crossed his path. Elena was one of the few persons able to wield said Medallion without going nuts, but when she tried to get it from Greil, she died. By the time he learns of this, his father was already dead as well. Eliwood has the distinction of being the only Fire Emblem lord whose mother, Eleanora, is alive, well, and visible.

The absence of the mothers of Roy and Lilina gets around having to decide upon a canon pairing for either his or her father Lyn, in any of these cases. Ninian or Fiora, in the case of Roy.

Florina or Farina, in the case of Lilina. The death of Joshua 's mother is an important plot point in Eirika's path. She is Ismaire, the Queen of Jehanna, who is murdered by General Caellach when she tries to keep him from shattering the Stone of Jehanna.

Several cases happen in Seisen no Keifu and Thracia The wives of the bad guys aren't seen, and a good part of Lord Arvis 's backstory is centered in regards to his mother Cigyun , who left him after his dad Viktor is Spurned into Suicide And to make things worse, Deirdre becomes a Missing Mom to Seliph when she's Brainwashed and Crazy into marrying Arvis himself; Ethlyn is killed in the Yied Massacre alongside her husband Quan; and Ares's mother Grahnye dies in the brutal occupation of Lester.

If the girls from Gen 1 got married and had kids, almost all of them except for Edain become Missing Moms. As corollary, Deirdre is revealed to have been killed Aside from Leif and Nanna 's mothers, there's Mareeta's mother, who fell to Death by Childbirth ; Misha's mom Deet'var, who was an enemy slain by Sigurd's troops; Sara's mother, who died of grief some time after Sara's birth since Manfroy killed her husband in front of her; Saias's mother Liza, once a Magic Knight at the service of Saias's father aka the aforementioned Arvis, who died protecting him from the Loptyr sect; and, ultimately, Karin's conversation with Ced alludes to Queen Ferry's recent death.

In Awakening , all the first generation female characters who had children become missing mothers in the Bad Future. In Fates , many characters have missing moms. It's later revealed that the rest of the Hoshido siblings are born from the previous Queen, making the Avatar Mikoto's only child, though she was their Parental Substitute and mother figure. In the case of the Nohr siblings, they each have separate mothers who died fighting over Garon save for Xander's mother Queen Katerina, who died when he was a little boy , making them half-siblings.

Azura's own mother, Lady Arete, became Garon's second Queen but died defending the kingdom and was resurrected to serve Anankos in the third route. In the early 90's Nintendo Power comics published to promote Star Fox , it is revealed that Fox McCloud 's mother Vixy was killed by a car bomb Andross had intended for his father James, only for Vixy to get in the car instead.

In Advance Wars , Sonja's mother is implied to have died before the events of the first game, and none of the other COs save Sasha and Colin mention their parents. Eli was clearly devastated by his wife's death, and has a picture of her in whatever space is currently serving as his office. Alyx was very young when Azian died, but she still gets indignant when Big Bad Dr. Sonia from Mega Man Star Force lost her mom due to a disease and becomes a famous celebrity to cope with her mom's death.

Final Fantasy X has this one is spades. Rikku's mother is never mentioned outside of one unlockable scene, where it is revealed that she was killed years ago by a rampaging machina. Seymour Guado, the game's Dragon or at least The Dragon's Dragon , is parentless, and not entirely by accident. The death of his mother serves as his Freudian Excuse.

Tidus, lost both his parents in one swoop. When he was a child, his father became one of the disappeared variety, which caused his mother to die of grief. For years afterward he never forgave his father for it. Yuna's situation is similar, if reversed. Her mother was killed by the Big Bad 's monster suit, which prompted her father to go on a suicidal mission to destroy it, and thus make the world a better place for his daughter. This greatly influences Yuna, who follows in his footsteps. Like X , Final Fantasy XIII is flooded with this; almost every single main character, as well as the entire villainous force, has some kind of issue with their mother.

Lightning and by extension, her sister Serah lost their parents, causing Lightning to be promoted to the matriarch of the family. She also later fills in as Hope's surrogate mother ; while she initially sees him as a burden , she eventually comes to care for him with the care of a mother.

Snow's parents are never shown, nor given explanation for their disappearance , so he falls into this by default. Sazh lost his wife at some point before the story, leaving him to care for their son, Dajh, and in return leaving him without a mom. Hope's mom dies during the riot at the Hanging Edge , and his entire motive throughout the story is to take out vengeance for her death against Snow of all people, the man who fought alongside her and attempted to save her life, while she willingly joined the fight though to be fair, he does admit later on that he only chose to blame Snow and take revenge against him so that he would have a reason to want to keep living.

He then comes to accept Lightning as his new mother figure and, by extension, sees the rest of his party as his new family. Fang and Vanille's families are never brought up, though considering that they've spent years frozen as crystals , any parents they had are probably dead.

Perhaps most significant, though, is the plot of the fal'Cie, and their ringleader Barthandelus , which is to bring back the Maker to their world so that she can hit the Reset Button after the fal'Cie and humans screwed the world up so much ; more so, however, they want to be reunited with her, since after everything was fine and dandy after creation, she left without a word , leaving the stability of Cocoon in the hands of the fal'Cie Orphan.

In other words, they want their mommy back. Her mother died when she was very young. So depressed she was that Tifa went on a dangerous trek to Mt. Nibel with Cloud accompanying her in the hopes that she would see her mother again. Additionally, Aerith and her mother Ifalna were experimented on for years, and Ifalna was so physically weakened that when the two managed to escape, Ifalna collapsed and barely managed to entrust her to Elmyra before dying.

Princess Zelda fits the trope, as she is never seen as having a mother. The Legend of Zelda: And Link is never shown as having any parents at all though he occasionally has other relatives. While Link's parents are never shown, the Great Deku Tree mentions in Ocarina of Time that Link was left in Kokiri forest by his mother as she tried to escape a war that ended before the game's beginning.

She promptly dies after leaving Link in the GDT's care. Link also has a younger sister in The Legend of Zelda: Unless she is biologically unrelated, this would imply that WW Link must have known his parents for a short while in his childhood, despite their later absence.

Zelda's or rather, Tetra's deceased mother is seen as a portrait in Wind Waker But you can only access the room containing this portrait once, so most people miss it. She looks similar to the Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess , except for donning a very short hair-cut and even darker hair. This trope runs rampant in the N64 games especially. Majora's Mask continues the "present father absent mother" trend with the Deku princess, the baby Goron, and Pamela from the Music Box House.

This tendency's inverted with Anju: Cremia and Romani are orphans who have to fend for themselves. If you have Link talk to Talon while wearing the Gerudo mask, he'll comment that the mask resembles Malon's mother. Given that a Gossip stone says that the Gerudo warriors go elsewhere to find boyfriends presumably for getting pregnant to carry on their civilization , fans hold the idea that Malon's mother was a Gerudo.

Though if that's the case, it does raise the question of why Malon was left with her dad, instead of taken to the Gerudo Valley. This plays into the plot, albeit in a very minor way, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In Zelda's journal in Hyrule Castle, one of the entries talks about her mother, who suddenly passed away when she was a very young girl.

This deprived Zelda of not only her parent, but her teacher, as the queen was able to use the royal blood's divine power and was to instruct Zelda how to awaken it. In a way, her death is one of the biggest reasons that Zelda failed to awaken it in time and it lead to the destruction of the world. Sora's mother gets a line from offscreen in the first game, and Riku mentions his to confirm that he'll risk never seeing them again if it means finding other worlds.

Kairi is a true orphan, given that her home world was ruined and she ended up living with the mayor of Destiny Islands. It's quite likely The Heartless , Maleficent or Xehanort killed her parents and grandmother when they attacked Radiant Garden.

She become a tree and die short after meeting the hero and his dad was dead already. Aside from the eponymous protagonist of Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army , whose past has no details probably on purpose , Kaya Daidouji, the game's Damsel in Distress has an established though offscreen and dying father and an uncle, but no mention of her mother is ever made.

Lloyd Irving of Tales of Symphonia 's mother was turned into a monster and died long ago, killed by Kratos, who turns out to be Lloyd's birth father. In Thimbleweed Park , Delores's mother is never seen or mentioned, and Chuck brings this up at one point.

Iamges: dating a dad with partial custody

dating a dad with partial custody

Spider-Man and the Black Cat who become Spider-Man's girlfriend for a couple of years before he married Mary Jane and on-and-off lover after the "divorce". Cub's mother in Happy Tree Friends. In the TV western Bonanza , Ben Cartwright has three sons- Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe- by three different wives, and all of the mothers died within a few years of their son's births.

dating a dad with partial custody

Quantum's parents went through a divorce after an auto accident, and she happily left after securing a huge alimony payment. She does speak a brief line, but she is offscreen and difficult to see.

dating a dad with partial custody

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cutody to live up to her injunction to be better than the Vice City they lived in has been a do dallas cowboy cheerleaders dating players force in Halley's dating a dad with partial custody. He doesn't seem to mind much, though. The Pterodactyl then flies the egg all the way to Dating a dad with partial custody Island home to Aladar's eventual foster family of lemurs and leaves it there, where he will eventually hatch and be adopted. In Zelda's journal in Hyrule Castle, one of the entries talks about her mother, who suddenly passed away when she was a very young girl. Rikku's mother is custory mentioned outside of one unlockable scene, where it is revealed that she was killed years ago by a rampaging machina. When he withh a child, his father became one of the disappeared variety, which caused his mother to die of grief.