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This scammer was great is all I can say, he totally had my heart and I was just waiting for him to come home last Friday which never happened. The other rule was duplicate accounts. March 9, I can honestly say I had a good outcome with Plenty of Fish. I have messaged them.

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The other rule was duplicate accounts. I have been cursed at by men, I've been harassed by men, I've received filthy messages from me. Frustrating to say the least. Rank among phone numbers. This man told me after I offered to fly over and pick him up to go to Texas for pick up of his money told me no.

And lonely and trying to use good judgment and integrity as I'm starting to date again. A Friend of mine suggested some other sites but this one popped up as a possibility. Without joining it I started checking out on the free site and lot of people that I might consider dating from my perspective as a newbie again popped up. Of course I couldn't contact them. A friend told me just in general, "You should join and try it out". I have not looked at this Consumers Affairs site beforehand.

After I joined within the first day or two I was of course contacted by more than three women. They were said to be my age with one picture.

Much younger looking than the age presented. Of course I was intrigued. Quickly realize that these were not real people at all. After the first day I got that the women who were real and what their sites look like probably wouldn't be a match for me for one reason or another. And the ones that were, were extremely skeptical or untrusting. After reading this ConsumerAffairs I now know why. Lot of these people here on this form are ladies talking of their experiences mostly negative not many of men.

I talk to my friend about this site and he said that he had his site passwords stolen and somebody used it in a very scandalous way and his name was soiled on this site.

He tried getting his money back and that they would take no responsibility for scams which is BS. The people were unwilling to talk to him. They said, "The money is gone it's ours now. I after a day wanted to cancel and of course they told me no. The money is theirs. Since then I took an better notice of the people that might contact me. You can definitely tell the real from the fake and I question whether the webmaster is possibly throwing proverbial bones at me to keep me interested.

The people that I would consider are absolutely not real in my view. I told him I want to cancel after the two month. That I unfortunately agreed to. I'm going to call my bank and make sure this card for this service is not used again but I don't know if that's going to make a difference. I've heard of such sites years ago who told you if somebody had been logged onto this site or how long it's been since they last use the site.

You really have no idea how where these people are, how long ago these people were on the site and anybody could use their name and pictures and put down warm-and-fuzzy words to make people interested. Hence I would imagine the webmaster but who would know. Only POF would know. I'm still kind of looking but it with an extreme amount disbelief and probably going to turn it off soon since it's only been a couple days. I highly at this point recommend that whoever looks at this site absolutely should not join.

Did not have issues until recently. My account has been hacked 3 times in 4 months. No notification if acct is deleted due to another member reporting you for SPAM. They do not delete inactive accounts so it make them look really huge Match is worth the fee. I am a man and POF has no idea the some gay guys are logging on as women. Never pay for the upgrade it is not worth it I did for 3 months Save time and money go to the professional sites.

Remember the people you contact are not always what they project in profiles. My first attempt with POF. The first experience my Daughter in law created me a profile last Memorial day weekend for me and the response was ridiculous. Within 20 minutes I had guys messaging and wanting to meet me. I have been out of the dating game for about 9 years and this was a bit overwhelming.

It only got worse to the point I had to turn my notification off. I know the goal is to interact with people for possible dating or relationship, but when you have men in one weekend contacting you, it was just too much.

When I did take the time to look thru the candidates the first one I felt comfortable enough to exchange numbers, during our first convo within a few minutes he asked me "did you get my pictures? I immediately blocked his number and deleted my account!! I will stick to being single till God sends my husband. Over the last 2. I have been cursed at by men, I've been harassed by men, I've received filthy messages from me.

I've reported this abuse to Markus and the response is the kick ME from the site. My profile lasts maybe a day and then I receive a message saying "user unknown", "password unknown. The site administrator is in no way concerned with protecting his female users.

There are abusive, women beaters on the site. There are married men on the site. Each time a woman reports something like this to Markus, he adds a new criteria for men to check on their profiles thus protecting their married statuses. This site needs to be taken down.

Too many women are being abused and scammed. This dating site is extremely sexist. I did not violate any standards. I had quite a few horrible and harassing messages from men. My profile was deleted because a man got mad that I didn't want to go out with him and reported it as a scam profile.

I had done absolutely nothing wrong. My profile had nothing more than only pictures of my face. There was no inappropriate content or messages. Yet men post nude pictures on their profile and that's fine with this sham of a dating site. They are promoting the harassment and abuse of women on this site. And if a woman doesn't want to date a man or simply doesn't reply to his messages she is deleted.

The idiot who reported my profile said it had to be fake because women from WV don't have teeth. POF agreed with him and deleted my profile. A class action lawsuit needs to be filed.

I contacted 2 persons after reading profile and initiated dialogue only to be met with a barrage of anti female defamatory comments and rudeness which was unwarranted. Some members use this avenue to use and abuse women. I was very open on my profile about dating anyone regardless of color. This apparently invited at least 4 racist men to attack me through messages.

Upon placing on my profile to please not to contact me with hate messages concerning any color my account was removed and POF will not respond as to why I can not create or keep a account. I have screenshots of all of the hurtful remarks from others and find it extremely unfair that even when I was NOT the person creating a major problem I was removed from the site.

It is my opinion now that it is POF's intentions to promote this type of horrible behavior towards others and kick off anyone who does not agree with their practices. The site POF has joined a third party vendor This is where the scam is happening. Like everyone else, I had a profile for months.

While on the account it logged me out and when I attempted to log back in it's saying invalid username and password. I tried reset the password but the email was not coming to me. I opened a new Gmail and opened a new account. I had it for 1 week and it did the same. Logged me out and deleted my account. I explained this is the only site I'm having this issue with and I'm not the only one having this issue based off the online complaints.

For my second account I was only logging in from my phone and I was only phone when it logged me out and deleted my account. So it seems POF is the one who has been hacked and their customers info are in jeopardy.

So when you call this 3rd party company they will attempt to get remote access to your PC where they will show you the word HACKED first it my email, that was hacked and I told them I just open the gmail account they said oh it must be my network that was hacked. I said I haven't used in on my PC yet only my phone. They wanted to give them remote access to my PC a card for POF clearly don't care about the customers and are trying to rob them.

POF took the wrong person off of my dating site. In attempting to get them to rectify their mistake, I was on the phone for over 1 and one half hours. Six people hung up on me because, my computer has been hacked into, and I only have a tablet at my disposal. They were extremely rude, and almost all from India, with accents I could not understand.

They are incompetent and their customer service is the worst, I have ever seen! My account has been hacked and POF will not do anything about it. I've tried to email POF they do not respond. I call the customer service number and they want either access to my computer, or to charge me to remove the hacker.

This is frustrating, I don't know how the hacker go into my profile, but why will POF not straighten it out? I am a woman and the photo on my profile is a man. I had a very decent account with POF and wrote polite messages.

Yet for some reason, the account was suddenly deleted, twice. No reason, no warning. You just cannot log in anymore, your email no longer exists in the system. You cannot contact anyone, the help email on their site does not answer. Many users online complain about the same. The one clue I had was my request for a suspicious scammer to post a picture with a specific object just to see if his pictures really belong to him.

I suspect the site is hacked, desired profiles are identified and then stolen. The user is then displaced from the account. POF had been acquired by Match. People should be warned and the company investigated. I signed up for POF after my divorce in I had several dates from the site, and a 7 month relationship.

But I was just about done with online dating, when he messaged me. I honestly thought he seemed like TOO nice of a guy for me. It took me a couple months before I said yes to a date.

And it was the best decision of my life. After being in a rough marriage for so many years, this was such a welcomed change. We moved in together for a year and just got married this past April. My children adore him and he feels the same about them. This was the best thing that could of happened to me.

Just have to keep an open mind and just have fun. While there are upgrade options available to further enhance your experience, POF. Profiles may include several photos: Users can provide photos of themselves in various settings as well as both full-length photos and headshots to provide the most accurate information about themselves for potential matches. Advanced behavioral search algorithm: Along with allowing members to perform basic or detailed searches, POF also reacts to the profiles you choose to click on.

In future searches, it will then refine your results by bringing you results that match both what you are asking for and what you are looking at. Users can email potential matches through POF.

Profiles are screened before being posted: People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

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Now the service is available for gadgets with Apple and Android operating systems. Upgraded membership allows using extra futures. Customer service is provided by phone and by e-mail during normal business hours. A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile.

The algorithm parameters are: The algorithm is subject to change in future. All reviews Media Plentyoffish Customer Service. Contact Plentyoffish Social Networks: Top 5 Dislikes about Plentyoffish No response from plenty of fish, No access to customer service, Account deleted for no reason, Being banned for no reason, Being blocked for no reason.

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Iamges: contact pof dating site

contact pof dating site

I am a man and POF has no idea the some gay guys are logging on as women. Did not have issues until recently. I've heard of such sites years ago who told you if somebody had been logged onto this site or how long it's been since they last use the site.

contact pof dating site

It's the worst app and site ever made. To other POF cu I reported these exactly as per their TOS.

contact pof dating site

And it worked instantly. Another issue POF has is connection. Like everyone else, I had a profile for months. Sent an e-mail to POF and attempted contact pof dating site call but the phone call only goes to VM they are unable to take calls at this time. Well he had not read my profile and he ended our conversation Met my perfect match on POF.