How to hook up 2 hot water heater system?

Installing Multiple Water Heaters

best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters

Should I pipe those in series? I think if I wanted to increase my hot water capacity I would opt foir a larger single hot water heater, the reason being it's cheaper to operate one burner then two plus you have half the maintenance. If you plan to use a tank in series this is OK but not parallel. Dual Water Heaters - parallel or series Here is temperature info about the survival of the legionella baterium, which can cause the legion or pontiac fever:

Connecting Water Heaters in Parallel

Do you want both of the same type? In the First Scenario I would do it in Parallel Find all posts by William T. Anonymous User whats the best way to connect 2 water heaters? Misegades Visit William T.

Now someone is telling me you need to pull hot off of both at the same time but to make sure the the valve is exactly the same distance between the two. They say The way I have it now is a 40 gallon with a 40 gallon luke warm backup. I agree with packy. That is the only way I would ever pipe them. Just curious as to why you had 2 50 gal tanks and decided to put in 2 40 gals.?

The way you described it piped up is called "In Series". The water heaters should still work, but, the first heater should be set up a lesser temperature than the second. The problem with this piping method is the first water heater carries most of the load and does most of the work and therefore will probably be the first to go out.

Piping them up in parallel is the best method in your situation and puts equal load on each water heater. You ought to be able to get at least 3 good long showers out of that, even if they are electric. If you are describing the hook up properly then you have 80 gallons of hot water, assuming both heaters are working properly and both are set to the desired temperature.

If you are running out of hot water, you do not have a connection problem, you have an undersized water heater problem.

The way your heaters are installed is the only way to insure that you get the full 80 gallons of hot water. Smith's sizing guide for commercial hot water applications. Multiple water heaters can be installed in two primary methods that are very similar; series connections and parallel connections, each having its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the desired result.

When water heaters are connected in series it means the cold water is fed through each tank; one after the other, with the first tank's hot outlet becoming the next tanks cold inlet.

Under normal conditions the first tank in the series will do most of the heating. Under high demand situations the first tank will not be able to sufficiently heat the water so the next tank in series would begin operation, and the next Unlike in a series connection, the water supplied and distributed by a parallel connection is evenly balanced causing all the tanks connected in parallel to share the workload.

This is for about a sqft house, we have about 6 full baths. We only have 4 people in the house now, but as the kids get in their teens that probably means longer showers. If we did the parallel then we would put in 4 valves so we can isolate either one.

In series you can only isolate the 2nd one technically in the setup I have now with the 50gal gas as the first tank and 50gal electric as the 2nd one.

Parallel reverse just seems like I have to get the pipe length about the same. But how does the tank size come into play? Obviously the 40gal is shorter so its travel is less. Yes getting hot water out of both tanks is basically the key if it comes down to that like is one kid takes a long shower. But also want good recovery. Not sure how well series plays into it.

Sorry I just haven't fully seen or used the benefit of series yet. Ive had hotels where we've had multiple tanks different sized where they were all setup in standard parallel, not series.

Never really noticed an issue for that. And what is wrong with tank 2, "idling" except when you use a lot of water? All that means is the the first tank will probably fail a long time before the second one does, so you only have to replace one tank, and you know that you will ALWAYS get the maximum amount of hot water from the tanks.

With parallel, you are depending on "fluid dynamics" to do it and they do NOT always work the way you want them to. Search for plumbing parts on our sponsor's site: Special thanks to our sponsor: Over , strictly plumbing related posts. Best way to parallel pipe two different sized hot water heaters Author:

Iamges: best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters

best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters

Just curious as to why you had 2 50 gal tanks and decided to put in 2 40 gals.?

best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters

I am trying to decide if I should tackle the gas line part of the job.

best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters

If you really want two water heaters, install them in parrallel with equal lengths of pipe between wxter cold tee and the hot tee, or in a "first in, best way to hook up 2 hot water heaters out" configuration and you will have a dating kyrenia system that uses both heaters equally. Originally Posted ro dandersen I guess it would all depend if they service two separate circuits or one. Overstrictly plumbing related posts. Normally, the way this is done is by plumbing the heaters in parallel, but to do this properly it is critical that the piping on the inlet and outlet sides of the heaters be identical. Series has an advantage I think.