U kiss we are dating eng sub

u kiss we are dating eng sub
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101210 We Are Dating - E01 2/4 (en)

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DESCRIPTION: Keep up the good work. Although I am not very familiar with the cast yet. I really like the eg Thank you very much, for subing. Ur subs are fast n its very good..

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we are dating | U-Kiss World News

Wonder how this show is like: Thank you so much for subbing WAD. Thank you so much once again!!! Ahh Minah and Xander look so cute together! Thank you so much for the subs guys, I really appreciate it! You must be logged in to view the hidden contents.

[ENG SUB/DL] 101231 We are Dating Ep 4 Girl’s Day and UKISS COMPLETED.

u kiss we are dating eng sub
My name is Emma, 25.: I am woman, I am that great happiness

They are seriously so cute!.

  • Thank you so much!!.
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One more time, thank you so much.. Thank you so much for subbing this!.

  • Rocketboxx Presents: 'We Are Dating' is a spin-off from We Got Married. The program will be showing the.
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Thank you so much Team I really appreciiate your hard work Fighting! OMG thank u so much for your hard work: They are fun to watch and soooo cute. Please, if possible, keep up the speed on the rest of the show. I like the awkward tensions with the Eli and JiHae couple. Thank you enb much! Thanks for the sub.

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instead of filming pick the child up and hug them as they are afraid

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Like si tu tampoco entendiste una mierda XD :v

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You awesome

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If they are smart they won't get together. If you got something like that friendship don't ruin it. Keep it as friends because once they get together and break up they lose it forever.

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Jesus Chris was the saviour

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Speak slow please .

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