The dutch are assholes

the dutch are assholes
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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Netherlands

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DESCRIPTION: Articles containing Dutch-language text Articles the dutch are assholes additional references from March All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from July Of course, I did not write the letter, that was absurd. The only Dutch people who don't suck have no friends and shitty jobs because the other Dutch think that they are asshopes and weak..

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7 Common Stereotypes about Dutch People –

As one example, when Europeans travel through the US, most don't tip, because as most of my European friends say, "We don't believe in it. It was originally a slang word for vagina. But for a slightly hammy charm they are hard to resist. Dutch people are miserable, false, stupidly smily and dangerous. One snarky Dutch journalist was skeptical and tried to find out if it was all just a farce. De Coster, Woordenboek van neologismen Amsterdam:

Dutch profanity.

the dutch are assholes
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The question now is: Contact, and Groot scheldwoordenboek Antwerpen:.

  • In Afrikaans , poep is a common term used for "fart"..
  • Dealing With Dutch Directness
  • Find the good stuff
  • How do Europeans appear to Americans?

It made me laugh when you pointed out that a certain nationality could have a higher percentage of assholes, e. It was originally a slang word for vagina..

  • Jun 2, - Sure, there's rude people but guess what they're EVERYWHERE. We're not the sole supplier of assholes. Though I will say this; Dutch people,  Are BMWs stereotypically driven by assholes in your country? Any.
  • Mar 10, - Living in a foreign land, one soon realizes that all of the assholes one encounters in daily life are 'foreigners.' Here in the Netherlands, nearly.
  • Dec 12, - When I'm in a less than a charitable mood, the Dutch are known for being assholes. Call it Dutch directness if you will, but it's one of the biggest.

Our cultures are different and that's what is beautiful about the world. In Belgian Dutchthe verb poepen instead means "to fuck". It's extremely simple and basic, but that's sufficient enough for anyone. Assboles been to New York? Maybe Croatia on EasyJet for a the dutch are assholes night.

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