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#1 ltcthn1987: Chris Cornell is beautiful. A lot of rockers are HOT or SEXY but he's just beautiful.

#2 RAPETer: Messi is best player who win the world cup two time

#3 Countess: Scottie got wrecked lmfao, in just the other video here he says No Lebron hasn't passed KOBE.lmfao.

#4 Gora: Cuando pens que haba superado esta muerte llegas y subes el vdeo :'v

#5 gamerxd: Sambu se queda

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#7 klifford111: I agreed with you is best thing to do is don,t used any colour eat the right foods if it go gray just let it alone thanks.

#8 masher2161: I'm the 13th comment! Hope I don't get lost

#9 anar551: I love Katy Perry :'''v

#10 maksici2: Did they just re use models from Marino 64 ds?

#11 f1eRy: How much Coke is Brendan doing. And can I have some please?

#12 brope: What editing app do you use?

#13 necro24: Some of those guys looked way to comfortable taking a mouth full while holding a big stick. SMH!

#14 deiterano: I wonder if Linus already memorized that tunnel bear ad :D

#15 shket90: At 7:54-756 there is a figure in a blue shirt like if u saw it

#16 paskalhs: Franco un genio! Soy de Argentina, y varias de su forma de hablar para nosotros significa otra cosa jejeje

#17 iiytuyjv: The Dixie Chicks did nothing wrong, Bush was a lousy president and he deserves the diss

#18 Nazreen: Some of these bans a unitedly ridiculous banned for giving her boy friend a playful slap wtf when theres girls streaming in Bikinis and lingerie on twitch but thats ok?

#19 porovozic: you can find this collection of this 3 products from _Benefit_ in one box called Dalalid's brow magic in _Sephora_ with discount 20%.

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#21 aioxdoguinha: Good

#22 loshenko: He said he wasn't going to be worth any money and now he was selling his underwear on eBay and just that was worth 100,000 11/22/17

#23 kilpost1: Glad my team clinched a playoff spot. Been too long for melo, but okcs season has been a roller coaster. Lets see what side of the coin is rdy to show up during playoffs. On a positive note, Im rly liking what J. Grant is offering to the team; dude deserves a start next yr.

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It's so hot in my room wished the sun could go for walk

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Sofie que bueno que somoa del mismo pais y ciudad colombia)

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ALLAH is the one who GIVES and FORGIVES

#7 19.04.2018 at 17:52 setic:
Me How'd they score that fast the game Just started? Answer Devin Hester Me makes sense.

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Thx Sis i have

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Like si eres chileno y nunca llegas a la hora :V

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#11 13.05.2018 at 08:15 Exterra:
If you include Gagnam Style youd have to include ALL of Kpop.

#12 16.05.2018 at 13:46 heckbx:
One day just getting ready for school I see a daddy long leg spider in a corner of my room I go get a napkin, I get it in the napkin I start saying Hahahaha sucker I got you I got you and it starts crawling out of the napkin so I freakin scream like a girl terrified throw the napkin at the floor and stomp on it. Im afraid of spiders

#13 25.05.2018 at 10:38 gosh123:
We tanking to 7th seed

#14 26.05.2018 at 03:38 erty012:
now show 10 impossible goals that Lionel Messi never ever score hater

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Do not get rid of a Wizards Robes, those are sacred!

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I loved that, but why not the new hulkbusrer?

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Just a suggestion.cut down the talking over the defeats the purpose and makes the video almost unwatchable. If I only wanted to hear a narrator talk over a video clip, I would turn on the radio.

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idk if its just me but i didnt even laugh once. but that spider scared the hell outta me

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