Glee fanfiction puck and rachel hookup

glee fanfiction puck and rachel hookup
My name is Helen, 26 years: I'm a hopeless romantic;))) Still undecided if it is good.. Anyways, I love love and life, love the feeling of love, butterflies inside. It is very rare to find so I decided to take chance..

Glee Love Story Episode 1 Season 1 ( Puckleberry and Fuinn )

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DESCRIPTION: Jake, remember to work on those steps, I don't want you twirling Abi off the stage at Sectionals okay? Puck, having been considered the fight starter, grumblingly obeys. Bartender Guy quickly stopped her. Smirking, he followed suit to see Mr..

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Sex God?, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

He walked over so that he was behind Rachel, grinding against her backside as she and Santana broke their kiss. Rachel stared at him looking sorry him because nobody wants to go throught that ever and she hated that feeling of being unwanted. He really doesn't fuck anybody, anymore. Schue passed Shelby a twenty dollar bill, looking dismayed. Rachel was so tense that he was pretty sure even him giving her a good fuck session wouldn't loosen her up. After Nationals their senior year he'd gone back to the choir room to pick up his guitar.

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glee fanfiction puck and rachel hookup
My name is Ethel, 19.: Hi! I am very open and communicative person. I like sharing my love with people and make them happy. So, I am always in the centre of the events.People are too busy with their every day problems, but I believe that we should stop one day and just enjoy a beautifull sunset! If you have the same view, I am waiting for you! I have a lot of hobbies in my life. I like travelling a lot. I like exploring something new: new cultures and cuisines. Sometimes I like reading and interesting book or watch a good movie. It is my cup of tea. Also, I like cooking a lot and treat all my close people with it!

In Dalton, away from Karofsky's dangerous bullying, Kurt's safer..

  • He had the body and face to match his voice and Rachel swallowed thickly before saying, "Y-yes, please..
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Rachel smiled noticing that their hands fit nicely together. Kurt placed his hands on his heart..

  • Jan 31, - Multi-Chap; Prompt Fill. Rachel and Puck meet at a bar while Santana and Quinn scheme to get them together, Rachel has her own hang ups.
  • Jun 1, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Puck, Rachel B. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6, - Reviews: 36 - Favs: - Follows: 51 - Updated: Jun 8, Rachel turned away from Puck to face Santana once again. . The word is hook up.
  • Jan 13, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Puck, Rachel B. saw his ex girlfriend and on the side hookup buddy Santana Lopez texted him.

A glass of water sat on the coffee table, half full. She nodded and put a finger to her lips so he sat back with her and watched the group finish up their routine. Is there a glee fanfiction puck and rachel hookup when you two ever spoken without resulting it to be an argument? Rachel raised her drink to her lips and taking a bit drink she couldn't help but glance over her shoulder towards where they had left Puck. If he had wanted her on her knees she would have gladly glee fanfiction puck and rachel hookup it without a second thought on how gross she thought that was back then. He had to fight back a moan as they both can you find out gender at hookup scan aloud, Rachel throwing her head back. As if they were all in high school in their senior year.

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