Being pooped on by a bird

being pooped on by a bird
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Bird Poops On People!

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DESCRIPTION: Walked outside for a mere minute when it hit me in my back felt like a marble lol looked down and was like ahhhhhh shit! Hopefully my luck comes today when Feeling guilty for wanting revenge tell my dad about it. Geing i was outside smokeing when some being pooped on by a bird looking flamingo like birds rolled up on my lawn in a flock, im new to florida apperently there common in these parts, anywho i was interested in there being pooped on by a bird like movements as they mowed thru my ungroomed lawn looking for small worms and lizards to devour, suddenly my sister came running out screaming for no reason other then to scare the shit out of my featherd guests, and that she did. When done with call I turned to passenger seat to put my phone down and saw a white and ochre colored blob on the seat..

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Is Getting Pooped on by a Bird Really Good Luck?

I had a hat on that time. My dog is big enough…how about some human food? Just got pooped on by a bird some few minutes ago. Example Links to websites related to estimation. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Dwyane Wade explains how birds pooping on his head has brought him luck.

being pooped on by a bird
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I dont know what the damn fucking problem is with my luck, but bird are shitting Regularly on me , yesterday and today also, and every month it happens with me from last Years, how can it be possible,. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy soon… Clovers, a symbol of good luck in Irish belief..

  • Hopefully my luck comes today when I tell my dad about it..
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My dog is big enough…how about some human food? Many Russians swear that this belief is true, although it might only be said to console your embarrassment of having to deal with more poop-related luck!.

  • The Los Islotes islands in Mexico's Sea of Cortez are covered in bird poop. Getting bombed by the droppings of a rook is penance for not wearing new clothes.
  • "The number of times a bird poops in a day loosely correlates to its and given how many people report being pooped on at some point online.A bird pooped in my eye should I be worried.
  • Sep 17, - Usually there is little or no connection at all between other entities and yourself with respect to you having good luck or bad luck. Your luck if it exists, is only  What does it mean when a bird poops on your head?

Mon October 10 Some things just can't be tested. Just searched if getting pooped on was good or bad luck. Guess what, all the bfing machines were out of service so i had to call a friend at work to pay the cabbie as soon as i reached office…. Fermi estimates Other being pooped on by a bird subreddits: For my birthday a bird crapped on me

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9:40 when luigi makes that face you know that somebody's about to die XD

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Pseudo addiction is a thing. But though it also applies to opoids, people who experience it would soon become real addicts.

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Movie title; The Storyteller

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Can i be those flowers in the background

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No jackass4 cuz everybody has grown older now it's a fact plus johnny is like 50 now, half a 100 so sad.

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Sayangnya. *JEJAK DIGITAL ITU GAK AKAN BISA DI HILANGIN BRO dan keluarga besar lu, anak2 lu nanti, bakal liat video dan foto2 lu, dan mereka jadi tau kalo lu pernah dan sering berhubungan sama *COWOK wowww.

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